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Ditto Manny! I gotta say.....THAT'S FRICKEN HILARIOUS! Bet Kenny would have to laugh at

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Bet there''s a WHOLE lot less drama going on between Ryan and James this morning than going on in this thread. James and Ryan BOTH know it's racing. BOTH legends. BOTH have BIG respect for each other. BOTH feeling awful this am....James ... more »
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This one! ;-)

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Right on man........ Saw Weinert beat the Euros in the downpour/mud at Rio in Houston. I think A LOT of us were smitten by this sport in the good ol GOLDEN ERA of Trans AM moto....."Like" Bauer, you sure are good at stirring the pot dude....-Roger ;-D ... more »

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Looks like "dad" could get around pretty dern good on a moto bike!

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Dan?? ..........state AL?? Roger here.... :-)

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Who goes there?...........I'm from the Hou area and raced(gen Bravo, Grande, Fairbanks, Whitney) when you did-although probably in 125 Int at that era. My competition was K Tieken, M Pizzatola, G Howard, S Schramm, names you'd prob recognize...:-) most ... more »

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Hasn't HRC already tried Josh??.....several years back. Injury(again)...(he's gotta be one of the most unluckiest guys-right next to Wil and Trey) Think they'd try that again??.........kinda doubt it. Freddy Noren is like a throw back.....something ya ... more »

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Tumeric, a fine yellow powdery is available as a food powder/seasoning, or as added ingredient, orrrr in capsule form. It's commonly used/found in Indian cuisine. Do I believe in it??.....don't know if it's the Elixor you seek, but feel like it does ... more »

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Exactly. I was smitten as a 13 y/o when invited to muddy, sloppy Trans AMA race at Rio Bravo Hou, TX. Nobody needed to entice me, talk it up, explain much of anything. I WAS HOOKED THAT DAY. 58 yrs old and still faithfully follow moto! Today's generation ... more »

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I bet if you'd get Aldon to talk about it, he'd probably tell you Dungey is the least complaining, easiest rider he's trained. The discipline is there. Ryan just needed some fine tuning and CONFIDENCE. Aldons constant coaching and confidence building ... more »

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I just wished Ryan had sought Bakers services earlier. Every single rider that's wkd under Aldon has done markly better. Can you imagine the duels we'd of seen between him and RV? (Villo still had an edge in eqpt...IMHO.) Agree....think the new KTM is ... more »

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Roczen winning it all, is very believable, agreed. Reed besting Millsaps, Dungey, Canard et al....I'd have to see it. Chads best days are behind him IMO. Like K Dub said, "it gets harder every year". BUT....that WOULD be something! I like Reed-btw...great ... more »

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James and Villo have both been to the emergency room a lot more than Ryan Dungey too. But I do wish the Dunge would get a bit more of that "eye of the tiger" that Villo possesses.

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Another SQUID on a dated

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Runs. looks great? As an old schooler-YEAH. Sounds reasonable for a nice vintage Maico.

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Dig it! Thx BRZ!

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Uhhhh, let's see.........16?.... That'd be like 74?....... 125 Nat go-fasters? Smitty, McDougal, Bower, Nils Arne Nilsson, M Boone........??? Yeah, I know......I'm old.

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Yip, same here.... Picked them up off the mag rack way back in what?, 74-5? Used to wear the ink off the covers & dog ear 'em big time while in high school. Like another guy said, when I pick up MXA, I'm picking up moto history. Been around a loooong

... more »