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You sir need to write more podium speeches!

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A couple things lately have me wondering where the sport of professional dirt bike riders is heading. Yes, I worded it like that on purpose, this isn't specific to SX, MX or XC. Recently, Dirt Buzz Editor Dale Spangler , wrote a great OP-ED piece talking ... more »

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Crafted around a campfire, Ballzapallooza is the pinnacle of calling out your riding buddies. Maybe it's hard enduro, maybe it's extreme enduro, all we know is it's certainly ALL BALLZ.

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Saying goodbye to the Seat Time couch is hard, unless you have fireworks, gasoline and dirt bikes!

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Seat Time Adventures is a journey riding dirt bikes with the crazy people who put the Seat Time webshow together. If this gets your passion for riding dirt bikes to 11, you need to sign up for the Seat Time Adventures Newsletter and plan on joining us for STA3.0 in 2017. Seat Time Adventures came about as a way to get Seat Time fans together from around the country. We all enjoy riding technical terrain, community, beer drinking and bench racing. The shenanigans that ensue just happen to be the outcome of a great time together. We hope to continue to grow Seat Time Adventures and enjoy technical riding throughout the entire United States, if not one day the World. We can only do that with your help. Sign up for the newsletter, join us on a trip and have a badass time to tell your friends about. Sip, repeat. See you on the trail. Seat Time Adventures Newsletter:

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Martin is a 250 rider for 2017. He'll then be a 450 guy come 2018.

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We have been asked multiple times what Seat Time Adventures is. We hope this video helps showcase the great times and epic rides. Seat Time Adventures 2.0 took place in Taylor Park, Colorado for the second year. The views are gorgeous, the trails are technical and the creek water is always cold. If you're wondering where we'll be for STA 3.0, we're sure you can make a good guess! The riders this year really pushed themselves. Some had been to Taylor Park before, some had always wanted to go. No one complained (too much) that we kept pointing the bikes up the trail instead of back to camp. More miles, more fun and more badassery. The trails in Taylor Park are suited for all riders. We chose to find the longer, technical and more challenging trails for a good time. Double Top, Star Trail, Timberline and Horseshoe are just a few of the trails we rode to showcase the greatness of Colorado single track. Big thanks to Stephen Pierce, Steven Rice and Daniel Rice for all their help as the support crew. Rob Mitchell did an outstanding job helping us document the trip. If any of this interests you, swing by and sign up for the newsletter. Applications for next years ride will be live come 2017.

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We have created some bitching looking support shirts for the ISDE Team USA racers. Grab yourself one and 50% of the proceeds go to help the team kick ass in Spain.

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After a week and a hlaf of trying to find time to edit my pictures from the TKO Enduro, the Photo Epic is done. Cool to see Cody Webb get his 4th win in a row. Wade Young ... more »

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While riding at the 2016 Kenda Tennessee Knockout at the Trials Training Center in Tennessee, our host Woody, decided it was time for a dirt sample. The best is the rider in front of him, currently unknown, also slipped and went over the bars.

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Doesn't any one remember how horrible Utah was when they tried this?

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hey hey, Just wanted to let y'all know we have some new Seat Time shirts available for the next 7 days.

Always enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome and we'll see you on Tuesday nights!

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Here it is, the 2015 Seat Time Adventures video from our July trip to Taylor Park Colorado. If you're interested in joining us for our 2016 trip back to Taylor Park, signup for the newsletter on the website and be ready for the upcoming dates and information.

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Did y'all see our TKO Photo Epic? Love to get your thoughts!

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What did you think of ours?

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We posted our RAW video from the TKO Enduro a few weeks back. We finally had time to finalize the Photo Epic. Hopefully you enjoy our hard work.

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Added some pics to Vital.,38603/Cody-Webb-doing-work,86176/woodybepierced,17670 Photo Epic will be up on Seat Time site soon.

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  • C48_cody_webb_tko_2015
  • C48_hunter_neuwirth_kenda_tko_2015
  • C48_mike_brown_kenda_tko_2015_800px
  • C48_ricky_russell_brian_pierce_kenda_tko_2015
  • C48_taylor_robert_jonny_walker_cody_webb_kenda_tko_2015
  • C48_wild_wally_palmer_brian_pierce_kenda_tko_2015

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HAHA! Ricky Russell is a bad ass, but yes, he did have a few issues. It was crazy to watch Jonny Walker seemingly walk his bike up that hill. He put it in first, stood up and lugged it up there. You could barely hear the bike sue to how low he was in ... more »

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You got that right! Jonny Walker more than a few times climbed those hills, standing up, lugging the crap out of first gear. You could barely hear the bike he was so smooth while doing it.