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Ya let's get back on track talking about Rock's agenda. That's what is important. Stop having fun you guys.

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Wish they would host an MXDN at Red Bud. EDIT: Just saw this thread,20/2017-MXdN-at-Red-Bud,1304400
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I don't think it's even close to the worst MX game ever, but it's definitely worse than the first MXGP. The two things they needed to fix to make the game almost perfect from MXGP 1 (airborne physics and sounds) they made worse somehow. Also, the main ... more »

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We get that you don't like Tomac, but look at Roczen last year vs. this year... Why wouldn't it make sense that Tomac is going through the same adjustment that Roczen did with a new team and bike? Sometimes it's just confidence in the bike. Once he gets ... more »

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Not clicking on it. Don't want to support that ass hat's website.

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Funny he uses age as his argument for why he isn't sandbagging. Doesn't matter if someone is 12 or 25 if they are dominating the class. I still can't blame him for staying in MX2 though. He makes valid points about his career. Probably more money to ... more »

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Mediacom had it in Iowa when I lived there. Had to get the sports package or something. It's definitely the provider that causes the quality issues because when I moved and switched the quality got a lot better.

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Reynard. Seeing him effortlessly go through corners standing up in 93/94 still impresses me.

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Trey Canard explains the difference between a safe big jump (like the Fly 150 or Larocco's leap) vs. what Glen Helen had: How does something like that triple you were talking about differ from say, LaRocco’s Leap, or that big Fly 150 at Hangtown last ... more »

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If Herlings didn't have the rules changed so he could stay in MX2 he wouldn't have his recent wins either.

Alex Martin is a good story. Worked hard to get to where his is now (remember the eleven 10 mods period?), and if anything is proof that ... more »
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Same. Was cool to see the options of going for it or scrubbing it.

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It is not a fluke if he did it more than once. He did it what, 4 or 5 times in row? Had he only done it at Hangtown it could be called a fluke but he proved it wasn't at Glen Helen. And there was nothing lucky about his dominating wins either. Everyone ... more »

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Me too. Even if he was by himself out front I enjoyed watching him ride. Great job Steve!

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Couldn't be that they post/write the stories that get them the most clicks and subscriptions, right? Because they are a business and need to make money? No, you're probably right. They're doing it because of the patriotic agenda.

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Makes thread asking people to explain why they think Herlings is sandbagging... then calls people morons for doing just that. Age has nothing to do with sandbagging. You can be a 12 year old B rider and race the C class and dominate against people older ... more »

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I liked it too. Would've been better if not a mudder to see how they matched up but still a good change.

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RV won a GP in a his second or third race so you're wrong about that (someone will say it wasn't a real GP but then in another post talk about how in GPs you have to win on different types of tracks

). And apart from the guys who come over ... more »
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Ya, the floaty stuff is still there, and the physics are worse than the first MXGP. At least it looks great.

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Got the game. It's like MX vs. ATV Alive all over again. Took a perfectly good game in MXGP and screwed it up. The best part about MXGP was how the bike turned and first person view. Now it feels like you can't move the bike and rider (even with pro ... more »

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Barely a whoop section. Tracks at the beginning of the year were good. Been going downhill ever since.