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Reply to Fallout 4 11/30/2015 9:32 AM

well, i'm about 18 hours in, Level 14 and here are my initial thoughts: - this is the perfect combination of Fallout 3 and New Vegas with some much needed upgrades in the graphics department. i love the wasteland and the vibrant colors, not just drabs ... more »

Reply to Chinese do some impressive things. 11/30/2015 8:46 AM

hah! you see Hahn Soro over there using the force?

Reply to 2015 NFL Football 11/26/2015 8:14 PM

The fuck are you talking about? That Lions game was God damn amazing

Reply to 2015 NFL Football 11/26/2015 12:21 PM

Happy Thanksgiving from the Pilgrim residence, Bros

Reply to JS7 update 11/25/2015 11:50 AM

damn bros, while i'm not a huge fan of the guy i just don't understand the hostility towards him... i just want to watch him race like the next guy, if it's not until A1 then i can dig it

Reply to What stands out in this Ken Roczen photo? 11/25/2015 11:26 AM

the buttwhip? KYB?

Reply to roczen's new helmet for next year 11/25/2015 9:40 AM

charge your f**kin' phone, Michael

Reply to What will Forkner be? 11/25/2015 8:38 AM

set him straight, bro

Reply to What will Forkner be? 11/24/2015 2:39 PM

IMO, Forkner will do in supercross his first year what AC did minus the injury

Reply to Eleven 10 Mods Story - Holy Crap! 11/24/2015 12:54 PM

wow... what a shit show and inspiration to privateers everywhere thanks for sharing the stories Mathis, that was an awesome read

Reply to Windshield snow cover ... 11/23/2015 2:40 PM

good luck with that, that cold blooded bitch had a blocked intake for at least 3 months before i traded her for a new model

Reply to 2015 NFL Football 11/23/2015 1:44 PM

that was a pretty good game, a really good win for Detroit and a huge win for their defense. not going to lie, the beer tastes better when your team is winning, and yesterday, the PBR tasted great all day long

Reply to Windshield snow cover ... 11/23/2015 1:40 PM

it's called quit being such a pussy and use a push-broom to push it off. iced up? start that motherfucker 10 minutes before you have to leave. i park in a garage, have a snow-blower, and have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express, bro

Reply to Herlings interview – No Decision!!! 11/23/2015 1:35 PM

another tough day for Herlings at training camp

Reply to live timing or feed for Mini O's ????? 11/23/2015 1:28 PM

oh hell yeah! this is his last race on the Supermini (13 and already too big), hopefully come away with some championships this week. any way to see a schedule?

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Reply to Any Baja 1000 updates? 11/20/2015 2:57 PM

hah that's awesome Tallon, i rode Espo's 450 on the Snack's Baja Beach Bash a couple months ago. be awesome to see them give it a run!

Reply to Any Baja 1000 updates? 11/20/2015 12:23 PM

RV is racing in a truck, bro you're welcome