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Last time I raced there was in 2000, I see they took out the wall jump and the sand rollers, and the hill before the plateau jump, I blame Karter. Have to get back there sometime!

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I ride LACR or Glen Helen the most. Rode LACR on Sunday but need to get ready for a Baja ride this weekend.

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Rusk Racing will make whatever you want and they hold up very well! I don't have a photo of my name on the back but here is one with my number and the other decals they make for us.

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I watched it in person, with my wife!

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LA or Cypress? If Cypress I'll be right over.

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Yeah sit on the tower side mid way up. I think you can by tickets from UNLV. (University of Las Vegas) I would get them soon if you know you are going for sure.

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I really like the gear, it's more fitted, feels lightweight and breathable, no issues with knee braces. My A2 pants had the release button on the buckle break on the 4th ride, but I still keep wearing them and they have held up good otherwise. The A1 ... more »

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I would scan the air-box and the cage with a CMM arm and design your own filter. You are not going to get useful data from just measuring the filter. That being said I know there are filter companies out there that hand make samples and molds.

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You should have been there before there was a "B" side! The early 90's there was insane! I haven't been since 2002, need to make a trip back! Have fun, make sure to check out the leap for at least a few laps.

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I use airbrakes and wear contacts, no issues ever. I use drops when working on the computer but no need when I am riding.

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You might be surprised.

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I was just about too.

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Make sure to stop by MXerDW's spot for shaded viewing, food and drinks!,20/Glen-Helan-National,1318749

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I think stock compression ratio is 13:1. I'd go ProX if you just want a cast replacement, JE, CP, or Wiseco if you want a forged piston. Not sure what your confusion is on the size. I assume you just want stock bore size? Sorry I don't know too much ... more »

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Looks great Ray, especially that oil filter cover!

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Cole Seely, Blake Lilly, Van Horebeek, Bobryshev, and Prado Garcia were all out at Milestone yesterday. Talked to Van Horebeek and Bobryshev said they are just in So Cal for riding as they go to Mexico next and it's easier than flying back to Europe.

... more »
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The view from MXerDW's RV spot last year at Glen Helen:

... more »
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I've been to both (and Washougal), Glen Helen hands down for me! Definitely hit up MXerDW if you go!

Liked a bike check tomm55x's 2014 yamaha yz250f 3/9/2017 9:42 AM