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Obviously not a butt plug. The flange at the bottom should be a large diameter to prevent the plug from being "submerged." This to avoid an embarrassing trip to m e r g.

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Forgiveness for illegals is a good idea. About 2 million Albertans will be hopping the fence.

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The bugs are working out of the downdraft intake. It hasn't helped the 450 because they have too much power as it is. One problem with the tracks is that the builders have to use hard and slick dirt; otherwise, the 450s would tear it up after a couple ... more »

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Yeah, I call them Barbie lawnmowers. OK for Mini mansions with 4 square feet of turf.

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Had to laugh at this:

zombi photo 143zombi_zpsb98877cc.jpg

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WTF I'm wasting my time getting pissed in Phuket. Why didn't they advertise more?? Thais literally grow up riding around on scooters. There are no shortage of teenage speed freaks running around. But they are ripping through traffic two up with no helmets ... more »

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I was looking at some old vids of Daytona 200 back in the 80s. You know, back when there was actual spectators at the race. Did the elimination of 2 strokes start the decline of road racing?

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Life has changed since the 70s. Most people live in cities where you can't even fire up a dirtbike. Oh and another thing>>>>>FOUR STROKES DUUH AND another thing. While it is hard to complain about the quality of the s/x show, the ama does ... more »

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http://www.bbmisc.com/forum/showthread.php?20697-boston-bombing-actor interesting stuff http://www.gofundme.com/BucksforBauman

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How many stones does the yz cost?

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America is a country so universally hated that it takes them a week to figure out which one of their enemies bombed them.

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Factory forks are torn down at the end of every day. Kind of a hassle for amateurs.

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Don't underestimate the little yellow men in pajamas.

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Not a lot going on in Tomah?

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All the cop huggers are basically correct. The cops job is to keep the druggies and nutjobs out of nice neighbour hoods. But you will get burned if you take an idealistic view. There was a case a while back where a mother went to the cops because her ... more »

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I spent some time in Vietnam, and it is amazing how much US hardware is STILL there. Every city of any size has a museum with a few tanks and helicopters. In Da Nang the Ho chi minh museum has an entire parade ground full of equipment. Unfortunately ... more »

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Suppose a police dog goes berserk because you are frying chili peppers on your barbecue. The swat team arrives and tears your house apart, much to the amusement of your neighbours and your employer. They can't find any actual drugs. No problem, they ... more »

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Canadian champ Ross Pederson started way late and had a good career. Never got anywhere in the the states though. Too tall and didn't have the connections to get the top equipment.

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I suppose they will accuse Americans of modern day cannibalism...oh wait a minute,,,didn't that actually happen?