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Blame wheelie boys for making bikes popular with that demographic. Blame MONSTER for sponsoring "lil chino" and hence wheelie boys and adding some "legitimacy" to their cause. They are a fucking scrounge on this earth (wheelie boys / monster / thieves ... more »

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Wrong. This sounds cocky: But we ARE the sport. The stuff posted on these forums goes out to the world via all us super-fans private media. Nearly everyone here is a local authority on the sport. Our opinions will make anything in the sport sink or swim. ... more »

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Those bastards already degrade mx with their entertainment version of the sport. And now they basically want to take over - while blaming it on Monster. Eat a dick everyone involved with the sx show. You are greedy - they give you an inch and you take ... more »

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Does ANYONE have the international stream working?

Added reply in a thread Robbie Reynard is one moto away... 8/5/2016 11:57 PM

If CycleTrader or someone sold Robbie Reynard t-shirts I would buy 2. He is one of the all time greats of the sport.

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This isn't moto related. Please take your military boner to the appropriate forum (off topic forum)

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Sick. (Ive stropped off to that pic above 1 too many times as a teen)

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I bet the "08 cr250" is actually an 07 that was still being sold. A similar thing happened with the RM 125 and rm250 here in NZ.

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I would buy a 2018 rm125 if they make a new one. And I haven't ridden a 125 since 02, and generally don't buy brand new bikes. Who else here would buy one? I bet they would be the best selling motocross bike Suzuki made for 2018.

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This. If people really cared, athletes would switch brands - because of pressure from their fans.

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Who fucking cares. Seriously. CW is who he is, and does what he does. By passing judgement on him does nothing constructive. So long as he gets the job done, that's all that matters. Every single contender thinks they are the best.

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You Americans have the cheapest prices for everything else in the developed world (gas, food, electricity, internet).. it makes me laugh when y'all bitch at having to pay what the rest of the world pays for things.

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i H ate whats G oing on H ere so much speculation.

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I assumed it was something wrong with a rekluse clutch type setup if the wheel rolled backwards but not forward?

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Baggett on a 350 could be good.

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Probably because South Africa was colonized by the Dutch. And we all know the Dutch are very motivated / straight talking people. Sidenote: Anyone else notice GL was a bit cagey to admit Rattray was an elite trainer.

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Flux capacitor

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I'm of no opinion, however I'm stoked that TFS spirit lives on !

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Yes we should. All they are is modern day cigarettes. Its actually socially irresponsible for athletes to promote this crap.. but no kid who finished their education at 15 / know they have a short pro career is going to deny the drink money.. I bet you ... more »

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Barcia is a kid in an adults world. You cant get away with that kind of riding style as an adult.