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Reply to No riots today 12/9/2016 9:41 AM

right?! taze that fucking kid for not knowing the proper phone-video etiquette

Reply to No 12 days of VitalMx this year 12/9/2016 8:12 AM

on the 12th day of Christmas my true loveMeg gave to me, the clap and a case of herpes

Reply to Stewarts: Matthes rumor mill 12/9/2016 8:09 AM

this thread...

Reply to Christophe Pourcel news? 12/8/2016 10:39 AM

tell us more about your new quad

Reply to Christophe Pourcel news? 12/8/2016 8:32 AM

i think he'll be scary fast at Daytona this year. never count out the crafty frenchman

Reply to Who's ridden for all three of the major energy drink brands? 12/8/2016 8:29 AM

i drank all three one night and was tripping balls on loose sprocket bolts bro

Reply to I`ve made up my mind. 12/7/2016 11:13 AM

i can appreciate Heidi as much as the next guy. fired off a lot of knuckle children to her back in the day of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit mags. however, every time i think i have saw the most beautiful girl i've ever seen i keep clicking and keep saying ... more »

Reply to Finally got my hands on a Leatt helmet 12/6/2016 1:22 PM

it could be the venting which would make sense, but it's just very very loud. sound from the bike is high but in my case, it's the sound of air flow that put me near deaf halfway through my ride. my friend, Leatt rep, told me that they offer cap systems ... more »

Reply to Finally got my hands on a Leatt helmet 12/6/2016 10:16 AM

i'm usually a Large size helmet, i ordered the Large and it was WAY too big and loose fitting. i ended up getting the Medium and it fit about perfect

Reply to Finally got my hands on a Leatt helmet 12/6/2016 9:48 AM

i have one as well, it's not the best thing since sliced bread but it's a good helmet. i particularly don't care for how vented it is. i ride year round and this thing will be impossible to wear in cold/rainy weather. also, better wear ear-plugs if your ... more »

Reply to Is Reed changing gear brand 12/5/2016 4:02 PM

HOLY SHIT!!! looks like Dungey needs to pay a little more attention to the torque on his sprocket bolts bro

Reply to Meanwhile in Australia. 12/5/2016 3:54 PM

kangaroos are the Rich Froning Jr. of the animal kingdom bro

Reply to Is ML512 OK? 12/5/2016 3:52 PM

2-strokes happened bro

Reply to Reed to FOX (photo & video added) 12/5/2016 3:50 PM

he switched to Durex and saved 15% on child support

Reply to 2016 NFL Football 12/5/2016 9:03 AM

how about them LIONS though?! they dominated the high-flying Saints offense. laughing at predictions and the ESPN predictions saying Brees was going to tear them up. we finally have a Defense that can match the Offense and look what's happening, ... more »

Reply to How good/bad are 2017 ktm/husky 450's 12/2/2016 2:06 PM

might be the middle guy on a team, just sayin

beers in LaPaz will be had
Reply to How good/bad are 2017 ktm/husky 450's 12/2/2016 1:19 PM

that's what she said ps... see you in LaPaz '17 Baja 1k

Reply to I would have liked to see KTM keep the #13 for Jessy 12/2/2016 1:17 PM

that is one sexy production bike

Reply to Girl friend gift....female opinions needed! 12/2/2016 9:40 AM

heard you loud and clear bro

Reply to Pasadena pothead vitards... 12/2/2016 9:34 AM

stop by Utah and i'll hook you up with a genuine Utah only 30-rack of Busch Light bro