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Added reply in a thread Tomac 24-0 ??????????? 5/24/2015 10:34 AM

If a photographer doesn't run in front of him at Thunder Valley I could see Eli going 24-0

jk. Remember when Stewart won the first motos of the year and then Dungey bounced back? Can't count out Dungey because he will always be there. But I'm ... more »

Added reply in a thread Peick's creative (but not all that original) line at Hangtown 5/18/2015 7:56 PM

Right, don't want to hurt the rider's feelings for getting caught on TV cutting the track. (Quote didn't work - was quoting The Rock saying thread title should be changed)

Added reply in a thread hangtown roughness 5/17/2015 3:59 PM

You must be 14 years old based on your posts. You know nothing about the tracks you are talking about, and even more ridiculous you pretend to know more than the professionals who have done nothing else but race dirt bikes since they were kids. Definition ... more »

Added reply in a thread GL says top American riders are interested in racing MXGP! 4/14/2015 11:06 AM

The only good thing about this being RV's last year is that next year we can go back to dealing with this crap once a year during MXDN.

Added reply in a thread GL says top American riders are interested in racing MXGP! 4/13/2015 2:11 PM

I agree this would be best. Kind of like how Daytona is part of SX but not a Feld event. A single series just isn't feasible. There is too much demand in the US for the nationals, plus conflicts with the SX schedule, etc... Regarding the bad bait used ... more »

Added reply in a thread JS7 speaks with Matthes 4/7/2015 11:57 AM

I don't think it's that complicated. James broke the rules and deserved to get punished. The punishment James got was excessive and took too long to be communicated to him. Most think the penalty for not having the necessary paperwork should be enough ... more »

Added reply in a thread Dirt Shark Hot Lap 4/6/2015 4:09 PM

Target demographic for that show must be the same as these helmets. Dirt Shark's MXGP video was awesome but this show is an embarrassment for the sport of MX.

Added reply in a thread Villopoto Update 4/6/2015 11:51 AM

The GP riders are fast. But it's not like you can say they are faster than AMA riders either based on RV in the GPs. Last time Desalle raced the nationals he couldn't get on the podium for example in 4 motos but in the GPs he finishes ahead of RV. The ... more »

Added reply in a thread Madskills 2 - 2.0 (Its released!) 4/3/2015 8:36 AM

My tag is bp282. I'm the opposite of OCScottie - I hate the first track and prefer the second track. I've always wondered how some people do a perfect wheelie all the time to get the top times but this thread explains it with the slo-mo. Never understood ... more »

Added reply in a thread Blocked on Instagram? 4/2/2015 11:11 AM

The OP admits saying negative stuff to Reed and is bitching on Vital about getting blocked on Instagram? And he calls him a "washed up old man" in his post. Obvious who the drama queen is here and it's not Reed. If you say negative stuff own it and accept ... more »

Added reply in a thread Do others follow RV's footsteps? 3/30/2015 11:22 AM

Agree. Unless they are on their way out like RV and don't want to do SX, I don't see anyone else doing it. If anything, the incentive to stay and race SX/MX in the US and go for a championship is higher than ever with RV out of the picture here.

Added reply in a thread Everybody agree the 125 class is badly needed? 3/25/2015 12:20 PM

I think the displacement rules for racing should be changed to improve the racing. In my perfect world they would get rid of the 450 class and just have a 125 regional class and 250 premier class. 450s are just too big and powerful and that makes racing ... more »

Added reply in a thread RV training at Lommel 3/23/2015 11:04 AM

Funny how much weight people put on Lommel and a practice video. Using pre-season practice videos you would've thought Barcia would be the SX points leader right now. And regarding RV's style - who would've thought Barcia could get a 3rd at Lommel with ... more »

Added reply in a thread Would Canard be better off riding GP's in 2016? 3/22/2015 5:25 PM

I don't think you will see others going to Europe to race GPs next year. RV going this year is awesome but it was a special case.

Added reply in a thread RV training at Lommel 3/19/2015 12:49 PM

Do we need to post the video of Herlings first time on a SX track and compare? When Herlings or Cairoli man up and come over to race in the US we can compare too... Maybe they'll win a AMA national or SX race on their second attempt too like RV with

... more »

Added reply in a thread RV at Lommel 3/13/2015 3:54 PM

So because Everts passed Stewart at an MXDN race it proves Everts was the FMOTP? By that logic Kevin Windham was better than Everts because he beat him at the USGP at Budds Creek. But most logical people would know that's not a true statement either ... more »

Added reply in a thread RV at Lommel 3/12/2015 3:04 PM

Still better than 1:37 for Nagl, 1:49 for Desalle, 1:56 for Paulin, 2:00 for Dungey. Cairoli and Herlings are legends at Lommel so being within a minute is still good ha. I would be shocked if RV won there, and the cool thing is we have no idea how he ... more »

Added reply in a thread mxgp tracks locations... diversity 3/12/2015 11:43 AM

You start by saying stop the AMA vs GP thing then go on about the GPs haha. The title of the MXGP series is the World Championship. It does have events around the word. While I don't argue the name is fitting, it does not represent the premier MX series ... more »

Added reply in a thread RV. Overalls the GP 3/9/2015 6:49 PM

I disagree. During one of those seasons where he had a bad A1, he stated in interviews that his strategy in SX was - if the win is there, go for it. If not, settle for what you can get and live to fight another day. Based on his post race interview, ... more »

Added reply in a thread RV2 at Vero (Corse) 2/25/2015 12:31 PM

Is every state in the US RV's back yard? No, but the point I was making is that Cairoli knows the tracks whereas RV doesn't. Cairoli has won the championship 8 times. Don't you think the odds would be in RV's favor if Cairoli came to the US to race the ... more »