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what Ideal said

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Hey fab, you might want to cryogenic treat those parts also

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I am a Michelin Man, have 2 YZ250's. Great build. Is that track Casey, Lincoln Trail?

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The crank taper is different for sure. I have GYTR heavy one in stock for the newer models that the guy could try if he is not sure if he wants one

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Don't know if RM is close to the same, we had the lower case mount tabs break off the frame, front and mid. The only points holding the motor were swingarm and cylinder head. Snapped the head.

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Works great for 4strokes, it has a high zinc content, zinc is the last protective barrier before failure

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Around 25 is correct. I play with these numbers a bit, try not get caught up in exact settings. Taking a round out of the spring or adding a round doesn't seem to change measurement much but can make chassis characteristics change.

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I have ran every reed configuration and like the stock cage with Boyesen reeds. I have experienced longer reed life from the Delta on the high revving 125, 250 reed life has not been that much of an issue. I would invest in a good o-ring chain, you'll ... more »

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Try this, get bike warmed up, grip throttle and twist and hold to get rpm's up over idle, run air screw in all the way, back it out until rpm's start to waiver and pick up, just past that point turning the screw out the rpms will take off, quit gurgling ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Round 2 MLA/Indian Hills Fall Championship Oct. 11-13 9/27/2013 1:03 AM

Is there not a Pro Purse?

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Ryan Mills on Factory Connection 125 was incredible in the 10 Commandments. Looked like a fox pouncing in a meadow playing with a mouse. The first time I ever saw a fender kiss

Added reply in a thread Loretta Lynns Jumps 8/6/2013 6:56 PM

I live in Jackson County IL, small town rural America. We had 3 this year, 5 last year. We have had a rider there so many years in the past. very few years that didn't. I started going to LL's in 83, that year we had 3 that I can remember. Ava IL had ... more »

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One final post for me on this matter. I am not sure if the riders are there for the track, pretty sure it is for the competition.

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Dustin, this is Tim Easton, Honda has leak jets in half stages compared to Yamaha if you are close but not dead on. Remember what slipdog said. I had the best luck with rich on the pilot, lean on the needle, wired accelerator pump linkage and a half ... more »

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I always thought he had KFC on Thursday's. I went by, didn't see Dave or any KFC buckets. I saw Lumpy but couldn't stop, didn't want to give up my ride on the golf cart, crutches were not the best means of transport. I was not looking for free KFC, just ... more »

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Congratulations Team Ideal on your appearance at the Ranch. I got to see one of your motos. I parked near JM Racing and saw Denny and his dad off from their pit +35. Sorry I didn't make it down to you, crutches not the best means of transportation. Still ... more »

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Also, having that kind of jump may actually be considered a breather, a chance to relax and suck in some much needed oxygen.

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Being from Cali you may not understand. LL's track is brutal, the heat is brutal, the humidity is brutal, riding 20 minutes plus 2 laps WFO is more than 99% of the human race can handle. After 10 minutes most of that remaining 1% are lucky to be holding ... more »

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If you don't have a clue, Jonon "has" raced at the highest levels of amateur and pro. Proud to say I've had my son on the gate with Jonon. Jonon has way more sense of humor than most people I've met. Funniest thing I ever heard him say, he asked one ... more »