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Saw Pourcel in Houston watching the race and he looked like he was pretty interested in the racing. If he's in shape to last 30 + 2 this summer will be even better. 250 class is going to be nuts.

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Yes. that plastic would literally melt off before the end of a heat race lol.

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I would say its a win win for both parties. RCH dating back to before the R was even involved has shown loyalty to their riders and has stuck behind riders with injuries and even personal issues outside of racing (Josh Hill, Hanny, and now Tickle) They ... more »

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I think it's funny how some people on here think he is a rookie that just came from arena cross.. Dudes been racing ama for almost 10 years! He was on Yamaha of Troy when young JLaw came over from Bills Pipes/Rockstar zook.

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Hopefully see this same video come Saturday but a nice lil number 5 in front of him. Either way, all red bull podium is what we are hoping for this weekend! 1. Dungey 2. Wilson 3. Roczen.. In no particular order :p

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Pretty interesting, kind of an odd couple if you ask me. Dirt shark lost his boys to our program so they needed someone! Hope to see you at monster cup Guyb.

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And Barcia wearing a Monster Energy helmet ..

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Heard from a very reliable source that Peick to JGR is as good as a done deal. Can't wait to see that. Also looking forward to seeing what A confident (in his bike) Dean Wilson will produce with Decoster and the Orange boys in his corner.

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Judging by the time we spent waiting to leave .. I'd believe that! The racing was incredible.

Super pumped for Dungey. Josh Grant's first moto was epic as well. And I'm sure there's a handful of guys scratching their heads wondering ... more »

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In for Glen Helen and Hangtown so far.. Trying to get to Red Bud through work!

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Yeah you must be old.. if that's the only thing you got from the video. Ps what is a gay bar?

Started new thread New Dungey Video 2/17/2014 8:52 AM

Check out this new video of Dungey at the KTM test track. It was all shot on a GoPro Hero3 plus... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXVzljxtjb4

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I moved to LA! Haha thanks Bayo let me Know when you need a product tested!

Started new thread Happy Holidays Vital! 12/23/2013 7:21 AM

Been MIA for a while with new work and a new location, but I always check in at least once a week. Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all of you from (Santa) GuyB and (Santa's Big Helper) Bayo, to all the Vitards who make me laugh and keep me coming ... more »

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When he was on WBR Suzuki I got to watch him and a young Darryn Durham ride with my friend at a private track in Anza along side the little professor. Then, when he was on the factory connection Honda I was blown away when I got to see him have a whip ... more »

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Holy shiitake !!! 2:00 is insane... That made me sick haha I jump three times through that section.

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whooville!!!! glad to see you posting on Vital. Tell mom I said hi and next time I'm home I will see you guys at the track! keep up the good work, Chandler(s).

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Tyron, Tyson,,tyrannosaurus it's all good. Harrrrrr