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LOL!!! Soooo true.

Added reply in a thread Dungey, Steinke, Blair, Holley, Watson & more on Pulpmx Show Tonight! 8/17/2015 1:18 PM

lobster claw man! Awesome show Steve, thanks for always producing and hosting the best online radio show in moto.

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That looks like perfect conditions to me. Hot is in the mid to upper 90's.

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How sure are you of most of the guys running bibs? From the information I've read most are still on tubes; if not just tubes in the front. And Dunlop sells a bib for the general public to purchase.

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Was thinking August 1st for an official US Press Release. I think I read that somewhere, right Manny? I love the look of the new bike. I can't afford one, but will get the new front fender/# plate if it fits.

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I wasn't able to find just stand alone inserts, It appears you have to order the goggles and the inserts at the same time.

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He confirmed he's injured on Instagram just a few minutes ago. Bummer

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Cease & Desist is what he is talking about.

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Very good podcast. I didn't know about Kenny's past either, and it was nice to hear how genuine he is. I guess he's always been genuine, but this took it up another notch. Bravo.

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Peelout, no internet for you still?

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If you are rich down low, yes try a smaller pilot.

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It's a piece of training equipment and I hardly think it caused his wrist to get hurt, but what do I know, this is vital.

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Suzuki needle is a must have IMO. 172 main for mild temps and a 42 pilot. As far as the powervalve, I'd stay with the yellow spring or use the green (soft) spring. You can fine tune the power more with the square head bolt on the powervalve adjuster. ... more »

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Motos are up in the archive now.

Added reply in a thread F*ck you NBCSN. 7/4/2015 9:16 PM


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Bike looks awesome! The only thing I would change, is to cut the graphics back on the side plates. There really should be some white front the plastic showing on the bottom of both side plates.

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I tend to agree ... more »

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Faith in humanity restored.

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Stitcher is amazing for being able to fast forward and rewind. I love the quick rewind feature, I probably rewound it 5 times to hear Raining Yellow start up his new YZ. I wish the show was longer honestly, It helps the day go by faster and I like all ... more »

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stay away from the Tusk Kit. If you are riding anyting off-road just stay away. Get the replacement OEM system, Hinson, or Rekluse. I know the Tusk Kit temping price, but it will not last.