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Reply to Help! Andrew Short's 04 Motoworld RM125 2/5/2016 5:47 PM

Thread is win. Glad you didn't decide to shit in your hat

Reply to Coming to Matterly Basin MXGP 2/4/2016 7:54 PM

Awesome thanks for that. Unfortunately the Holiday Inn seems to be booked out for that weekend, understandably. I've snagged a room for the weekend somewhere that's not quite as close, but still in Winchester. I'll bookmark this thread and search a few ... more »

Reply to Coming to Matterly Basin MXGP 2/4/2016 2:16 AM

Awesome mate, I'll keep it in mind. Got my VIP tickets booked \m/

Reply to Coming to Matterly Basin MXGP 2/3/2016 4:22 AM

Is the quiet site VIP or normal camping? If I get hotel room in Winchester can I stay at the track and party on then retreat back to Winchester?

Reply to Coming to Matterly Basin MXGP 2/3/2016 4:07 AM

Are you going this year jeffro?

Reply to Coming to Matterly Basin MXGP 2/3/2016 2:25 AM

You make a good case Phil! You've swung me the other way and I think I'll go the VIP route, are you confined to the VIP tent or can you walk around the whole track aswell? I'm either looking at staying at a hotel in Winchester, or those campervans look ... more »

Reply to Coming to Matterly Basin MXGP 2/2/2016 3:44 PM

Awesome thanks for the info. Yeah at $200 I'm not sure I'd take the plunge into VIP, although the pit passes sound good.

Reply to Josiah Anderson-knee injury. Warning. Not pretty 1/23/2016 12:11 AM

There'd be nothing worse than sitting there staring at your own leg facing backwards waiting for the ambulance to come. Poor fella, get well soon.

Reply to 2016 KTM 250sxf break in? 12/6/2015 2:58 AM

Idled for 30 minutes though? Twice? Surely 20 minutes in you'd think "This ain't right"

Reply to Congrats to Aussie SX promoters 12/2/2015 1:48 AM

Bit frustrating that they couldn't secure rc sooner, then I would of planned to get there. I'd fly I across the country to see charmichael, but js7, not so much. Certainly was a great bonus for people who had already invested in going.

Reply to RC and Webb CONFIRMED for AusX open 11/24/2015 11:32 AM

Man I'm pissed off, I would of made plans to fly to Sydney to watch this if the deal was done sooner. Js7 has to be one if the most unprofessional sportsman I've ever come across, but I'd fly across the country to see rc do a lap. Oh well.

Reply to Cleaning cases factory fresh 11/15/2015 5:03 AM

Elbow grease goes okay, not " factory fresh" but...

... more »
Reply to MX vs ATV Supercross Encore 11/3/2015 11:20 PM

Seriously? It's like he's the only one there that knows how to ride yet no one listens to him? I can only imagine how the board room convos went. Designer 1 - "so... How does this motorbike supercross rythem stuff work Mr roncada " SR- " well, it nee-" ... more »

Reply to MX VS ATV SUPERCROSS 10/28/2015 9:04 PM

Such a shit game, no fun factor at all. Never seen such a series where the sequels are always worse than the previous release. But what can you expect when it's essentially the same people that continuously got it wrong the more they released. Everything ... more »

Reply to Mad Skills 2: New iPad 10/19/2015 2:40 AM

At the bottom of "Universal application. Connect to Facebook or Twitter and your game progress and purchases will sync between devices."

Reply to MXGP 2 10/19/2015 2:37 AM

Nothing more on this?

Reply to Last Day For Alias Employee Pricing 9/8/2015 7:23 AM

Went to order a set but shipping turned my $90 order into a $200 order. Sheesh

Reply to Think this guy likes to ride? 9/7/2015 6:09 AM

I see No body armour, this guy must be pissing you off something shocking.

Reply to Is it possible to start training too early? JS7... 8/28/2015 8:46 PM

I've always had a perspective where riding on tracks like his would be fun as hell, but i kinda think that practicing on perfect dirt with the perfect amount of water and always groomed isn't the to go if your testing / practicing for racing. No one ... more »

Reply to I heard Dungey hates "The Diesel" 8/16/2015 2:08 AM

Ryan "does just enough" Diesel