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rimskin afterparty bracket haha

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Thanks for the footage. That looks nasty. Especially for something not being his fault.

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Quite funny, alpinestars is some of the most common gear here in Europe. Not a lot of people who buy it though. Most dealers will have to put a huge discount on the gear to sell at the end of the season.

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So where can I watch it??

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Scott Prospect Enduro goggle. As you can see the lens has some vents

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Don't think herlings is testing much at the moment.... He has just had some hardware removed from his hand and he's probably having a little winter stop right now

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The '04 CRF250 is underpowered compared to a recent bike. I've had a '07 CRF250 and now a '10 CRF250 and the difference is already night and day. Mainly because of the fuel injection. If you're serious about buying a new bike you should contact a dealer ... more »

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They're made in the Netherlands. RIWA frames are made by Rieks van der Wal. I don't know how to get in contact with him though. He's an older guy so I don't think he knows a lot about the internet.

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How much does something like that cost? Just curious. I mean an actual wrap.

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Depends on the weather if the tracks are open. If there's too much rain the tracks in Holland will be closed. Yes it's sand, but that doesn't mean the tracks can have unlimited amount of rain. tek14 already said a lot of right things. You indeed need ... more »

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shambles? Tell that to Gajser who won the 2015 MX2 title on a Gariboldi honda.... (ok, after herlings was out)

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Rest in between races

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Jeffrey herlings also with custom tech 10 boots

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They didn't go there to prepare. They went there for the Dutch fans so they could wish them good luck and for the press.

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Coldenhoff & Bogers gear and

Coldenhoff - Bogers - Herlings: Helmets: Bogers: Coldenhoff: Herlings: Looks like Coldenhoff doesn't have his MXDN gear yet though. Because 259 ... more »
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Where did you read that?

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Last year they also did matching

The years before last year they didn't have the matching stuff. Everyone could just do their own thing.
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Who actually listens to podcasts? I hate podcasts. I'd rather just watch a video interview instead.

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