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Did I read it right that the NFL rejected Oakland's offer of private funds to pay for a new stadium in Oakland. Because the NFL required it to be public funded? If that is true, fuck da traitors and fuck the NFL. I don't think public funds should pay ... more »

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Only move out here if you have to! Or if the positives for you outweigh the negatives. There are some good things here, but sadly as mentioned traffic sucks everywhere all the time (unless you're on a fwy real early or real late) to get to those good ... more »

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I too grew up close to IU and watched Bobby Knight every game as a child and teen. I used to go to his summer basketball camps at IU. Also had the pleasure of him and his coaching staff visit my high school b-ball team to recruit. He was a Coach, he ... more »

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You have better luck with the current generation than I had. Had a previous gen 2013 F150 , was a lemon and Ford replaced it with a new gen 2015. My 15 had some of the same issues my 13 did plus more issues. Ecoboost issues, tranny issues, door alignment ... more »

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Obviously there are reasons we're not privy to, as to why Mookie doesn't have a ride.

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Totally bro to the core bros!

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They just want to race and it's the premier series for them to showcase their talents in. Cookie cutter yes, mostly similar prep, with added sand/dirt or mulch or wood chips, etc.. And yes, some of the "several" privateers have quit racing and won't ... more »

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I found the interview to be quite dull. To me it read everything is good as is. I've talked to several privateers that make the 40 man gate at Nationals. They all make fun of the "Natties", they have complaints and poke fun at Davey for how he and MX ... more »

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I had heard that Berthoud was closing due to housing creeping in. Didn't surprise me since Denver metro has grown so much since I left there in 2006. But glad to hear Berthoud is still open and hopefully new Mgmt can make that place great. I used to ... more »

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Is the old Berthoud Valley Dirt Riders track closed due to a housing development of some sorts?? Or has it been turned into the Berthoud Moto Park? Or is the Moto Park something altogether different. You still ride or race Charlie? You used to be one ... more »

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He doesn't want to race them. So I say he's a no show.

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IMO Metallica has lost their way. Due to age, maturation, etc... This new song does not impress me. To redundant of a bap, bap bap punk rhythm, lyrics seemed too basic, lack of musical melody overall. Yes it's fast, yes it's harder edge somewhat similar ... more »

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The world needs more humans like Erv! RIP and condolences to his family and friends. His voice and knowledge will be greatly missed.

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The national tracks smell funny to me. All the wood chips, added sand/dirt, manure, etc. seems every track has the same added soil, chips, etc. the tracks all have uphill double or triples now. To me the tracks all appear the same with little to no variety ... more »

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Yeah I think it's lost it's luster but not sure it's lost it's soul, but I know what you mean. I raced there from 88-93 used to be my favorite track in that region. Also used to race Rock Bud, I mean Red Bud when it had lots of rocks and was fairly hard ... more »

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Why does a mx track need jumps?

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That sucks! Was thinking about buying a bmx bike and going riding there to re-live my childhood. Stopped by there last Friday evening. Not crowded compared to many, many years ago. But a small number of kids and parents were having fun. Too bad that ... more »

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The dude is what, 30 yrs old. He's one of the greatest ever. Maybe didn't live up to his or others expectations. But can't take anything away from what he accomplished. Sadly, time passes everyone by. His last real good year was back in 2008,had some ... more »

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Used to race MM years ago. Stopped going a few years ago, seemed to be nothing but a money grab now. Although the vet weekend and racing is a blast. Too bad it's a vet sandbag capital of the good ole USA.

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Some amateurs are given a credit card from their sponsor or sponsors. Credit card typically has a $ budget. Can be spent on anything from gear, parts, accessories, fuel, oil, etc...from that particular sponsor. Then some factory (Honda, Kaw, Yam, Suz, ... more »