Started new thread Anyone Have Vid of Cinqmars Doing Those Huge DoubleDoubles? 11/29/2016 12:38 PM

I'm trying to find the video that I'd seen on here previously of Cinq, I believe at Lake Elsinore, doing two HUGE double doubles back to back. I mean massive. Anyone have it? Can't find it on youtube.

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4Arm Strong is a joke. THen they came out with the spray. I made a comment on their Instagram post about how their product was snake oil, and the guy immediately sends me an IM saying I've been listening to Matthes too much.

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When and How did YS end up with the rights to the MXDN? WHo previously owned the rights? This mobbed up organization has been in absolute power of the gps now for over a decade and its only getting worse, yet zero has been done about it. That sounds ... more »

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Anyhow, I have the file on my computer right now should you still want it. Just PM me I guess and I'll send it wherever you want.

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Surprised that nobody has mentioned BRANDSOFTHEWORLD yet.

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What is your email address, I'll send you the honda EPS logo.

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If you assume to keep going on those 2 trajectories, eventually the product falls apart and the cycle has to reset. Its happening to Southwest Airlines... Wallstreet is dictating that the company increase profitability and reduce costs EVERY quarter... ... more »

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Ha, if you think that is bad, in NYC at LaGuardia airport, they just built 2 new parking garages. Well, before they started the construction, they knew that one would need to be torn down for the terminal renovation program in the next couple years. ... more »

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No, its just nimbys like you who are proceduring this country into the shitter. Those fuckers need a good dose of old school southern justice, a baton across the windpipe as they wheelie by. Cue the idiots who will soon be saying that a group of black ... more »

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When you go to the promotocross live streaming page, it redirects you to nbcsn, requiring cable provider login creds. Ugh. Anyone streaming first motos for us to watch this year?

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I used to have a cone pipe on my KX60 back in 1991... I believe it was by either PSI or WORKS. Probably PSI.

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Hands down the best sequence in ANY MX video (aside from On Any SUnday).

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THis would be a better option... some parents are all punishment and no motivation. But for all we know this was the last straw from a total fuckup kid. Most parents these days are worthless.

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He was such a great airbrush artist. The RC helmet I'm talking about had this big purple monster on the side with huge muscles, kinda looked like THE MAXX... the other side had tentacles all over it. I'm an artist myself and the first time I saw RC wearing ... more »

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Ugh sorry but I'm of the opposite opinion. The work is derivative, proportioned entirely wrong, and generally not even a good imitation.

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DUDE, WHERE DID YOU GET THE NO LIMIT HELMET? Do you have a contact for him? He painted a helmet for RC back in the 90s that was the sickest shit I've ever seen. Been trying to find him for years. The Ren Stimpy one is great too.

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He just got that bike too!

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Good post... My biggest pet peeve about graphics companies is, when someone comes on here and asks about one specific company, everyone replies with the recomendation of a DIFFERENT company. So many shit design companies out there, so few good.

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Hands down without question the stuff that is going to last the longest will be sub-surface printed...NOT laminated. Now 99% of custom graphics companies out there laminate because, well, I have no idea why but that's just the way they choose to do it.

... more »
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FUCK THAT. Call the cops? Are you fucking serious? I don't even smoke bud and still think this is ridiculous. THis entire thread is stupid. I know guys who were significantly faster stoned.