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First Look: 2015 Cobras
Okay, mini-dads, are you ready to check out the latest from Cobra? Here are their '15 models, and some of the highlights include Cobra’s all-new electronic power valve 65cc engine, their ‘SmartLeg’ fork technology that's standard equipment on both the
2015 Cobra CX50JR.
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First Look: Mika Metals Hybrid Handlebar
The latest and greatest in handlebars always seems to be centered around the popular oversized 1-1/8" bars. Mika Metals however, has added some new flavor to the standard 7/8" handlebar with their new Hybrid Bar.
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Michael's Picks Michael's Take: Let's kick this week of with what could've been an epic jump. Keaton, get well soon! Buttery Films: If this doesn't get you chicks I don't know what does @keatonward sending it! Heal up quick homie! Michael's Take: Wheelies, ... more »
WORCS Round 8 Race Report: Robby Bell
By Robby Bell WORCS round 8 September 14, 2014 Glen Helen, CA After having a tough go of it at Straddeline a month earlier, I was happy the next round was heading to a place that stood in stark contrast to the dense trees and tight single track of Washington:
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Silliest Season
This time of year is...well, awkward. Riders are anxious to get onto their new bikes, and teams want to get an early start on testing for upcoming events, all while still trying to be respectful of their old teams. We're conscious of that. But when they're
Check out the new number on Lites East Champ, Justin Bogle. He's headed to Italy soon for some off-season action, but he'll be aboard a 450 for over there.
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Silly Season 2014: Round 2
Are you ready for round two? Things have gotten a little more solid, the "other" (mechanic) silly season is in full swing, we've added the top 100 '15 numbers in, and have added some smaller teams. Like always, we'll update accordingly as we get more
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Michael's Picks Michael's Take: Travis Preston is one of the biggest guys to ever win a professional title on a 125. It's all about cornering speed. Travis Preston: Letting the 2-strokes sing with @monster_mukai following behind. Michael's Take: It's ... more »
The Big Picture: Josh Grant to Discount Tire Racing/TwoTwo Motorsports
It's always fun seeing guys jump on their bikes for the first time after signing with a new team. Josh Grant signed his deal Wednesday night, and was out with the Discount Tire Racing/TwoTwo Motorsports guys getting dialed in the next morning. Click
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Flagger Spotting Guide
Sure, we just started the off-season, but we figured you might like this primer on the different roles of the flaggers at a National. We've seen a few threads in the Vital MX Forums that lead us to believe there's some confusion about who's doing what
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Sudco Keihin FCR Off Road Performance Carburetor Kits
Keihin FCR Carburetors are acknowledged as the leading carburetors in 4-stroke motorcycle racing thanks to their precise metering high flow, flat slide throttle design and adjustable accelerator pump. Sudco International, America's motorcycle ... more »

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