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Mookie was great on the show.

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Awesome news! EDIT: Just signed up.

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Would be awesome if they showed what the pit boards said each lap in a small screen on the bottom right or something when there is a battle like that. Or at least have the camera where we can see it.

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Probably in the minority from the sounds of it but I prefer Ricky.

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Tomac is just faster right now. There doesn't have to be anything wrong without Dungey.

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Yep. That was domination. Almost last to first with time to spare.

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The way the bike floats over the jumps looks terrible. Don't understand why they don't fix the main complaint of most people. The moon physics ruin the game.

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Would love to see Tomac, Webb, and Forkner go. Zach wouldn't be a bad pick either if he does well outdoors.

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Yep. He even enters the corner slow to make sure Dungey gets by him.

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Do you really think if Dungey couldn't pass a lapper he was going to pass Tomac? There's no way Tomac or Roczen would've been stuck behind Reed that long. Reed definitely didn't move out of the way but Dungey has some accountability in not being able ... more »

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Agree. Having to keep paying to race friends every few weeks and paying to upgrade the bike to be able to race them is why stopped playing the game as well. I don't have the time to get the upgrades through a ton of versus races and stuff. If you add ... more »

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Agree. It's a shame too because it's the only thing holding it back.

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It's terrible when riders get injured, but they get injured indoors and outdoors. Dungey got injured last year outdoors from a small crash. Nelson's crash happened in a corner. Herlings has been injured how many times outdoors? If anything, I'd argue ... more »

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Anderson has done worse to Seely. Maybe Friese's move was bad but if Anderson is going to dish it out he has to be able to take it. That is why I was disappointed with his reaction.

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This terrible idea again? MX Sports should keep doing what they are doing. Any time I can watch the outdoors live I'm happy. If I have plans I DVR it. Problem solved. Would be nice though if people not in the US could pay to watch online like the GPs. ... more »

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Those involved in pro motocross are the most sensitive people I've seen in any sport. I'm glad we have Matthes around.

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That was awesome. I like how they recreated the same jumps and style of MC.

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I'm here and it looked like a lot of empty seats after opening ceremonies but not anymore. People behind me that arrived after heat 1 said the they got turned away at the parking lot because it was full and had to park far away.

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Looks great. That first person view looks good. Guess I'll have to give reflex a try on PC.

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Where are you getting 80% Android 20% iphone? In the U.S. 43% of smartphones are iphones. So it's more like 50%-50% and maybe the majority of Pulp listeners use iphones.