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I'd like to get your setup for trail....that's a gold package!

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That guy's a drunken stud!

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We all know you can cut the entire field down to 5 guys, unless all 5 get injured which is highly unlikely. I just hope it's not a blow out by any single rider, I'd like to see a close championship season?

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Awesome mentioned I love builds like yours. My dream build is a yz or rm 125 chassis with a 300 trials engine as a woods weapon. I wouldn't attempt a build like that unless I had a lathe, mill, tig, mig....etc... So, I have to through guys ... more »

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Some sports parents can go way over the top, I have experienced it coaching youth hockey. I think it's better in the long run to get over it and move on as quickly as possible. Whining about it in public just makes you look bad. In any youth sport where ... more »

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Most wild conversions require cutting and modifying the frame. Now get to work?

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Good for you Steveo!......keep it up. I was a bit of a fat-f#$k due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I went from my normal wt of 180 lbs to 220 lbs. Happy to say I revised my diet, started hammering on the mountain bike and I'm now back down ... more »

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He will be more movated to ride harder and get a top finish, but I don't see him winning on non factory equipment.....maybe a top 3 if everything goes his way. My guess is 3rd to 6th.

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It's obvious that MXON is not a priority for many top U.S. riders, they really don't want to race it unless it's on home turf. If the riders feel that way it's hard as a fan to get pumped about it. If we don't send the top 3 riders I'm ok with not fielding ... more »

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"Lighten up Francis" I was out Sunday at a local ride area which happens to be governed by the state forestry. The climb up is roughly 2700 feet with about a 20 to 40 minute decent. I did 4 loops which was about 10,000 feet of climbing in 3 hours...moving ... more »

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Yes as someone mentioned, rangers are the only Leo's that might cite in that situation. Don't think any others (maybe chp) know that vc section

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Awesome fab work squeezing the motor in. I'd like take a big bore trials motor and put it into a RM or YZ 125 chassis, that would be one hell of a woods bike. You'd sell those all day long to the older trail crowd.

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Agreed, $130.00 is too much, outdoors was what $60.00 on NBC should be priced the same. Especially since you can usually pick it up the next day some where on the net for free.

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There are going to be a few hotbeds but look at the big picture nation wide. MHO 1. fewer local places to ride for most 2. Cost to enter the sport is high and so is cost of ownership. Example $11000 bikes $500 boots $500 helmets Yes there are deals and ... more »

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Ya, right!! Getting priced out of the sport. $11000 bike...good for 2 to 4 seasons depending on usage. Parts are expensive so cost of ownership is high. Tires $125 say you need 12 rears and 6 fronts a year...if you race and practice once a week each. ... more »

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A+ I'd be great if they offered SX....sign me up!

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By his post race interview he came here to make a point....and he did just that.
He was certainly on another level.

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I remember that I quit racing mx and just road on practice days. Mx race day was like $50 ish for 30 minutes of track time and I'd have to be there all day to get that 30 minutes. A practice day was like $20 ish, I could get in a solid 2 to 3 hrs of ... more »

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Send the top 3 respective class finishers from Loretta Lynn's. Let parents foot the bill. Wedge team mtg. Matthes team wrench.

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Agreed....the gold was golden! Be awesome if sx was on NBC sports gold since I cut cable.