We've got a pair of different Fly Racing Revel Roost Guards (and two different levels of protection on each) to check out for the halfway point of the 12 Days, and the Vital MX user who is chosen here can take his pick of which one he (or she) would like.

There's a Race Version ($99.95), and a CE Certified Race Version ($129.95); as well as a standard Off-Road Version ($129.95), and a CE Certified Off-Road Version ($149.95).

Fly Revel Race Version Protector.

Fly Revel Off-Road Protector.

Both are a full upper torso plastic roost deflector, where the bio-foam chassis attachment system eliminates injury-causing plastic rivets and utilizes soft plastics and TPR rubbers without high points that could cause injury in the event of an impact. Both feature a neck brace compatible design with removable panels on the chest and back. The thermoformed bio-foam has ventilation channels molded in for optimal cooling, and it's also removable for washing

Adjustability is built in, with easy-to-use waist belt buckles integrated into the chest plastic, and adjustable shoulder straps for a custom comfortable fit. The low-profile design can be worn under a jersey, and they're available in black and white.

If you want more details, check out www.flyracing.com/category/moto/racewear/protectors

Want a chance to win one of these for yourself? Be sure to add a comment below.

Please, one entry per per person, for each of the days. (That's one entry for Day 1, one entry for Day 2, etc.) But, you can enter once for each of the 12 Days. That makes 12 entries total. Got it?

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  • 350ss

    12/24/2016 10:45 PM

    yes pls

  • jhansen510

    12/24/2016 4:24 PM


  • mxjordy127

    12/24/2016 9:06 AM

    Love fly

  • Scoops442

    12/24/2016 8:29 AM

    That's Fly!!


    12/23/2016 11:23 PM

    when i dont wear chest protectors, my nips get a rash

  • dan586

    12/23/2016 9:26 PM


  • Tmonkey

    12/23/2016 9:09 PM

    Muy Bueno!

  • Axl43

    12/23/2016 10:46 AM

    no more roost bruises!!

  • cortez.cr

    12/23/2016 8:27 AM

    Thank's Fly Racing

  • Retrorave

    12/23/2016 7:40 AM


  • KlootZak

    12/22/2016 7:11 PM

    Extra protection!? That's what she said ....

  • mxcat324

    12/22/2016 6:36 PM

    I really want this

  • smoothies862

    12/22/2016 5:42 PM

    If I win I would wear it in front of the mirror and pretend I'm JT$.

  • Sean_Bassett

    12/22/2016 5:09 PM

    I'm so slow I could use the protection from all the roost

  • NESC838

    12/22/2016 3:51 PM

    The older I get, the more protection I need!

  • olddude

    12/22/2016 3:51 PM

    Off road please.

  • Muzzle

    12/22/2016 3:02 PM

    I need one of these.

  • Kenny Lingus

    12/22/2016 2:59 PM

    Fly has come a long way over the years.

  • AS64

    12/22/2016 2:59 PM

    Love the race version, super clean.

  • SKlein

    12/22/2016 2:36 PM

    Thanks, Vital!

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