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Old Valli team.... definitely not a PC Kawa 250.

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I'd be real curious to see how Ryan would do on Weimers bike next year. RV & RD-How's THAT for a dynamic duo?!

Saddened, but don't think Jake's gonna make the cut...

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And THAT..............is the "EYE OF THE TIGER" illustrated . Some have it.....some not so much.

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At wins/accomplishment?-Ryan Villopoto At pulling off some of the most unbelievable moves on a track? James Stewart The talent, ability James has, he should have MULITIPLE championships. James is James' worst competition.

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Adams got a good head on his shoulders, just a set back. He'll be fine. In fact, I look for Adam to be the heir apparent to Villo at Kawasaki. All he needs to do is listen to Ryan and Aldon.| And I'm sure he will.

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That's exactly what it sounds like to me too. Be there done that. Agonizing.... Like somebody else mentioned-INVERSION TABLE-.....INVEST $150 bucks or so and get yourself one. Therapuedic. Don't dispair, there's a lot treatments available out there.....focused

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The body has a strange way of healing itself and mending sometimes. And then sometimes it needs medical help. A pinched nerve usually heals up. If you've seen a good image of your vertebrae, you know what I mean...it's amazing to me we don't hurt our ... more »

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Very cool. Thanks for the post up. I spoke with Mike G last year in Seattle. Told him I appreciated what he's doing for the sport, just chatted about his team & MA. Seemed like a straight shooting, approachable guy-(for a high roller to chit chat

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Tape over the nipples goes waaayy back to the old school days. Pomeroy was the first one I saw with tape. Silver duct tape, of course.

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That's awesome.

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"I'm not blaming anyone though.. I think it was a racing deal and shit like this happens in a split second " Best assessment yet....;-)

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Even more!

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Love it!

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Dirt??.........1987 KX500....they didn't use to call it "the mens class" for nothing. You got to be wired right to use/ride a big bore fast(and not kill yourself) Street?? Kawa ZX14, (but own a Kawa Concours C14)

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.........like it said, "prepare to duck the roost". Thick skin helps. And bullshit repellant...

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...which can lead to some Bam-Bamin' going on

I like the guy though, he does some rad stuff sometimes. ... more »

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Agree....I thought MC was pretty decent last Saturday-a littel coaching & exp, he'll be fine. Ralph is there to bring hyper intensity to the cast-which he does. He also inserts some provocative questions to Fro & (the other guy w mic in the booth)to ... more »

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Ditto here.... Clearly Josh has the speed. If he hasn't been hampered by naggin injuries, he's on the mend from them. That aside, I've wondered to myself what it is with his seemingly unwillingness to take his training to the next(animal)level. I definitely

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x1!............Muuuuch simpler times.