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I gave up and switched to Oakley on the MTB side of things. I liked the brand as well, but when they don't have inventory for months on end, it's almost a no brainer.

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Probably because it's an American based site. And the majority here focus on the SX and AMA MX series. Go check out the race day live threads and compare the number of people participating in each and maybe you'll be somewhat intelligent enough to figure it out.

And don't start the us vs them nonsense....more

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This year we've added One Laps from all the GPs (a helmet cam preview with a rider explaining the track and location). We do qualifying and race discussions in our forum, we have after race interviews (usually two from each round), the Results Sheet, along with race photo galleries...along with the...more

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Horrible track conditions, but it made for the best race of the year. I mean Tomac was ON FIRE. Jumping every triple rhythm section he could; including pulling the trigger on some new ones. Dungey coming from last to 4th! About the only thing I didn't

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Works 99% of the time for our group. You gotta be doing something wrong.

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These jeans look like those jeans (insert photo of two different brand jeans that look the same). Cyan and black looks nice, what's the big deal. Plus it looks nothing like the Seven stuff from a couple of years ago.

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Get well soon Cody!

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No words. Thank you for posting that link. Well worth it.

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Flo orange and the new OEM KTM orange are two totally different colors in case someone didn't know.

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Let me correct you. Most* graphic companies will print be printing digitally. 180 decals; unless things have changed; does not print digitally. They use a thermal transfer, which uses spot colors. Now color matching the new KTM orange digitally needs ... more »

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The Rabaconda is sweet and have used it a lot, but that moose changer looks very similar and for $100 less I'd be tempted to get the moose branded one.

Started new thread Jeff Alessi Injured GoFundMe Link 3/7/2017 9:40 PM Heal up soon and hopefully this is not going to cost you too much.

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Best best would be to use either white or black plastics with a blue base graphic design.

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I had the original Leatt and a VFX-W as well with the same issues. I eventually ditched the Leatt as it was making me uncomfortable and downright risky in the woods. I couldn't get under trees or dodge limbs well enough with it on. I felt restrained ... more »

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To be fair, flats in supercross are rare. I can't imagine that's something that gets practiced offen. Changing a wheel in the garage or shop is one thing, but doing so in a race with; that's a lot of pressure.

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#deathcross. Seriously though, get well soon Phil!

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I have both. I prefer to play MXGP2.

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A couple question marks would do wonders. That being said, I think he needs to just keep doing what he is doing now.

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1. I had the light version and loved it. I went with the s/m. 5f9 150lbs. 2. The shoulders look okay but I don't know how comfy they will be 3. I never used it as an under the jersey protector. It looked too bulky underneath for me. Im not overweight, ... more »

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Nor 10lb bikes. What is your point? MXGP2 is more realistic than Encore.