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Don't ever get behind me, when I'm riding my 500 on a sand track, you're REALLY going to be unhappy.

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Welcome to my world. Bad grammar in general, drives me insane, it's my biggest pet peeve. Do NOT get me started on the use of the word "Like".

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Jeffro, was that the last fight before he left UFC? I don't follow it, but I think I recall an epic ass whipping and then he retired, to go back to WWE.

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I'll respond to this, with a story od my own. ( Don't I always.) 20 some years ago, I went in to get a flat repaired on a trailer, owned by the company I worked for. They firmly believed in purchasing the latest and greatest, most high tech equipment

... more »

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Honda builds a mellow motor, and everyone who buys and races one immediately mods the shit out of it, so they can be faster than the guy beside them, and we're right back where we started. Humans can be accused of being a lot of things, but a smart species ... more »

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^ Yup. Don't forget to check your sag, after installing the new chain.

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SORRY! I called dibs on that a LONG time ago.

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Cyg, couldn't you just go a little late, and skip KWS?

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Well, I can only think of one way, and even if Jeremy knew it was coming, I don't think he'd be all that pleased about it. Just a guess on my part, though. Call him up.

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Lol Seems to me, there was a sign at the Holiday Inn, that said "No Motorcycles In Rooms". FIrst year I was there, then I found out how much of a problem bike theft was. Did 2 trips down there, would love to get back again.

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Would think that as a drummer, he'd be in pretty good shape, but went from a heart attack, at 55. Bummer, for sure. Kind of liked a couple of their songs back in the day, "We're Not Gonna Take It" being the favourite. Then I went and saw them in concert ... more »

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Having cleaned out my shop a time or two, tossing out numerous truck tires, I can personally attest to this. Shit, just think, people pay a trainer to teach them this shit, and I could do it for them for free. I need to get on the trainer bandwagon here, ... more »

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Well, I think we've found our in house VitalMX Willie Nelson.

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I missed this thread, but I was LOSING it over this one. Enough to make my honey come and see what the hell was so funny. Nice work, man.

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If I have 40 guys riding in my personal riding circle, at least 30 of them are 4:20. At least 10 of them are hard core Bake and Shake, as I call it. That is to say, they burn a gagger while they gear up, one after each moto, and naturally, the post ride ... more »

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Looks like a cross between this

and this Nice work, Honda. No wonder that their newest model I own is an 04. ... more »

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I was thinking of you when I read this, and laughing. You guys are getting HAMMERED down there this year, just ridiculous. Going to be a while before that melts off, and one hell of a mess when it does.