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This x2. Loads of spoiled riders who were once the next big thing could learn loads off WP. Im looking at you Josh Hansen and Tommy Hahn.

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Join the '04 or later RM250 brotherhood. Its the best turning bike you will ever ride.

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Where is Bubba

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Was that works kx with the shock under the engine - full floater?

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There is ample room to hit the first part of the lever with a pointy toe.

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Most of my friends who ride 4 strokes also mountain bike. The 2 stroke riders don't need the extra thrills or workout. I don't just ride - I ride a 2stroke...

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Option C: Find a way to do both mx and formula SAE

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Thats only because they are insecure due to vitalmx's influence. The real racers who know whats-what - know we aren't all idiots.

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God I love how Jake Nicholls says whatever is on his mind. Seems like a top bloke.

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Its pretty much the best entertainment you could ever take your family to. Everyone appreciates it. It shows girls riding / kicking ass to. It is not just fmx - there truly is something for everyone. It would blow an old peoples mind that every one of ... more »

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If they do it will no doubt be an iconic design.

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Damn mxracer106, you have lived brother. You have lived.

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I have looked into them for a friends kid. Major pluses apparently include: They are smaller than a pw50 They are quiet (young kids new to riding with sensitive hearing are sometimes scared of the sound) You can throw them in your trunk and ride at the ... more »

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National caliber speed

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Welcome back to the best turning brand on earth SE72.

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You don't have to rebuild 2strokes that often, and its super easy to rebuild them compared to 4strokes. Modern 4strokes are super highly strung nowdays (tuned to the edge of breaking) - they need to be rebuilt just as often if not more - a very different ... more »

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Thats the Kiwi spirit right there^^ Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. BT101's bike was even a "bitzer" (built from whatever parts made it to France + the team bike) similar to Burt Munro's Indian above.

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It seems to have a very large goggle port.