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6 minute race for 250 triple crown seems too short. Sand track could be cool, thinking back to Miami 1989 where Bradshaw put on a show. But how will the teams practice for the sand SX? Go to Florida and ride Croom for the week or make their own sand ... more »

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Adderall required to look at and ride this track!

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A guy about 3 yrs ago got 2 tickets from a CHP for 1) Not having the CA approved gas can 2) Not having the red/green OHV sticker on his bike or in possession. He got pulled over on the 15 fwy from San Diego to Pala MX. He parked beside me and had to ... more »

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I lived in Ft.Collins when it was open for riding. It was owned and ran by the county and was never prepped nor watered. The track was fun but was a ghost town most of the time. I only saw a few riders there at most when I went there, most times I was ... more »

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Yes, indeed. 90's ruled, my era saw a lot of the action LOL

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Nobody seems to have fun racing moto, Villo was miserable, Dungey was scared or burnt out and couldn't wait to retire, Tomac seems miserable, some of the 250 guys seem miserable. It was a breath of fresh air and smiles and excitement to witness AC and ... more »

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Me personally it's my favorite track of the year to watch the racing on TV. Flowing track, uphills, downhills, sweepers, off cambers, wide lines, inside ruts, nice jump combos, etc... It will be a damn shame if it goes.

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I saw a female on a KTM 250 2-stroke this past Sunday at Cahuilla Creek ride faster and longer than most dudes on 4-stroke 250's and 450's. It's not the bike my friend.

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For sure! I ride road and MTB. Unbelievable now how many cars go past and the weed smell from them. I've ridden Southern California roads for many years and never noticed it before. It's difficult to spot a driver that actually cares for a cyclist on ... more »

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There is a reason this sport is primarily dominated by a few racers each and every year. It's rare for any person to possess the heart and determination and never say die attitude to do whatever it takes to be the best. Kenny has that trait. Can't wait ... more »

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Is Jewell what used to called or known as Watkins out east of Denver in BFE? I assume it is. Watkins used to be great then it went really down hill in the early-mid 2000's. Hoping it's back in good hands and has once again became a good mx track.

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James was done a long time ago, sadly he and his family are blind to the facts. Know when to say when, RC and Dungey did that well.

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I knew Dale, gave him a ride from John Wayne Airport to a hotel in San Clemente when he was working as a helper to GNCC racer that was riding for JCR and Honda a few short years ago. Made a friend that day in Dale, followed him on Instagram and we traded ... more »

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I know current national racers and past natty racers. Today the privateer racers say it's too expensive, too serious because to compete with the factory guys you have to train hard, eat better and basically run yourself ragged just to qualify in the ... more »

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Enjoyed watching that more than the 250 and 450 races! More please!

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It seems better in some ways back in box vans and mechanics/teams and riders traveling to races back and forth all over the country with some current and old school tracks. Everybody did it with the schedule then and every team still managed to make ... more »

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Forkner or Zack O. 250s.

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Result after that interview is he should be removed from his job. And whoever appointed him should be removed from their job, and whoever appointed him should be removed and on and on.....

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I must be old and crabby, but does every national track have to have the same damn jumps? Seems most every track now has an uphill triple that looks the same or damn near the same as the other tracks. Or is this a uphill triple followed by the same downhill ... more »

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USA is 5% of the worlds population and we consume 75% of the world's prescription drugs. Pretty crazy stat.