Added reply in a thread Masters Week !!! 4/4/2016 6:49 PM

I got two practice tickets for Tuesday. I plan on following J Day and Rickie as much as I can. Its fun just hanging out and watching different players at the driving range.

Added reply in a thread Broke my best girl friend's heart. How do I fix things? (UPDATE PAGE 3) 3/24/2016 4:08 PM

Please answer honestly. Are you a virgin? I'm not talking about pulling the rod.

Added reply in a thread Broke my best girl friend's heart. How do I fix things? (UPDATE PAGE 3) 3/23/2016 6:08 PM

You and your best girl friend stop seeing and talking to each other. A month goes by and you find out she is dating another guy. You go nuts and start dreaming about her and go into depression. Later you and her have great makeup sex and marriage will ... more »

Added reply in a thread NFL - Wheelie boys crash in Miami 3/18/2016 2:44 PM

He could not have got to where he is at if he was a thug. Yes he did something that wasn't smart, riding dirt bike on street at night. Hope the guy heals and can have a productive life.

Added reply in a thread Stroupe? Don't know if its true 3/17/2016 4:11 PM

Does Stroupe have a real job? How does he make his living? Is he living on money he already made when he did race?

Added reply in a thread Who have you ridden with? 3/16/2016 5:43 PM

Riding with Steve McQueen would be my favorite ridden with. I have ridden with lots of HOF riders (see my post above) and would trade all of them to ride with Steve McQueen.

Added reply in a thread Who have you ridden with? 3/16/2016 5:18 PM

1982 GA State Championship raced Barry Higgins HOF. First moto I got holeshot, finished 3rd overall. I have ridden with some of the greatest of all time, Bob H, David B, Magoo, Billy L, Marty S, during practice. Does that count as ridden with. Anybody ... more »

Added reply in a thread Star Spangled Banner - Dallas SX 2/23/2016 2:56 PM

No one is sitting next to her. They don't use toilet paper, true story.

Added reply in a thread Bands you want to see before they retire 2/24/2015 6:56 PM

Heart coming to Augusta GA. Wednesday and I got tickets.

Added reply in a thread BEST bikes you've ever ridden? 3/27/2013 5:54 AM

1996 Honda CR250R
Added reply in a thread Going Vintage racing 2/14/2013 6:56 PM

I like my 82 CR480R. On most MX racetracks I can ride in second & three gear. You need to match the bike for what club & class you're going to ride. Read the rule book in AHRMA if that's the club.

Added reply in a thread 1986 CR 250 will live again. 2/13/2013 6:59 PM

Good luck, I will be watching and enjoying your rebuild. I have a 2006 CR250R and this 86 CR250R and can ride the 86 as good as the 2006. Work done on my 86 CR250R. Crank Works re built crank, Eric Gorr ported the cyl, moto tassinari reeds, FMF pipe,

... more »
Added reply in a thread Welcome to the team J-Law 2/13/2013 5:17 PM

Utopia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Utopia (disambiguation). A utopia (/juːˈtoʊpiə/) is a community or society possessing highly desirable or perfect qualities. The word was coined in Greek by ... more »

Added reply in a thread Supercross, Dakar, Naked Girl and Rock'n'Roll 1/7/2013 1:28 PM

Thanks for posting. I really needed a little fun.

Added reply in a thread Wide Pegs 1/7/2013 8:07 AM

Any OEM wide footpegs that will bolt on 1986 Honda CR250R?

Added a new photo album My 1986 Honda CR250R 11/5/2012 3:16 PM
  • C48_cr250
  • C48_1986_honda_cr250r

This photo album has no comments yet

Added reply in a thread 18'' Honda CR 250 Rear Rim Compatibility ? 11/5/2012 3:03 PM

Buchananspokes can build you 19" rim for your 1988 CR250R.

Added reply in a thread If you want to check out bonus footage on 5/19/2012 1:21 PM

I downloaded silverlight, can't get live feed. Help if you can. WTF, guess I will cut the grass.

Added reply in a thread The Masters 4/9/2012 9:44 AM

I was near the 10th green when he made his second shot. Unbievable 40-50 yard hook. That hook reminded me of my hook when I try to hit straight. Good times!!!!

Added reply in a thread Cool 1982 Honda CR dealer into video 4/5/2012 5:39 PM

Thanks for posting video. This is my ride.

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