Ready for one last blast of holiday goodness? The guys at Scott dialed us (and you) in with a pretty sweet catch-all package.

We'll start with their 250 Racewear Jersey ($34.95) and 250 Racewear Pant ($99.95) that offer up a cool blend of performance and quality for the price. You've got high quality materials including dual leather knees for a solid interface with the bike, and good durability. Both the jersey and pant are designed for comfort, with the right amount of stretch and ventilation to keep you cool and riding to your max potential, but without breaking the bank. Also, if the green/gray version isn't for you, there are five other color patterns to pick from.

Scott's Ricochet SX Chest Protector ($99.95) has an ergonomic design for maximum mobility, and it's also neck brace compatible. It also features a dual torso adjustment system, has adjustable arm guards, and a bio-foam liner for comfort.

Finishing up the 250 Racewear gear, we've got the 250 Racewear Glove ($21.95) with a Spandex top, dual layer poly blend palm with silicone tacky grip for the levers, and a velcro closure on the neoprene cuff.

For after-ride gear, there's also a Scott Basic Hoodie ($49.95) to let everyone know that you're a fan, as well as $20 and under stocking stuffers like Scott-branded Ts, socks, and hats.

Not finding what you're looking for? You can always take a peek at to see if they've got something more tuned to your tastes among their vast color and style options.

Now how about a chance to win these goodies for yourself? Leave a comment below, and let's see how creative you can be. Also, don't forget that you can enter for each of the 12 Days, but please make it one entry per item. Did you miss any? Go back and check now. Sure, you have to be a member to add a comment, but it's fast, easy, and the price (free) is right. You can also join in on the forum, post comments on photos and videos, upload your own photos galleries or videos, and more. Just click here to become a member of Vital MX, and good luck! We'll pick the winners for each of these on 12/30/10!


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  • burrito913

    12/24/2010 7:56 AM

    i want please

  • brettbouwer

    12/24/2010 7:30 AM

    I love stripes, green and stripes = zebra. im from africa so it perfect. thanks vital mx for a year of good moto stuff. hope 2011 brings some good motos and merry christmas to all and a happy newyear.

  • Fearo

    12/24/2010 7:25 AM

    This stuff looks like a zebra.

    A fungus infested zebra.

  • chilybil23

    12/24/2010 7:19 AM

    Great looking gear from a great company!!! Would love to have some new gear instead of seconds and third for once!!! *Fingers crossed*

  • Steve47

    12/24/2010 7:14 AM

    Nice gear!

  • mxnut23

    12/24/2010 7:07 AM

    Very cool

  • SirRidealot

    12/24/2010 6:58 AM

    Fingers crossed for a Christmas gift that I actually need

  • gasnit

    12/24/2010 6:53 AM

    Awesome gear!

  • slamdmini

    12/24/2010 6:31 AM

    awesome gear

  • kawirider819

    12/24/2010 6:25 AM

    Man, seems to get better every day, awesome set here!

  • pitbike502

    12/24/2010 6:20 AM

    That stuff is baaaaaad : )

  • neysbo

    12/24/2010 5:48 AM

    That is some of the best looking gear out there and would look better on me. My currrent gear is like 8 years old and I definitly need a new set. The colors are perfect to match my Kawasaki.

  • FastEddy

    12/24/2010 4:43 AM

    Fantastic looking gear!

  • WSR

    12/24/2010 4:10 AM

    That Scott stuff rocks.

  • okieonayamaha

    12/24/2010 3:54 AM

    nice looking stuff

  • Ride4honor

    12/24/2010 3:39 AM

    awesome looking stuff. scott has improved a lot during the last years. you cant fail if you choose these extraordinary gear

  • catatonic

    12/24/2010 3:36 AM

    oooh ooooh Mr Kotter!

  • Karlberg19

    12/24/2010 2:29 AM

    Sick gifts!

  • mxracer317

    12/24/2010 1:20 AM

    I would love to be clever... But truthfully I'm all tapped out... That's right no creativity any more! Just a PURE hope I can win something in this contest! Merry Christmas Vital & Happy Festivus to all the others!

  • mxjordy127

    12/24/2010 1:11 AM

    o wow

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