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some of you guys make me LOL.

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I would really like to hear some of your theories as to how he is not trying hard or does not have a "fire lit under his ass" ? The guy trains hard, works hard, races hard and unfortunately recently has been crashing hard. He rode all season with injuries ... more »

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I have a 2014 Mercedes sprinter with 25k miles and it has already had some serious issues with transmission (5k worth of work done) but hey it's paid for by my company so I enjoy it. I wouldn't buy one personally. Rides like a dream though!

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DB, I would imagine with Sean's surfing, you've been able to perfect your dolphin whispering skills. Anyways, who do you think out of any of the riders out there today resemble your style? If any. Hope to see you all soon. JT (Y'all might notice my profile ... more »

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Bogle, Peick, Tickle, and even Malcolm Stewart. All of these dudes need a ride for next year on 450's. Who would you take? 2 year deal.

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I would look for Webb on a Yamaha 450 team not named JGR and would expect to see a different color bike under JGR next year and beyond. Maybe a color that the crew chief/team manager is very familiar with. But what do I know? I just sling wieners for ... more »

Started new thread bring your ponchos 1/5/2016 10:37 AM

It's coming down nicely here in Orange County and might even continue through Saturday for A1, good thing for you GuyB we have a nice awning covering our hot dogs for you and the boys! Looking forward to seeing everybody there rain or shine. Who's your ... more »

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I need this to sell hot dogs

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Barcia will have the helmet and personal deal like he had last year. Team will have Monster on the truck, the bikes, and the team hats. Weston and Phil will have their helmets like they did last year. Don't shoot me, I'm just the hot dog guy.

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He's healthy (broken pelvis in SX), on the best team in the pits (I'm biased), his mechanic has the best beard since Gandolf, and he is sponsored by the world's most wanted wiener! That's what has turned him around.

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Number one thing you hear a rider say is there's no way to practice race pace other than, you guessed it.. Lining up in the gate. Knowing his mechanic like I do, they want to be as prepared as possible. Looking forward to seeing the kid do battle.

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Jhansen has obviously never seen Joeys girlfriend. She is gorgeous. He is not the prettiest dude in the pits but hes doing just fine.

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My co workers and I are looking to acquire a nice show hauler with a garage on the rear for the upcoming supercross season and beyond. We are located in Irvine, CA but for the right deal willing to travel damn near anywhere to find the right fit. Any ... more »

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Putting the Wiener in the winner's circle for the second race in a row! We are lovin it. Way to go JGR, we all know how much of a true team effort it is under that semi.

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Funny thing is that I had a choice to either go to Red Bud for "Work" or go to havasu for fun and the fourth and I ended up in Havasu as well.

Added a comment about feature Dave Osterman's Memories of TwoTwo Motorsports 6/24/2015 5:38 PM

The classiest of acts. Unreal to think we wont be seeing that bad ass semi in the pits again. Thanks for the memories.

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Go ride Cahuilla, problem solved.

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Some of these comments really have me laughing as I have witnessed week in and week out what these guys (40th place pitting out of a Chevy to the 3 factory Bikes under the blue canopy) put into racing.. They put everything they have into it. Davi is ... more »

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Get to bed Steve, there's chili dogs to be eaten tomorrow. Oh and a few motos

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AC50 though :p