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Settle down folks. It's nothing a pre-paid phone card for daily Aldon pep talks won't cure. You guys act like the fat lady has already sung and the trophy has been awarded.

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Added reply in a thread Anyone else see Dungey rub "Red Bull" in his face? 3/29/2015 12:10 PM

The non-sticky clear formula with the special label.

Added reply in a thread St. Louis SX Bench Racing - Night Show 3/28/2015 7:04 PM

Those are weird, my Dad was an amputee but could tell you the exact spot that was itching or hurting. Kind of hard to scratch something that isn't there.

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"Mission accepted" "Trained to succeed" "Wherever, whenever, whatever"

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Honda had the top talent back then and took three serious hits with those injuries. Magoo was always a wildman, but Hansen and Bailey, especially Bailey, was so in control and smooth. If there was ever one person that you least expected a big injury ... more »

Added a comment about video 2015 Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing - JS7 Motocross Testing 3/27/2015 7:22 AM

He's either outting up a good front or handling this very well. Always good to see a Stewart interview where he is smiling. Wiuld love to see him come out and open up a big ol can on them this season.

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Let Reed ride it for 4 minutes and get video of it, and put it on ebay then it's worth 20 times the current ask.

Seriously though, for a big baller Honda lover and/or serious collector that doesn't have this model the price could be met.

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They were the bomb, but nothing compared to today's double size four stroke advantage.

Added reply in a thread How about KTM 300cc series instead of KTM Juniors? 3/25/2015 5:20 AM

Talk about some serious carnage.

Added reply in a thread Fractured Arm for Trey Canard 3/22/2015 3:13 PM

Did you ever think that maybe Canard was upset with the fact that Weimer was injured?

Added reply in a thread At Some Point, This Has To Stop. 3/22/2015 1:19 PM

There always seem to be that one total jerk comment in threads like these. You win the award hands down in this one.

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Let's just take a little informal poll of the buying habits in the past three years of vital members for comparison just for grins. 2013 300 XC here, bought new

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Yep, or even murdered by someone using a pjone while driving.

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The ratings ought to tell you something. I thought I heard MSNBC claim they were the fastest growing cable network

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... more »

Added reply in a thread Mandatory voting? haha 3/19/2015 11:28 AM

I heard that Oregon just passed an automatic voter registration when you get your driver's license unless you opt out.

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Canard said he has burned up several clutches working on his starts, it's not for a lack of trying. I imagine he and the rest of the team continue to try and find that combination that is missing.

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Yeah listened to that, the ability to find the right balance seems to get overshadowed sometimes kn the train, train, train world of athletes and not everyone can realize what needs to be changed. Guy Cooper had a similar experience and had better results ... more »

Added reply in a thread Cole Seely 3/19/2015 10:36 AM

Appears to be a great guy with the smooth style and speed to match. Obviously being on the team with Canard is a good match and it shows in their results this year.