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And for those that are too cheap to pay for cable?

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Blake Savage's sister I believe

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I managed an oil change shop for over 7 years. 0w20 is the new way in all the jap cars. Helps with emissions and fuel mileage. If you had them done at the dealer before, they used synthetic. 0w20 is not possible to make in a conventional oil at this ... more »

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I was up there last week and didn't see this. Plus I don't think they sponsored BTO

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I'm using HOLA and just get the initializing circle and then a black page

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We grew up a few blocks apart. I remember riding bikes with him as a kid when he was just starting racing. Lost touch and forgot all about him until I saw his name pop up on Facebook today. Horrible tragedy.

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If you look hard enough there are plenty of euro websites that stream sports. Just gotta use a good ad blocker and virus protection. I've watched any game I want for free last few years, they even stream the red zone channel too

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I've been trying to get in last few years. Got room for a newbie??

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In short Negative- high cost of living (really high) Traffic (at almost all times) No moto within 45 min Positive- Great weather Great food Beautiful coastline Majority of people are actually pleasant Diversity in almost everything

Added reply in a thread Wedding registries 7/6/2016 10:00 PM We'd rather have an awesome honeymoon than crap for the house though. I'm into ours though, there's stuff I want.

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Bummer. I take my dogs to the dog park next door and watch them ride. It will be missed

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That was Matt, Coopers mechanic through amateurs and a year at Star, now with Dean Wilson.

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When we moved out here it was between Corona and Orange/Anaheim. We picked Orange and I love it so much more. Yes rent is higher but I commute to Laguna Hills and the drive from Corona would be unbearable.

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The VitalMx rig was serviced at my store a few weeks back. It was nice to chat with our fearless leader for a bit. Thanks for coming through GuyB!
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Not sure about the trail but when we hiked Devils bridge there was a decent jeep road coming into the hiking trail. I would recommend drive to that point and do the 20 min hike to Devils bridge.

Also, oak creek brewery has really good food ... more »
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The yellow is my 1 year old male, Britton. The black is my almost 4 year old female, Molly. They miss bird hunting but fortunately we found a house in Orange County with a good size yard
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The deal is done. He'll be on a new team soon

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I wrote "move your ass" when I was working nationals in 2007/2008 and got a talking to from AMA. They didn't like it too much haha

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Was really hoping Oregon would play Bama, but damn OSU looks good