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I...I can't believe that's it.

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@mumble599 footage A video posted by Austin Forkner (@austinforkner) on Mar 16, 2016 at 6:15pm PDT

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I can't remember people getting sucked into the rear wheel so often. It seems more and more common. I saw this one.

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Didn't they use to show practice for Daytona on a different site? I thought they even showed RC's supercross live.

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Pfft...Should do away with the 250 class and make the 450's the light bike. Then create a 900 class for the premier division..

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Could you throw sick whips every lap. The occasional leg swag. Point at the crowd in the air from time to time. It will keep people from being butt hurt on Sunday. Thanks!

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Congrats Weimer.

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That's why I'm not moving next to Ronnie Mac.

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Pfft..More disappointed in Weege this weekend..dude was way too high bro..Ask J-bone.

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Dungey Speed =

Crazy Balls = ... more »
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It's probably been said, but what Matthes didn't get from the video was its resemblance to Wayne's World. Party time...Excellent..Woooooooo.

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Anyone got a good photo of his boots? I wondered if he could feel any heat from them during the motos. ahh..found them

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Man, the panic pipe is strong in here.

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Unless I misread it. The craziest part is, that USADA and WADA cleared him and excepted the TUE. I can't think of too many exceptions ever from those two. And then then the FIM is left to decide a suspension and came down way too hard with the punishment. ... more »

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Get well Deano.

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Meh, I thought Reedy looked pretty good. His speed looked good, just his start was off. No worries, Chad will get it on top of the box and the bandwagon will fill back up.

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Did Osborne ever confirm that he broke the thumb when Bowers made the pass? Or did he injure it when Bisceglia dropped him?