Seely, Osborne, and Covington are Team USA for '17 3

Team USA will feature an interesting (and slightly unexpected) lineup for this year's Motocross of Nations. This ain't no red, white, and who.

Seely, Osborne, and Covington are Team USA for '17

With a host of rider injuries, retirements, and other challenges, Team USA will feature a lineup that is somewhat unexpected, but should still prove competitive for the 2017 Motocross of Nations at Great Britain's Matterley Basin.

Cole Seely will lead the way in the MX1 class. With Eli Tomac declining to compete, and Blake Baggett looking at post-season surgery to repair his injured thumb, Cole was the next logical choice, as he currently sits in fifth in the 450 season standings behind Tomac, Baggett,  Musquin, and Wilson.

Is Cole ready for this race? Oh yeah.Click photo to change size and caption

Cole Seely is currently fifth in the U.S. 450 standings.Click photo to change size and caption

Zach Osborne was pretty much a given as the MX2 pick, as he's been slaying the 250 class this season with a mix of speed and consistency. At the rate he's going, he'll wrap up the championship well in advance of the season finale at Ironman Raceway.

Zach has been really fast and consistent this year. The time spent training at Baker's Factory looks like it has paid off in a big way.Click photo to change size and caption

Zach Osborne has been collecting plenty of wins and red plates this season.Click photo to change size and caption

The surprise pick of this year's Team USA is Thomas Covington for the Open Class. Despite winning a GP in Mexico; in addition to taking moto wins in Germany at the Czech GP, even he didn't think he had a shot at making Team USA and thought he'd be competing for Team Puerto Rico. But he has tons of international experience, knows the guys he'll be racing, and could prove to be a valuable asset to the team.

Check the butt patch.Click photo to change size and caption

Thomas Covington digging in the sand during this year's GP season.Click photo to change size and caption

So what do you think of Team USA for '17? Are you ready to rally behind them? Leave a comment below.

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  • David934

    8/13/2017 1:54 PM

    Happy for Covingtons pick

  • Rockinar

    8/12/2017 2:02 PM

    Trump would say "America is not sending it's best".

  • agn5009

    8/12/2017 1:50 PM

    I'm not so sure about Covington. He's been so inconsistent. But when he's on he is really good. Hopefully he's on for the des nations.

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