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I read an article somewhere recently and Wilson is only on PC for this year. Unless Mitch is resigning since injured but otherwise I think it was one year deal.

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Word was at HP was the e10 guys had to take there bikes to Rock River after the race was over.

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Nice pics Rup!

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Durham is signed with PC through 2014.

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Will be leaving in a few hours to make my way down, can't wait, haven't been there in 3 years.

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Honda ruckus of course

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They should be a 250 team not a 450 team. I think they would be up front more often.

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I have an 01 gmc light duty 2500 with heavier springs but 6 lug wheels, 305 engine. It's the short van but it hauls 3 bikes 55 gal water, gear, fluids around like nothing. I would def stay away from a 6.0l diesel ford van those motors are terrible unless ... more »

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Stream works great for me thanks. If CBS can't broadcast it on all networks why the F*CK do they bother to cover it. Let speed get it done much better and actually be on TV. My CBS is showing stupid 700 club. CBS sucks at broadcasting the race anyway. ... more »

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Arai, hands down lightest, most comfortable thing I've ever put on my head.

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If you read the rules for video entries you have to either own or have the rights to the music. Which is very hard to do for mainstream music or costs a lot. So the music in the videos is what they were obviously allowed to use or had rights too.

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that kid was sketchy as hell, good ol c class

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so bummed that one of the pa races is gettin chopped. the NE lacks on SX and now one less national

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darryn durham saving it back as an amateur

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I camped at high point 2 years ago, it was a stupid amount to camp. Then I had to pay extra because I was staying into Sunday and they have amateur racing Sunday. I said I'll be gone by 9 AM, I don't care to watch the racing I'm just not driving home ... more »

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The 250 class is much more exciting and fun to watch then 450s, lots of passing and battles from front to back of the pack. I usually fast forward thru the 450s to watch the 250s.

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Same here, never seen so many people at a race before. It was awesome.

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Got a set of A kit PC suspension on eBay for 1300$ and it's amazing. Best thing I've ever rode on. Besides suspension a set of Renthal twinwall MC bend bars make me feel most comfortable on a bike.

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He was just all pumped on his first pro win ever, from a box van last year to some podiums and a win this year, kid was stoked! Super pumped to see him come out on top.