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I had one. Basket was notched like crazy. I usually replace clutch plates and inner hub with oem and outer basket with Hinson . I did it to my 07 kx250 and it did not help.

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From a mother Canadian. I work for government and have very good health plan. Go to the doctor 7 months ago for routine check up. She listens to my heart and it takes her quite a wile and She says that she hears something in there that is not normal. ... more »

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Recovery time is between moto 1 and moto2. Sprained ankle ? Shake the sand out of your man-gina

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"F@$k this shit, get the jaws of life " I would rather replace the swing arm than slide that tire out of the swing arm.

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I just got the same van on Friday. 237000 km (140000 miles). It has all highway miles. I know the guy that picked it up off the lot with 0miles on it. Oxygen sensors always need replacing in them, and depending how hard you are on breaks. Other than ... more »

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You need a 125. 1) Makes you feel like your hauling ass. 2) put it were you want it in every corner ( way less rotating mass). 3) you can..... oh wait.... you will rev the piss out of it. 4) new 125 has more power and easier to ride than a 91 rm250. ... more »

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I would buy new in spring and sell old. If you decided to rebuild and put 1500-2000$ into it. New tires , bars , grips, chain , sprockets , because it always happens when you are trying to build a fresh bike for spring. if you were to rebuild you will ... more »

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I pay more than 180 a year for theft on my bike. This sounds like a bargain .

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I bought A bike with coil springs in the forks, I have none of these problems you guys speak of. Sincerely Yamaha owner.

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Don't eat mushrooms 2 hrs before event. You will not leave your hotel room.

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Cancel my account

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Blair Morgan . He shows up at a 10 dollar Thursday night moto in Calgary . Blown away at how fast he was. Also Todd potter from Spokane. Saw him in early 2000s on a Yamaha , super fast amateur , then crazy fast 6 years later on a Honda .

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Acerbis is best. The polisport is junk and never fits right . I can only comment on cycra for my yz450, it all fits well except the air box cover is whack. Cycra also turns white when bent.

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I just picked up a ttr-125 big wheel. I am wondering if I should take it out for one of my Thursday night bush rides.

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I will take that old sub frame off your hands. I can straighten it in about 2 seconds and then sell it on eBay.

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Just got the email. Any day now

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Can't beat the price, and quality is same as most gear company's out there.

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I find that what messes me up is the weight. You have gone from 200+ pounds below you to 25 pounds. It feels very un-balanced and top heavy to jump a mtn bike.

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Just rebuilt a 2014 ktm 150 on a budget (hotrod parts) top and bottom end was 2000$ Canadian .