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Tarah Gieger

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His air forks look to be to stiff in the corners - speaking of air forks - is he the fastest guy using Showa air? Must suck to not have the option of oil like Reed has.

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Is this you SK? All barred up for Barcia :p

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Churr bro, thats choice as

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I thought the team sent him on the course - to save face and prove that they had penalized him?

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That is the attitude that will get him through life, no matter what he does for a living, he will own it if he keeps thinking that way.

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As it turns out Hola is good for more than just sx (had to "view from Australia")

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Whoops, wrong thread

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Get a 250f, the 250 2stroke is harder to ride, and requires more clutch control. Lets face it, you will most likely never get round to putting a flywheel weight on the 250 2stroke, so just get a 250f and be happy.

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Pieck is frickin killing it!

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Sick rims brah, is that paint job standard?

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But remember, Pieck is A MASSIVE GIANT, so he can man handle the bike around. Like its a 50.

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Calling GuyBro, cleanup in isle 4

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You want something with cups to protect your shoulder joint by spreading the load in a crash. And maybe a built in spine protector. Lots of the under shirt armors with elbow pads have inadequate shoulder protection, and the chest plate is to chunky.

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Nootropics are the new thing man

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Pure speculation: His get system wasn't working?

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Maybe because the auto trader logo is really bad looking, and they are trying to somehow blend it in. I mean honestly, who the f... uses a lime green mirror effect round bubble, looks shit, sort it out Autotrader.

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It looked like he could have maybe tweaked a shoulder? But if the bike did shit itself, that would explain why he went over the bars in the first place...

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BB4 looks a bit short for those whoops a, I hope he does well 2