Top 10: Budds Creek

We were getting close to championship time (and the end of the season), so there was a bit of that drama at Budds Creek, plus the usual racing action. Depending on who you were listening to, this might have been the second annual last National at Budds. We'll have to see what the future holds for the Maryland facility.

As far as racing? You had to dig first-time overall wins for Justin Bogle and Adam Cianciarulo, plus Zach Osborne wrapping up the 250 crown.

450 Class

1Justin Bogle (ninth from the left) got solid starts in both moto, and hung on for a moto one win, over a rapidly closing Marvin Musquin. He hung on for a third in moto two to grab not just his first 450 podium, but also his first 450 overall win.

2Marvin Musquin had won six straight moto wins before getting to Budds, where he went 2-4 on the day. He also closed up to within 28 points of the 450 points leader, Eli Tomac, as we head to the final round in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

3Eli Tomac was seventh in moto one, as it looked like he was struggling a bit with vision. He was wiping at his goggles for a good portion of the moto. He rebounded strongly in moto two, looking like his usual self, and grabbed a win that stopped the bleeding in the points chase. With one round to go, he can claim the 450 title with a fourth or better in moto one in Indiana.

4Blake Baggett's not going out without a fight in this year's title chase. A 5-2 score was good for fourth overall. In talking with a couple riders who have experienced the same thumb injury as Blake, they're marveling that he's doing as well as he is. They said that they couldn't ride at all.

5The best of the weekend for Cole Seely was a fourth in moto one, as he grabbed a fifth overall here. We'll get to check out his MXoN graphics and gear next weekend on Friday before the season-ender.

6Somewhere in all that roost is Weston Peick, who was sixth this week. Weston has been offered a contract to return in '18 with the Factory squad.

7A year ago Cooper Webb wrapped up the '16 250 title at Budds Creek. This time around, he was seventh overall in the 450s with a 9-7 day. Some banging with Marvin Musquin in moto two left him short a fork guard.

8Matt Bisceglia had only finished one moto in each of the races that he'd done so far this season, but he turned that around at Budds with a 6-10 score, and a eighth overall.

9A 10-9 earned Christian Craig ninth overall in Maryland.

10A crash in moto one didn't do Dean Wilson any good, as it relegated him to a 16th-place finish in that one. He rebounded with a fifth in moto two, to salvage a 10th overall for the weekend.

How sweet it is. Justin Bogle grabs his first 450 overall. The work at Carmichael's Farm is paying off.

250 Class

1It's been a long time coming, but Adam Cianciarulo's win in moto one, followed with a second moto two, gave him his first overall win. Way to go, Adam.

2Zach Osborne came into Budds Creek with a health points lead, and was looking to put the title away. He got stuck in a crash on the first moto start, and had to work his way through the pack for an eight-place finish. He figured the easiest way to cap it off was with a win in moto two. He'll defend his 250 Supercross title next year, before moving to the 450s for the outdoor season.

3The good news? Shane McElrath grabbed a podium spot with a 4-3 score. The bad news? He tried knocking the cork out of his champagne bottle on the podium, and slashed his hand with the broken glass.

4Jeremy Martin might have had a much better day overall. After finishing second in moto one, a crash in a spot where it was tough to remount dropped him to sixth in moto two.

5Aaron Plessinger (23) has been a bit up and down this season. Fifth was where he was at today.

6RJ Hampshire was third in moto one, but slipped to seventh in moto two.

7Colt Nichols was better in moto two (fifth) versus moto one (seventh). His seventh overall also matches where he's at in the 250 standings.

8A pair of ninth-place finishes netted Chase Sexton the eighth overall spot in the 250 class. If he can figure out the puzzle on starts, he'll make his life much easier. He about blew through the gate at the start of the second moto...way early.

9Kyle Cunningham has wrestled with injuries this season, but has been getting better results lately. He was sixth in moto one, but slipped to 12th in moto two.

10Yeah, Mitchell Harrison got balled up in this melee as the 250 class headed toward the first turn in moto one, but he rebounded to 11th. A tenth in moto two helped him grab tenth overall for the weekend.

Your '17 250 champ, Zach Osborne.

Yep, Adam Cinciarulo was pumped after scoring his first overall win in the 250s. This one was long overdue.

Photos: GuyB

  • Radical

    8/23/2017 11:40 AM

    Nice article!

    There are however a couple important errors in the 450 points though, fueled by the notion that Musquin is 28 points behind Tomac. Musquin is actually 30 points behind.
    Budds Creek Results:
    Direct link to the 450 points:

    The errors are:
    Section 2 states Musquin is 28 points behind Tomac. He's actually 30 points behind.
    Section 3 states Tomac can clinch the title with a 4th or better in moto 1. With a Baggett or Musquin win, he actually needs a 2nd or better to clinch the title in the first moto. (Math below).

    The points going into the final round:
    439 Tomac
    411 Baggett (-28)
    409 Musquin (-30)

    Eli must take finish no more than 3 points behind Baggett and 4 points behind Musquin to clinch the title in moto 1.
    So a second place behind a Baggett win or a second place behind a Musquin win will clinch the title a moto early.
    A 3rd place will not clinch the title in several scenarios. He needs 2nd to clinch the title.

    Here's the math:
    If baggett wins with Eli in 2nd, Eli will have 25 more points than Baggett. If Baggett then wins the 2nd moto and Eli has a mechanical or scores 0 points in moto 2, Tomac and Baggett would be tied in points with the tie being broken in Tomac's favor by his 4 overall wins to Baggett's 2. Eli becomes the 2017 MX champion. If Baggett wins with Tomac in 3rd, Tomac will enter moto 2 with a 23 point lead over Baggett which is not enough to clinch the title. Tomac would need to score 2 additional points in moto 2 to beat Baggett. A finish in this order eliminates Musquin who would be down 32 points going into moto 2.

    If Musquin wins moto 1, and Tomac takes 3rd, Tomac will go into moto 2 25 points ahead of Musquin. Since they both have 4 overalls, a Musquin win in moto 2 with Eli scoring 0 points, would give Musquin the championship with the tie broken in Musquin's favor with 5 overall victories to Tomac's 4. A second place finish or better for Tomac in Moto 1 to a Musquin win clinches the championship. A third place finish leaves the door open.

  • Knoby

    8/21/2017 5:21 PM


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