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I was up there last week and didn't see this. Plus I don't think they sponsored BTO

Added reply in a thread Forkner spotted chasing tail 12/14/2016 9:39 PM

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I'm using HOLA and just get the initializing circle and then a black page

Added reply in a thread Bryan Clauson succumbs 8/8/2016 6:33 PM

We grew up a few blocks apart. I remember riding bikes with him as a kid when he was just starting racing. Lost touch and forgot all about him until I saw his name pop up on Facebook today. Horrible tragedy.

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If you look hard enough there are plenty of euro websites that stream sports. Just gotta use a good ad blocker and virus protection. I've watched any game I want for free last few years, they even stream the red zone channel too

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I've been trying to get in last few years. Got room for a newbie??

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In short Negative- high cost of living (really high) Traffic (at almost all times) No moto within 45 min Positive- Great weather Great food Beautiful coastline Majority of people are actually pleasant Diversity in almost everything

Added reply in a thread Wedding registries 7/6/2016 10:00 PM We'd rather have an awesome honeymoon than crap for the house though. I'm into ours though, there's stuff I want.

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Bummer. I take my dogs to the dog park next door and watch them ride. It will be missed

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That was Matt, Coopers mechanic through amateurs and a year at Star, now with Dean Wilson.

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When we moved out here it was between Corona and Orange/Anaheim. We picked Orange and I love it so much more. Yes rent is higher but I commute to Laguna Hills and the drive from Corona would be unbearable.

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The VitalMx rig was serviced at my store a few weeks back. It was nice to chat with our fearless leader for a bit. Thanks for coming through GuyB!
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Not sure about the trail but when we hiked Devils bridge there was a decent jeep road coming into the hiking trail. I would recommend drive to that point and do the 20 min hike to Devils bridge.

Also, oak creek brewery has really good food ... more ยป
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The yellow is my 1 year old male, Britton. The black is my almost 4 year old female, Molly. They miss bird hunting but fortunately we found a house in Orange County with a good size yard
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The deal is done. He'll be on a new team soon

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I wrote "move your ass" when I was working nationals in 2007/2008 and got a talking to from AMA. They didn't like it too much haha

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Was really hoping Oregon would play Bama, but damn OSU looks good

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I reference you all to the 6th post on page 1. That is all.

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Me and little brother at AT&T Park this year. Let's go Giants!!
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And down goes UGA UofO defense is a lot better than they get credit for. Nowhere near a SEC team but hopefully we'll find out in the playoffs.