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That's pretty cool of you, can't imagine he won't like it, considering its a gift from his kids. Should be a blast, touring around with him. This is what I have at home, if I can ever get around to finishing it. A little tough, when that's 2000 miles

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Because being an attention whore on the Internet isn't enough, apparently.

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Don't go to Texas, you want to be in Afton, Tennesee. Then, you can hire hillbilly for security, likely for a few bushels of corn. This will save you a shitload of money on attorneys, since any issues will be dealt with cough, cough, "in house". Come ... more »

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posts, until Moto cracks the 2 mil mark. Shit, I remember the 1 mil mark being discussed. Sadly, I've wasted a fair bit of my time contributing to this, although, there's been some good laughs along the way. As you were.

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At least he's wearing a hard hat. That will certainly save his ass, if he falls. Also hope he's tied off to the tree, BELOW the cut line, and not the ladder. Something to give him one last whack, 1 second after he hits the ground, head first.

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Truck fleets jumped on that bandwagon hard, when it first became popular. About the only benefit would be more consistent tire pressures, since nitrogen is an inert gas. Not worth the money to me.

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"careless manner"? Fuck, the bear's dead, I'd say the guy was probably a pretty good shot. Careless? No.

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SX16 Another Year, Another Bike For Chad To Blame.

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How many times have you been clipped from here, asshole? Or are you just that big a jack-off, that you come in and start talking shit, as a 19 post wonder?

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I have to admit, the vid was a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping to see that fucker take the AR15 to the head a few times. Still, nice work, gentlemen. Heroes, right there.

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Bury your head in the sand, and go ride your dirt bike, Browny. That is your choice, and you are free to exercise it. Some of us see the world through different eyes, and that is our choice. As far as the race baiting comment, if people didn't commit ... more »

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Drove up 97 through Oregon on Tuesday, smoke was brutal, visibility was certainly down from normal. According to the radio, one fire at 144 sq miles, the other at 160, zero containment. Add in the rest of the fires, it's a horrendous year. Only ever ... more »

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Huge props to those Marines! Guess that's what those guys train for, confronting situations like that. According to the article, the suspect won't talk to the police. Just a thought: Turn him over to the Mossaud, in one half hour, that motherfucker will ... more »

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Lol Not from what I just read.

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Wow. Just watched the vid, sickening. Had the purse, why hit her? Wtf is wrong with that POS?

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Hmmmmmmmmmm Could it be Mark Stallyidiot?

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McDonalds couldn't fuck up a burger, like MPS can butcher a frame job. Nor do they charge champagne prices, for urine products and service.

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You ROCK, OC! ML512 too