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Infantry Marines Desert Storm. Came home after 1st tour in Iraq and had a bad mx crash and messed up my shoulder. Marines didn't want me after that. Then went to college.

Added reply in a thread dean wilson 1/16/2015 2:10 PM

Now that is pretty ridiculous claims. You must have lost a fight against Ryno and are butt hurt. His training tactics are not for everyone but they do work for some individuals. And Ryno is not a on the fly part time trainer he spends much of his time ... more »

Added reply in a thread Barcia doesn't know how to ride 1/14/2015 4:34 PM

Barcia has O'show Johnny O'Mara as his riding coach and bicycle trainer. I think they must focus more on his mtn bike riding fitness than his SX technique. Barcia has not improved his whiskey throttle revving style at all. I was at Elsinore SX track ... more »

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Josh Grant seems like a total punk. Justin Barcia won't get any better results this year with Johnny O'Mara as his trainer.

Added reply in a thread If I were to move to California ? 10/22/2014 3:23 PM

Trust me I've thought about it recently! But this good Cali weather is hard to leave. Everything else I could do without though.

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You can't survive in most of the desirable places to live in California if you make less than $100k per year (single) or $150k joint with a family. Yes, you can survive with less $, but you will not be able to afford to do all of the activities you said ... more »

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I was at Aspen the week leading up to stage 1. Saw a lot of the teams out riding. I rode mtb all week and even saw Lance Armstrong riding a couple days. Then stayed and watched stage 1. Had an awesome time. Hope Teejay wins it!

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I bought a new 2014 Ford crew cab 5.ft bed Ecoboost engine in December. Truck has been a nightmare. First the Ecoboost engine had turbo problems at 400 miles. Then the fuel system failed at 600 miles. Then the truck has been in the shop 3 additional ... more »

Added reply in a thread After watching LLs all week, this track layout is best I have seen 8/2/2014 7:45 PM

How many racers were life flighted from the track or seriously injured? I didn't hear about any. That tells me it's a great track for all.

Added reply in a thread damn shame 45+/50+ cant have their own moto at LL 7/30/2014 8:42 PM

I say they hold a "Legends" race for any racer that has held a pro card. Run the Legends race not part of the regular race program. Instead hold it during intermission or on the Monday practice day. Out west it's really difficult for true age class amateur ... more »

Added reply in a thread Blake Baggett USADA Results Letter 7/25/2014 12:14 PM

They also tested in SX, some have been speculating and rumors abound that Villo had a positive test that was swept under the rug.

Added reply in a thread Blake Baggett USADA Results Letter 7/25/2014 11:47 AM

So where's the USADA letter that says Villo tested positive? Hmmmm.....

Added reply in a thread Another Tragedy in the Vital Family 7/7/2014 10:04 PM

I was driving on Ortega hwy headed out to ride Elsinore. I saw a small plane that looked to be flying very low over the mtns. Not sure that was the plane that went down. But as I was headed down into Elsinore I saw all of the emergency rescue vehicles ... more »

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Aldon Baker is the luckiest man in motocross. Everyone believes his hype. He inherited champions. A few riders he couldn't make champions.

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Agree, boring track. I was bored watching the race. I've been watching Daytona SX since the mid 80's. I honestly thought last nights track and race was the most boring ever. The track in 05' when they shortened it up to mimic stadium lap times was bad ... more »

Added reply in a thread Aldon Baker, your thoughts... 1/21/2014 1:46 PM

Not sure if Aldon Baker has any formal credentials such as a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer). Or a form of accredited fitness education, such as: National Academy of Sports Medicine on topics such as: Exercise Science, Physiology, Kinesiology, Sports ... more »

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I've followed that story since day one. I'm very pissed that those piece of shit Fullerton cops got off of all accounts! They beat Kelly Thomas to the point that his body couldn't survive and caused his death. Those cops were fucking guilty of murder! ... more »

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New wiring harness to the Fuel Injection arrived at the dealer today. Their Service Tech is working on my truck now. They say another 2-3 days to install the wiring harness, retest the truck, verify no further issues exist, test drive my truck and then ... more »

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I bought a new 2013 xlt with the 3.5 Eco boost 4 weeks ago. The 2nd day I owned it it ran really rough with no power and bad idle on my way home from work. I drove it a few more times and something just wasn't right with the engine and acceleration. ... more »

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JCR will be racing in 2014 maybe a different form of off road that they haven't been involved with in the past. The press release should detail their racing plans. Johnny is a good guy and has the mindset and team management skills necessary to win any ... more »