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I'm going to try some buddies bikes and see what I think, I feel I may just be struggling with my current 450 and am over it.

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I'm thinking of going from 450 to 250'sorry I should have said that. I feel like it would add more spark and get me interested in riding more also.

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Has anyone done this and regretted it? Been thinking about riding more for fun and not racing as much but wouldn't want to be completely smoked at the races if I switched. Has anyone done it and actually found they had more fun on a 450?

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You have a broken schaphoid. I did the same thing two summers ago and ended up only breaking it worse. With a definite limited range of motion now I wish I went to the doctors and listened to what they said the first time.

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Unfucking real they would do that. Completely terrible move by the AMA.

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Peick tells it like it is and friese rides like a douche. Watch any rider who starts behind him and how they ride around Vince.

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Do you have the right side rad?

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What is the story with this place why did it ever shutdown or be moved off the schedule?

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Have you taken an adderall before, let alone taken one and rode your way off

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Justin cooper won 250 pro, kyle bitter man won open pro

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He's a badass on and off the track, love the aggressive riding racing and his attitude after all this is motocross.

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Did mine twice the first time with really no pain but as said it never healed and did it again, needed the surgery and a screw. 10 months later and it is finally coming around post surgery but like others there's no rearward movement what so ever. Unsure ... more »

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Benny Bloss

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If you guys are down for a driver Parker mx in Greenwich ny is a great place, paradox mx in Granville is also amazing, Royal mountain in caroga lake is a great race track to. As said walden and Echo are close and fun and do practice and races, also thorn ... more »

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New 2016 rmz 250s 5699 and 450s 5999 and pipes are $500. Don't understand the myth that they are so expensive.

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Drink every time Barcia gets passed.

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... more »
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