Results Sheet: Supercross Paris-Bercy Saturday Night

Here are the quick results from Saturday night. Jake Weimer scored two in a row in the Open class finales, and took the Eliminations final as well, while Eli Tomac Josse took the Superpole.

Josse Sallefranque grabbed the 250 class win, and now leads the chase for the Prince of Bercy title. Want more? The full Photo Blast will be up soon, with a bunch more photos.

Saturday Results
Supercross Paris-Bercy

Open Heat 1
1.   Justin Brayton
2.   Greg Aranda
3.   Cyrille Coulon
4.   Eric Sorby

Justin Brayton (Toyota/JGRMX/Yamaha) started off his night with a heat race win.

Open Heat 2
1.   Jake Weimer
2.   Kyle Chisholm
3.   Wil Hahn
4.   Charles Lefrancois

Jake Weimer grabbed the first heat race win.

Open Heat 3
1.   Christophe Pourcel
2.   Cedric Soubeyras
3.   Eli Tomac
4.   Fabien Izoird

Christophe Pourcel is suffering from a throat infection, but still charged to a heat race win.

Open Elimination Final
1.   Jake Weimer (Kawasaki)
2.   Kyle Chisholm (Kawasaki)
3.   Justin Brayton (Yamaha)
4.   Eli Tomac (Honda)

Jake Weimer outlasted the of the field, and scored Saturday's Elimination win, beating out Kyle Chisholm, and Justin Brayton.

250 Final 1
1.   Josse Sallefranque (Honda)
2.   Tyler Villopoto (Kawasaki)
3.   Adrien Lopes (Honda)
4.   Valentin Teillet (Kawasaki)
5.   Jean-Baptiste Marrone (Honda)
6.   Ludovic Macler (Suzuki)
7.   Gaetan Le Hir (Honda)
8.   Romain Berthome (Kawasaki)
9.   Mederic Demeure (Suzuki)
10.   Mike Valade (Honda)
11.   Paul Stauder (KTM)
12.   Frederic Guerin (Suzuki)
13.   Alexis Verhaeghe (Kawasaki)

Eli Tomac nailed another Superpole win.

1.   Eli Tomac 41.786
2.   Justin Brayton 42.683
3.   Christophe Pourcel 42.965
4.   Fabien Izoird 43.259
5.   Kyle Chisholm 43.429
6.   Greg Aranada 43.533
7.   Cedric Soubeyras 43.535
8.   Cyrille Coulon 42.868
9.   Wil Hahn 44.153
10.   Charles Lefrancois 44.358
11.   Nicolas Aubin 44.365
12.   Christophe Martin 44.680
13.   Eric Sorby 49.558
14.   Jake Weimer No Time (crash)

Umm, yeah.

Open LCQ
1.   Christophe Martin
2.   Nicolas Aubin

Josse Sallefranque leads Tyler Villopoto early in the second 250 main. Unfortunately, Tyler crashed out and was scored as a DNF.

250 Final 2
1.   Valentin Teillet (Kawasaki)
2.   Josse Sallefranque (Honda)
3.   Romain Berthome (Kawasaki)
4.   Adrien Lopes (Honda)
5.   Alexis Verhaeghe (Kawasaki)
6.   Jean-Baptiste Marrone (Honda)
7.   Gaetan Le Hir (Honda)
8.   Ludovic Macler (Suzuki)
9.   Yannis Irsuti (Yamaha)
10.   Mederic Demeure (Suzuki)
11.   Frederic Guerin (Suzuki)
12.   Mike Valade (Honda)
13.   Paul Stauder (KTM)
14.   Tyler Villopoto (Kawasaki)

Josse Sallefranque grabbed the overall in the 250 main events, with a 1-2 score. Valentin Teillet was second (4-1), and Adrien Lopes used a 3-4 for third overall.

250 Overall
1.   Josse Sallefranque (Honda) 1-2
2.   Valentin Teillet (Kawasaki) 4-1
3.   Adrien Lopes (Honda) 3-4
4.   Romain Berthome (Kawasaki) 8-3
5.   Jean-Baptiste Marrone (Honda) 5-6
6.   Gaetan Le Hir (Honda) 7-7
7.   Ludovic Macler (Suzuki) 6-8
8.   Tyler Villopoto (Kawasaki) 2-14
9.   Alexis Verhaeghe (Kawasaki) 13-5
10.   Mederic Demeure (Suzuki) 9-10
11.   Mike Valade (Honda) 10-12
12.   Yannis Irsuti (Yamaha) 14-9
13.   Frederic Guerin (Suzuki) 12-11
14.   Paul Stauder (KTM) 11-13

You'd be forgiven if you think this looks familiar, with the podium featuring the same trio as Friday night, and in the same order. Jake Weimer is now 2-2 in the finals win department. Eli Tomac and Justin Brayton rounded out the top three.

Open Finale
1.   Jake Weimer (Kawasaki)
2.   Eli Tomac (Honda)
3.   Justin Brayton (Yamaha)
4.   Kyle Chisholm (Kawasaki)
5.   Cedric Soubeyras (Honda)
6.   Cyrille Coulon (Suzuki)
7.   Wil Hahn (Honda)
8.   Fabien Izoird (Suzuki)
9.   Charles Lefrancois (Suzuki)
10.   Christphe Martin (Honda)
11.   Nicolas Aubin (Honda)
12.   Eric Sorby (Kawasaki)
13.   Christophe Pourcel (KTM)
14.   Greg Aranda (Honda)

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