Added reply in a thread Cole Seely Crash at Muddy Creek 6/26/2017 3:17 AM

I think Webb knew exactly what he was doing. Freaking a$$hole.

Added reply in a thread My 2017 Alta Redshift MX... 6/7/2017 5:35 PM

Alta should make the OP a paid spokesman. I have never ever in a million years thought of buying an electric mx bike... UNTIL NOW!

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Maybe you are just spoiled and have it so good you cant handle paying the true cost of something when it comes to the crunch.. I know us international customers have been paying through the teeth for moto for years. But we dont mind, because its our ... more ยป

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If you are GoPro you are lucky to survive 17 to be honest.

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Osbourne (if he continues winning). It doesn't really matter anyway - because right now is Marvin's time to shine, he is the MAIN MAN, and even if Dungey was racing - Marv would still be leading the points.

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Looks like its been run over. They are a massive pest in New Zealand. But the ones we kill look much healthier than that.

Added reply in a thread Chad Reed #103 Jersey [Real or Fake?] 5/25/2017 3:01 PM

Action Sports Team (AST) - get on board - ITS GONNA BE A GAME CHANGER !!!

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We got both motos live on sky in NZ

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You can take these riders off that list

Grant Wilson Canard Tickle Seely Barcia Millsaps
Added reply in a thread Good deal or no ? Cr125 5/3/2017 4:19 PM

Good deal. It is in ok condition for its age if it still has the original seat cover and the swing arm sticker. Plus hopefully the fork stickers have saved the tubes from roost.

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If I was Tomac I would pay Grant $200k if he aims for Dungeys front wheel and successfully bends his disc enough that he has to fart around changing wheels.

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Look how massive the jerseys used to be! #57 looks like Mathes.

Added reply in a thread Why Tomac dominated? 4/23/2017 11:56 PM

He dominated because his Dad had a plan about 20 years ago - and thats just coming to fruition now.

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Hi Kris. Long time listener, first time caller. Is that you on the bto sports ad on pulpmx? Im sure I have heard that camp voice before in the best dressed part of the show...

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Oh man I hope Webb realizes she is a grade A pro ho before she takes him for all hes worth.

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I remember when James wanted it more than anyone else. When he used to study the other riders and put in the work.

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Nope. But RV2 would have willed a win into existence

Added reply in a thread Dungey post race interview? 4/1/2017 9:42 PM

Nope. Dunge will use this as motivation to get it together.

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Sorry guys - as the regulars know - im OTT by nature. When was the last time Reed podiumed?

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ITS ABOUT TIME THAT SHIT CUNT RETIRES. He is like an old celebrity trying to do drastic things to stay relevant. I hope the AMA throws the book at him. Fagot.