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Didn't MAG buy White Industries from Tom White a few years ago?

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An icon of our sport! Godspeed Tom

Tom sponsored Marty Moates and outbid everyone at auction 1980 USGP film premiere for my painting of Marty. Tom showing Flying Mike Brown and Keith Lynas around his Early Years of Motocross ... more »
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What's the common theme linking most of those performances?????...........illegal performance enhancing drugs! It isn't body's the chemistry within the body that sadly seperated many of those so called athletes from the

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Get yourself an original painting of James winning the 2007 Supercross title. £/$ POA
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How about we factor in the time difference. UK is 5 hours ahead of East coast and 8 hours ahead of West coast, so most of the action had happened at this year's MXDN whilst America was sleeping, but let's not let facts get in the way of interpretation

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Latest commission, oils on canvas 24"x 18" completed yesterday. Another Commission of Anwar Hafizullah. Oils on canvas 24" x 18" Commission of late Vaughan Semmens, top British GP rider from 70/80's. Oils on canvas 18" x ... more »
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Perhaps this SX bias is now hurting them at motocross. Its a well known fact teams build exact replicas of jump combo at their sx practice tracks. When they come up against conditions experienced at Matterley on Sunday it didn't seem riders lime Sealy ... more »

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If the top US riders snub the call up for a MXDN on home soil @ Red Bud, this will be the ultimate kick in the teeth for Amy Ritchie and MX sports, DC Someone better remind them who pays their wages? All this pre season testing, set up time, blaw blawetc., ... more »

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They say a picture paints a thousand words!

MXDN achievement painting for Roger, commissioned by Youthstream' presented at Lommel MXDN. Road to Recovery commission of Johnny O'mara @ Maggiora 1986. Roger signing giclee prints ... more »
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Zac, Cole and Thomas had some bad luck. All looked sensational in practice and qualifying but mechanicals hurt badly, like Tommy Searle end with fried clutch in Moto 1 cost us Brits 2nd place but on the podium with Max Anstie double moto victory was

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My prayers and best wishes to all Moto friends and everyone caught up in this Hurricane IRMA from Kniveton England. Stay safe.................

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Kongols, thats the story of the whole MXGP. Paul is the best commentator. Totally uncalled for calling him a

Hes a professional, perhaps you should apologise?
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30 years on, Dave Thorpe, Johnny Omara , RJ and DB enjoy the opening ceremonies in back of Fiat truck. The promoters had replica bikes for Ricky and Johnny to ride but both decided "they came as a team in 86 and 30 years later wouldn't leave David behind

... more »
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Best wishes from all us moto friends in England. Hope you soon get sorted and water didn't damage your vintage collection ? just glad your family are safe and if there's anything I can do to help, offer emotional support or you just need someone to talk

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Prayers for any Moto friends and the poor citizens of Houston area. That amount of rain is

Hope Donald gets his best men onto this? He promised to make America great again!
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Funny how a stinky bait cast by OP winds you US fantards up so

Just remember the British nation, you love to hate saved the 2017 MXDN as California again failed to organise, after seeing the apathy of So Cal fans to MXGP's with piss ... more »
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Well said. Been at Festival of Legends Hawkstone Park, commentating on 40 motos over 2 days. Got see final few laps of 450 moto 2 on iphone, absolutely amazing what Herlings did! In the words of an Argentinean soccer commentator after They beat England. ... more »

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Jeffro Settle down in the old

Have you ever considered a career in the diplomatic corps? You could be Trump's go to man, flown into conflicts to ease tension and get all sides singing: " I'd like to teach the world to sing!" (Old Coca ... more »