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Could be coincidence... not too big of one either... but definitely easy to PS

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It looks like the GoPro logo was PSd on.

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I read in some magazine story that Albertyns business went bankrupt and DeCoster lost a boatload. Just because he was fast at a dirtbike doesn't mean he knows how to run a business. I had a lot of pilot coworkers who got into the real estate game only ... more »

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HAHA the new John Grisham book? Rogue Lawyer. Good book.

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Holy shit that is awesome Adam... he's a great dude for our sport!

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Yeah, Matthes said on the Pulp SHow that Merge Racing just flat told him halfway through the year "We are gonna stop paying your contract, sue us." DOesn't sound like much of a standup place to do business with.

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I would wait until whatever it is the Chris Keifer has been testing comes to market. He's said numerous times on the Pulp Show that it is exactly like a modern bike, just with an electric motor. If you're spending that much money, might as well get something ... more »

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I want this bike badly!!!!!

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Dude I was just about to say THAT LOOKS LIKE 1989 JohnnyO!!!!!

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I think that Jeff Ward's father in law owns all of the land those tracks are on.

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On the PulpSHow, KDub said that IT9 just threw all of his One IND shit into the dumpster. Said he had BOXES and BOXES full of brand new ONE stuff and just chunked it all. Or if you are Nico Izzy you sell it 10x on Instagram.

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Actually I'm not sure if that is true. I remember him saying in an interview that he had to stop because "I had a certain dollar amount in my mind of my own money that I was willing to spend to get on that track, and once it was gone I was done"... is ... more »

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Man PLEASE PLEASE be careful THe doctors and dug reps will tell you that you cannot become addicted if you take the pills as prescribed for pain, which is a total lie that they are now testifying to congress about. If you can tolerate the pain using ... more »

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TLD and PC had some kind of falling out a year or two back... TLD no longer does the design work for PC's team. IMHO FOX would probably be the best fit for that team, although I am most partial to FLY as a company, aside from TLD which is beyond the ... more »

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I TOTALLY AGREE. DirtShark is your typical older dude trying to bro down with a younger crowd, flatbill black sock wearing 909er deuchbag! His edits are terrible (if he even does them himself), the music is wretched, and he is a total joke especially ... more »

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I agree with everythin you said here. It would be a totally different ballgame if Nico hadn't escalated it to epic status... abusing hydrocodone and fucking your life up and then seeking treatment is one thing.....graduating to shooting dilaudid, scamming ... more »

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I never said it was the "final word", I never said I understand "everything about everybody", and the story about your friend has no bearing here. Some people are able to maintain a semblance of a proper life while taking crazy amounts of drugs, and ... more »

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Would it matter if it was his 1000th post? WHo cares? And for those who don't know, the "Ds" he was referring to in the Twitter post are Dilaudid. The blues are Oxycodone Immediate Release 30mg. I feel for people with addiction issues, but only those ... more »

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Is the bike RObbie Reynards?