Here are the top ten things on our minds after visiting the legendary Unadilla circuit for round ten of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series.

1. The track. With the rain leading up to the event, it left it a lot softer than we've seen at pretty much any other round this year. After practice, it was full of ruts, holes, bumps, and turned what's usually a man's track into a beast of a track that would quickly bite you if you gave it even the slightest chance.

2. James Stewart. Another return to racing, and another quick exit. He lost the front end in the first moto, and got cross-rutted in the second and went out with what we were told was a dislocated finger. James and Unadilla have had pretty much a hate-hate relationship over the years. That might have not been the best spot to return to action.

3. Injuries. Saturday was another brutal day in a vicious year for injuries. Michael Byrne didn't even crash, and still ended up with a broken leg after swapping while leading the first moto. Talk about the peaks and valleys of racing, all packed up into a minute or so. Get Well Soons also go to Les Smith, Zach Bell, James Stewart, Jake Weimer (who raced the second moto with a very sore neck after a first moto crash), and a bunch of other riders who went down this weekend.

4. Ryan Dungey. RD5 locked up the 2012 450 crown with two full rounds to go, giving KTM their first 450 title here, and a full year ahead of the projected goal for the orange crew.

5. Ken Roczen. Kenny finally scored his first moto win here, on a day when he was actually running a fever. Now that he's broken through and scored the first one (and almost finished his first full tour of the U.S. circuit), we wouldn't be surprised to see him score a bunch more.

6. Marvin Musquin. Marvin added to KTM's stellar day with his breakthrough overall win in the 250 class, despite an improbable 2-3 score. Consistency paid.

7. Mike Alessi. Mike kept the pressure on during the second moto, and pulled an amazing start despite having to start from the outside of the gate after a first moto DNF.

8. Broc Tickle. Broc has been gaining confidence all season long, and led a good portion of the first 450 moto after Byrne went down. His stock has been rising, and he's being pursued by several teams for 2013.

9. Red charge. Check out all the GEICO Hondas at the front of the pack to start moto two. They've definitely stepped up their program this year.

10. Jeremy Martin. An 18-27 day probably wasn't what he had in mind for a debut result, but he did show solid speed, and avoided any rides in the Asterisk Mule.

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  • 7eleven

    8/20/2012 1:50 PM

    From one rider to another, for the Dunge to get W's at southwick and Unadilla is the sign of a great all around rider! From a full-blown sand track to a completely greasy, rutty, technical mess, He's able to get there first. Sometimes you let your racing do the talking for you...

  • Jeff_Allen

    8/19/2012 5:43 PM

    Any news on Zach Bell? He seemed to need medical attention during moto 2.

  • swedishfishmx

    8/19/2012 3:49 PM

    It would be too difficult to investigate "most" moto crashes, because unlike being strapped into a harness while in a car, moto crashes are extremely inconsistant. It would be nice to see some testing done, but I think there are just too many variables.

  • filthyanimal

    8/19/2012 11:56 AM

    It'd be interesting to know what type of damage (if any, depending on the forces) Weimer's neck brace received. This is one area where it seems like information -- available to the public, at least -- has been lacking. Seeing pics of Trey Canard's Leatt (from his crash when he got landed on in supercross) was very eye-opening. Not only did it protect him from hyper-flexation, but it shielded his upper back from the impact of the bike that landed on him.

    Obviously, MX (the AMA?) doesn't have the kind of coin that of a lot of other motor-sports do, but investigating crashes that happen at pro nationals and supercrosses seems like a really good idea, especially -- unpleasant as is may be-- those that have (or had the potential to have) serious consequences. I'd be very willing to spend a few more bucks on membership, tickets at the gate, whatever, to see this happen and be a part of making the best decisions possible concerning rider safety.

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