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Very nice! I do like that body style. First car I ever painted was my 70 1/2 SS which I bought incomplete from a guy who had pieced a couple wrecked ones together. That was 1983. Built a 73 Camaro in 85 and have been without since. Keep wanting another ... more »

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That was entirely in reference to whatever the hell the Siracuse goof posted.

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Well shit me silly. Need more pics of the 70 1/2 RS Z28. P p p please????

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Considering the typical AMA purse pays out $12.00 for a first place in the premier class, he could retire before the season ever kicks off and still be on top by years end.

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Drives me crazy. Have no idea where this bike is other than google images, but I want to drive over and fix it. Who in their right mind would do such a thing?

Added reply in a thread Monster Energy Cup Bench Racing - Night Show 10/18/2014 6:07 PM

Best field in a long time or the worst? Too many potential winners and no real standout? Or....

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Yeah, would suck for a display bike to have leaky air forks!

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Pizza Port in Solana Beach. Great food and good choice of beer. K1 Speed for the go karts. Fun times with the kid before he headed overseas. Mexican food has nothing on our Tex Mex here in the lone star state.

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Mine would be backwards Honda

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Picked up a Kimber Team Match 2 in 9mm a few weeks back while in Austin for my bday. Matches my 45. Took it to the range yesterday and ran 100 rounds through it at the 15 yard range. Pretty damn accurate even with me behind the trigger.

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I get that she was abused, but she refused to leave the relationship. What I don't get is listening to her talk about how her boyfriend was punching, kicking and throwing her daughter across the room while she cowers in fear. Hard for me to imagine any ... more »

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Obama told him he could keep his doctor.

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Remodeling my house at the moment and coming up a little short myself. Otherwise, I'd be "ALL IN"!!

Added reply in a thread Anyone have a source for DOW 9 coating? 10/9/2014 1:20 PM

So when I google Dow 9 and this place pops up first, they told you to f' off? I can imagine some of these places are set up for large quantity production. http://www.saporitofinishing.com/processes/magnesium-aluminum#dow9

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I like how we get shit journalism and half stories. It sure works to provoke more violence if that's what they are after.

Added reply in a thread 2002 Plano Honda shark energy 10/9/2014 7:07 AM

Seen many of the Plano graphic kits on ebay in years past. Doubt any are still around though. If all else fails, I believe one of my kids has a bunch of the photo handouts from SX back then. Might be able to use them to copy.

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That won't alter port timing too much on that one will it? Cause interference with power valves?

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Hubbard is the local Suzuki aficionado. He should be along

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Did I not see green flags and lights just before impact?

Started new thread Tool porn 10/8/2014 9:55 AM

Since it is tool week around here, I'm just going to drop this dose of Viagra right here. Paint rep stopped in to help my painter do some testing and troubleshooting this week. Pops open his little briefcase full of the latest high end guns from Sata

... more »

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