Added reply in a thread Clayton Miller pulling fat hole shot on his 03 kx250 against a field of 450s. 10/24/2016 8:44 AM

That is pretty fantastic, his yelling had me laughing.

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Added reply in a thread Can the Southeast get a National Soon? 10/20/2016 11:07 AM

This is a horrible idea, there are not enough of us to support this. We desperately need leadership at the top. If we truly want to grow the sport, Youthstream, Mxsports and Feld HAVE to start working with each other rather than against each other. Too ... more »

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After looking at the bike, first "mod" should be bringing those levers up. Congrats on the scoot!

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Who is Jimmy Michael?

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IMO, hare scrambles with MX tracks mixed in are the most I fun you can have on a dirt bike. You will be fine with whatever bike you get, honestly doesn't really matter. Hard to go against the trusty YZ250 though when it comes to "value".

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This is vital bro, and you want the stupid shit to stop

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I have worn under armor compression fit full sleeved shirts under jerseys during the winter for an added layer. I love them, I am a bigger dude as well. The stuff is comfortable to me.

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I am sure glad Dungey raced that instead of MXoN, what a joke.

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You think that looks like a SX track from 1996? Not. Even. Close.

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Noah Mcconahy and the 722!

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This should be in the Bazaar bro.

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You mean that your air forks aren't terrible and horrible high maintenance? Huh, crazy.

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Kurt had NO quit in him either, and he is an American hero.
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I buy from both. I buy from a local retailer mostly, but I get a lot of the Rocky Mtn $10 gift cards for signing up to race. I usually order from rocky man once or twice a year.

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Prayers for you and your wife bud!

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Dubs up!!! Go Dawgs!

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Fusion does some GREAT work.

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At first I thought Barcia was being a prick, then I kept reading and I think he was being genuine. I sincerely hope Barcia gets some of DVs coaching, his style and straight forward personality could really help him. It's all probably a pipe dream, but ... more »