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Sorry dude but you are officially old.

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Who cares - hes not a multi time national champion & possibly one of, if not the greatest motocross racer of all time... unlike his brother.

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YOU WOT M8? (I also really appreciate the stuff you do Scottie - cheers bro)

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Everyone knows they are the new cigarettes. They are bad for you. They wont be around forever. RB is basically the coolest brand on the planet. They are also basically selling crack to kids.

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Bet he is in negotiations.. hence the white gear... Must feel nice to wear a real helmet for the first time in years.

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The Wal-mart of riding gear companies.

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That kx250 is a pretty rough replica...

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I think a manufacturer will come out with a fly wheel type device with a brake on it, that can change the inertia of the bike... for example torque the front of the chassis down during acceleration, and torque the chassis back while braking into a corner. ... more »

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Yeah bro, Gorke, Chrisholm and Tedder FTW... (passes doobie to the left)

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Cody Cooper has to be one of the nicest guys in the world. That entire minute or 2 is pretty classic

Started new thread Weigandt and Langston 8/2/2017 4:28 AM

Are really the greatest motocross commentators of all time IMO. Nice work Grant & Jason. (and Davey) So well rounded, so enthusiastic and such a great team.

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Monster cup is a bullshit race that ripped off the McGrath invitational. Its total smut. Like eveything monster.

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If its dual sport your talking about, start planning your routes now and let me know when you come over! (the route maps are much better when you are logged in)

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Yeah mate. USA has about 100x the population, but they are not 100x faster. In fact per capita - New Zealand probably has the fastest mx riders in the world.

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Team Puerto Rico is BULL CRAP. Its nothing but a bunch of often rich privateers who knock teams WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE (like New Zealand) out of the A final. It shouldn't be allowed.

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Send Cody to any professional top teir mx trainer for 4 years and his build would look somewhere between Eli Tomac and Weston Peick. There is no such thing as a chubby professional athlete in modern sports like motocross - where the bar is raised on ... more »

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Because V is just Auustrrrayyyyaa and Niw Zilund bru

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Thanks for the memories Treynard. Its been an absolute privilege to witness your career.

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People forget that the yzf 250 is basically a cheater bike. Especially a few years ago while the other brands were playing catch up.

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Not sure about no fear, however as I understand One Industries was sold to a large company who fu*ked the culture to try and make money. The same thing plays out over and over again in the clothing industry.