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I'm sure I am late to the show on Vital, but awesome. I get to see a GP in Florida. What is the entry policy on GP events? I'm just curious how many fast local riders can enter? That should be fun! A whole week of racing planned. It sounds awesome.

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I hope i recorded it. Think I did from last Thursday or so.....LOVE This show.

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Nice to see again.

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What really surprised me was how quickly the riders are getting on the gas in the corners. It is the easiest (and safest) way to decrease lap times, but damn, those guys were hitting it really early, way before the weight transfer.

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My heart speeds up just thinking about MSH downhill with no front brake.

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His training and work ethic will never be outdated. Imagine the impact he has had on people and their fitness over the years.

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It's not just DC It's the family. They are amazing. I am so blessed to have worked with Mama. DC Rita. Absolutely one of the strongest women I have ever met. I love her.

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Hard stuff. Seriously, I am cool with shooting 100usd to Budds Creek to keep it alive. Maybe 500 of us can do this. Jonathan has made so many memories for me. THANK YOU Mr John. Seriously........we camped there many years.. Please post the "free money ... more »

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I have walked off the track like that before.......pretty sure it is the top bone. I hope I am wrong. Actually, that's an easy heal......hopefully, not a wrist.

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2 points Got Tedder on the last lap (down 10 seconds). I would have done that.....for 2 points....hell yes I would have thrown it away for those 2 points.. Even for 1 point. I would kill for that 1 point. (in a nice way) Focus on the end.

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You talked me into it 20 years ago. Still loving the Schwinn Airdine. Still cost 800 new. Really amazing that this old piece of tecjnoledgy is still that expensive. Also, the heavy bag is still a great addition.

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I played it through the first time without cc on, it was funny then. Well worth the click. Thanks!

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That turn was the only shitty part of the track.

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I thought the track was awesome, ( except coming into the grandstand bleacher area where it was only one line ) maybe the riders should've slowed down a little bit. My 89-year-old mother texted me and said it was the best track she's ever seen. She watched ... more »

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We'll never know 99% of the story....ok 9/10ths of the story.

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3 years later Thanks DC

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I can't imagine running that track without a front brake.

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It would be a nice info story to report. I am really interested in the answer.

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Thanks to MX Nationals to make this free and available. Maybe many people were pissed off, but the 1st moto played perfectly.....honestly, I don't remember what channel.... I think MAV. (somebody on Vital complained about the resolution and I checked ... more »

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