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Does anyone know of an app that I and my wife can download that shows in real time where I am at if I have my phone on me? My back yard goes pretty far and solo rides can get tricky..

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I was there as well and always a good time.

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Isn't that the channel all those spelling bees and such are on?

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You guys ever wonder how Metallica got people to stop pirating their music? They stopped playing good music. Jk.

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Just sent mine home. Gonna go break her in tonight.

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Apply Suzuki wash, scrub if necessary, rinse and dry then apply SC1. Park bike and huff SC1 air freshener...

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I used to think this way but who fuggin cares? Do you only wear plain shirts with no company logos too? Don't want people seeing you rock that unsponsored paid for yourself Nike tee, bro..

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First initial runs of the year probably depleted their inventory. Keep checking back.

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He still had his baby fat when he turned pro. little on the pudgy side.

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Only way you're riding there is if you earn it. I don't think they even have GNCC there anymore..

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That is a Yamaha. Put the bong away and go to work..

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Had the pleasure of meeting him this year before High Point when he came in to show off the 2018 Fly line. Super cool dude. ... more »
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Comp 5 with a Shift Logo. They are pretty bad looking though...

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Just checked some of it in. The new pants are really nice.

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If I remember correctly, he was taking classes at Maryland University when he was like 15 years old.

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They were doing work on the track at the same time the guys were all out on their bikes so no one was really "on it" per say because they had to keep looking out for tractors and bulldozers etc coming out of every turn.

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Did anyone get Tedders get off in I believe the last practice of the morning? Went off track around the new first turn and tried to re-enter at the bottom of the hill into turn 2 and hit some muck on the side of the track and flipped over the bars about ... more »

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Damon Bradshaw paid a visit to our shop today and I just happened to have my first helmet on hand to get an autograph...

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