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I have a '16 YZ250f and just got a '17. I can't compare them to other 250fs , but I can compare them to one another. Both are stock with exception of DrD slip on exhaust, MX32 front and mapping. I'm obviously not as fast as ML512 and his test team, but ... more »

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DT1 MX Park in Tulare is a long way from Washington. That damn thing is beautiful stock.

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R.I.P Mr. Decotis.

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Just went back and re-read the MXA test of the '17 YZ250f. And guess what, they didn't say one single word about how the bike turns. Talked a lot about the motor, but it seems strange that they didn't address the bikes turning capability....either positive ... more »

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Couldn't get my 2016 YZ250f to turn the way I wanted until I replaced the stock 403 with a Dunlop MX32. Amazing the difference it made. Am wondering if this would fix the cornering issues the testers were experiencing .on the Yamaha

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fasterfaster, that was a great overview of your (Alta Motors) program. Agree that your early success is amazing, especially considering the level of competition. Congratulations to you and your team.

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Thanks for the info.

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I'd like to see Roczen's lap times just for the heck of it.

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Seriously considering getting a GYTR Head/Hi Comp Piston/Intake Boot for my '16 YZ250F. But in doing some research it sure looks like the '17 YZ250F head and intake boot are very similar to the GYTR kit. Might be worth just getting a '17, if that's the ... more »

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Wow....both Dick and Kay are great people. Heal up soon!

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Max Vohland.....yes sir!

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Just watched the Transworld interview with Jason Anderson. Excellent (other than the irritating coffee joint customers in the background). Jason has definitely become a well spoken and level headed young man. Have always enjoyed his determination, but ... more »

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I'm ten days out from a total left knee replacement and feeling pretty darn good. The surgery is definitely not a walk the park, but I really believe the end result with be worth the temporary pain and hard rehab work. I'm still up in the air about riding/ ... more »

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Also went to the Yamaha Demo Day at Dixon, CA yesterday. Both of the Yamaha employees there were cool, friendly and answered all questions. I rode the YZ450f, YZ250f, YZ250fx, and YZ250 two smoker. Agree with JM485, my favorite bike by far was the YZ250fx. ... more »

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Rode a buddies '13 CRF450R and loved it. Feels so light and nimble compared to my Yamaha YZ450f. Turns great. Down on power, but so easy to ride it would be plenty for me. He's selling for 5K. Has Factory Connections suspension already set up for my ... more »

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I'm gonna watch this post too. A guy in our riding club recently had problems with his relatively new Gaerne boots. Loves the feel of the boots, but they are coming apart too. His was most pissed about the customer service...or lack there of. When he ... more »

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Thanks, that's what I figured. That same article (dated 2-12-14) by John Basher says that Bogle is out.........I know he was hurt, but pretty sure he's healed up (somewhat) and is gonna race Dallas. Strange.

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MXA online has an article today talking about riders in the East 250 SX class. They list Darryn Durham as one of the favorites and even discuss his recent concussion. How can Durham ride the East 250 class if he's already ridden two West rounds in the ... more »

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Don't exactly know their company structure, but I think Mika, DT1Filters and Cheap Tearoffs are all affiliated with one another. I've used many of their products with good success, and so have many friends. I do know that the owners and employees are ... more »