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Same. Thanks Scottie. Legend.

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Maybe (like the rest of the world) - they find it really fucking weird that your military have any presence what so ever at a major sporting event. Not meaning to ruffle feathers. Its just weird from a world wide perspective. (Same with the pledge of ... more »

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First they took their tear offs Then they took their guns

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The nacnac footage on the official site looks identical to McGrath

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Modern day mx is a fashion show. Should have got the car detailed. Real men like Baggett and De Coster wouldn't be seen dead in one of those city-slicker, b-balling, young-money, barbie-doll cars.

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People forget that it was Matt Walker brown nosing RC that named RC as "The Goat".. Since when has Matt Walker been right about anything?

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A ripoff of ilabb by the looks of things.

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I cant imagine Honda a.k.a the most prestige team in mx wanting to be sponsored by the wal-mart of riding gear.

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"23- Jeremy Mallot, Motorsports Marketing Manager, Red Bull- The Red Bull Straight Rhythm was 100% Mallot’s idea and his stable of athletes runs deep. Red Bull does things a lot different than the other energy drinks so Jeremy’s not ranked that high ... more »

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A 3L Diesel toyota "pickup" (Or Hilux ute in kiwi / Aussie langauage)

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Yep animals is the main reason. Also I hear the biodegradable ones don't break down very fast. A cow will eat anything sitting in some lush grass. Makes sense to me. Probably wouldn't make sense to me if I drove an f250 with a confederate flag and was

... more »
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South Africa was colonized by the Dutch at the end of the day... But racism aside - Nice tour. Very efficient looking facility. Very commercial video. But I guess that's the environment Baker is surrounded in. (I can just imagine him in there with a ... more »

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If its advertised on Pulp Mx its probably just once of Mathes buddies trying to make a quick buck rather than a dedicated sprocket company... I thought vortex specialized in ignitions?

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HAHAHA LOL #coolgearbro

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Happy Bday. MCGRATH TARTAN PANTS - there's a blast from the past.

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Depends on what kind of riding you do.. For anything that might strain ankles i recommend tech 10s. IMO instincts and sidis flex easily and strain ankles.

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While looking at those clips - sx riders of the late 90's now look like 80s riders. And EVERYONE rides like James Stewart nowdays. Even the pros.

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Probably just eating pies, smashing a few do-brohs and now that summer is on its way - doing some manus.

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I don't even like Hanny... But those of you who hate weed need to relax a little. Its just a plant. Everyone has their own choice of poison. Alcohol is much worse for society.