Click the following link for a video tour of the Pro Circuit headquarters with Jim Payton. You can also click the following link for a video chat with Mitch Payton.
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Drive along the 91 freeway, and the Pro Circuit headquarters stands by itself on the northbound side as you head out of Corona toward Orange County. Looking like some sort of moto Taj Mahal, it is a bit of a moto tourist destination, whether it's in their retail storefront (you did know they have a showroom where you can purchase parts and accessories, right?), or the rows of championship bikes that you can an up close and personal look at.

For those of you who can't make it there in person, we stopped by last week and got a tour of the facility with Jim Payton, and got in a few questions for Mitch Payton as he sat at his porting bench. Check the links above to jump to the videos.

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  • stillwelding

    11/26/2009 8:16 PM

    My kinda guy. An old coffee cup used a makeshift tool holder, a pana-vise hidden under something to the left of the coffee cup, a well used bottle of red dykem, an open box of "Standard Abrasives" abrasive rolls, a 2 stroke cylinder (behind the Maxima can), "Dotco" brand airtools (orange rubber handles and "American Made" [still means something to some people]), a giant "cheater" magnifier, and a cobby old roll of duct tape most likely used used as a replacement for the pana-vise for expediency sake. Roll on Mitch (no pun intended).