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Cole Seely, Blake Lilly, Van Horebeek, Bobryshev, and Prado Garcia were all out at Milestone yesterday. Talked to Van Horebeek and Bobryshev said they are just in So Cal for riding as they go to Mexico next and it's easier than flying back to Europe.

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The view from MXerDW's RV spot last year at Glen Helen:

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I've been to both (and Washougal), Glen Helen hands down for me! Definitely hit up MXerDW if you go!

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Rene is still at Suzuki, Brandon is AC's practice bike mechanic in Florida. Don't know Mike.

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I would have to disagree, I have been to every Glen Helen national in the past 17 years and every Anaheim SX. I much prefer Glen Helen over any SX. MX all the way for me!

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No pics of the other side!

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In, all day rain or shine!

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Casey Brennan's bike

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Looking good Ray! Especially that little red showing behind the engine guard!

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DW will post the schedule but practice starts around noon. Just need an empty Monster can to get into pits.

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Hurt his shoulder, should be ok for SD. He looked good in the heat and LCQ!

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Hope you had a nice vacation Dwayne!

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Amateur day is more for the racers and not the spectators, go on the pro day is my suggestion.

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I believe to go bigger than 285cc with bore only you have to go to a steel sleeve. I rode a Max-RPMs YZ285 years ago and it ripped! Plated, no steel sleeve.

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Merry Moto-Xmas!

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My two favorites: Glen Helen LACR Don't really have a 3rd, maybe Cahuilla?

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Just what I need, my old Tech 10's are shot!

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I have never used craig's list, I have sold my last 4-5 bikes just on a local mx forum or by word of mouth.

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There is good beer here: just up the freeway from the stadium