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My moto friends knew him and when I asked that same question a few years ago they insinuated it was lack of commitment. Whatever it was he had speed for days!

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Factory fx does. Its a big kit. And Sean, I've noticed that too... Sometimes fox sublimates, other times they use a vinyl transfer. Then sometimes they use a transfer that started life as a design screen printed onto parchment paper. Odd.

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Yes obviously I could do that in illustrator but it'd take me a good half hour to do it right, per helmet. I thought that if someone had a few it'd save me some time. And homey55, gee, what is that magical tool you used to find all those worthless photos? ... more »

Started new thread Anyone Have Helmet Stencils or Templates? 1/6/2017 8:53 AM

Im painting a few helmets for fun this month, and I was wondering if anyone has any line art templates of some mx helmets... Moto9, Tld, Shoei, etc. I used to have a few different ones but can't find the file. What Im talking about is like when TLD had ... more »

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I think he was talking about the technology that is in the gear is copying Seven. Compression top with a loose tanktop. I love the simple designs that have become regular lately... Personally I think FASTHOUSE is the best looking gear on the market currently. ... more »

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So you classify a top ten overall for the year as a fill-in rider as not doing shit?

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... more »
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EA Sports Supercross 2000 for Nintendo 64. It had basically everyone but MC. I used to use Jimmy Button mostly.

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Is this the place with all the old recreated OEM graphics? If so, they do impressive work!

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Matthes said its dropping Tuesday. Just making conversation, but did anyone notice his retro kit seems to be the pants are original, but the jersey is a complete dye sublimation printjob. Also, what is this new FOX ORIGINAL FUTURE Moto-X Lab? Its debuting ... more »

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Uh EVERY logo of the companies in question is copyrighted. The question is, which ones allow you to print them? Interesting story about Red Bull Logo. I was handling the marketing for a regional arena cross series and contacted Red Bull. The person I ... more »

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RCH got my vote, just because their bikes look totally redesigned with that old school "Factory" Suzuki feel and look 100x times better than last years team bikes. All of the rest look pretty much the same as last year. Red Bull KTM and Rockstar Husqvarna round out my top 3. Always so...more

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We had a guy like that back in the day named Gary Don. He had some sort of mental disability that made him about 20% off from normal... anyway, he would come into the shop once a week buying tires and shit saying that he had just raced at such and such ... more »

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All of those new bikes are gonna end up in the ghetto as Wheelie bikes. Tell me I'm wrong. I see gangs of 30 race bikes wheeling through the streets of NYC on a daily basis... and they aren't wheeling to the bank to make loan payments. You're a racist ... more »

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I can't finger out where he debuted the mac mac for the first time... I know it was a super cross, and I remember the announcers going crazy thinking he was crashing. Anyone know? Or better yet, have a link for the youtube vid of the race?

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I'm trying to find the video that I'd seen on here previously of Cinq, I believe at Lake Elsinore, doing two HUGE double doubles back to back. I mean massive. Anyone have it? Can't find it on youtube.

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4Arm Strong is a joke. THen they came out with the spray. I made a comment on their Instagram post about how their product was snake oil, and the guy immediately sends me an IM saying I've been listening to Matthes too much.

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When and How did YS end up with the rights to the MXDN? WHo previously owned the rights? This mobbed up organization has been in absolute power of the gps now for over a decade and its only getting worse, yet zero has been done about it. That sounds ... more »

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Anyhow, I have the file on my computer right now should you still want it. Just PM me I guess and I'll send it wherever you want.

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Surprised that nobody has mentioned BRANDSOFTHEWORLD yet.