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Went from a 17 kx250f to a cheap used 12 yz 250 just a couple weeks ago. I set the sag, put a new piston and fresh tires on and did not do anything else since 15 hours (except regular maintenance of course). This thing is so much fun, awesome sound, ... more »

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Have had a 16 450 and a 17 250. On the 450 the piston looked very good after 80 hours, valves still in spec. On the 250 i waited till 70 hours to change the piston and it still looked o.k., valves still within spec too! I am also not really slow and ... more »

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Front wheel broke, had to head into the pits to get a new one installed.

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Same here. Never really liked the look of the newer 4 stroke yamahas, but i actually like this one. Also, they are the only manufacturer to offer two different color schemes for their bikes. I think more manufacturers should do that.

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One thing i was always curious about: When you "rev" the alta in the air, wouldnt the gyro effect be huge and make you do like a "half" backflip? I mean it would be like if you shifted up to 5th in the air and held it wide open

Of course this ... more »
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That gif is incredible

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There is a dirt wall about halfway around the track, from there you can see almost all of the track. Pretty awesome for watching!

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Got one, very good bike. Only the stock plastics break very easily, especially around the radiator area. Other than that no complaints so far

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Did you guys at Vurb shut your website down too? It just says "adios from the vurb team" when i go on their page. Why would you do that? I can understand your resaons for stopping putting out new content, but why shut down the site? Too many pictures,

... more »
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A Dirt Shark video unlike any other i have seen. That's what it is all about, glad that there are still some pro's out there having fun and enjoying riding their bike.,14340/GD2,43126

... more »

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the emx races are only held in Europe

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Went from a 15 kx250f to the '16 kx450f. To my surprise, It does not really feel any heavier than the 250, neither off the track nor on the track. Took a while to get adjusted to the power but now i really like it. I added about 15cc of oil to the left ... more »

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Rode my 450 for the first time yesterday. I was running the stock recommended pressure in the fork, and i did not like it. The track was pretty rough and it was my first ride back after an injury so i was not at 100%, but i hated the forks. They felt ... more »

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Rooting for catanzaro

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Fiat scudo, 180.000 miles, 2,0litre turbo diesel, 110hp, around 40mpg, can get two bikes in there and it is pretty cheap

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Hey everyone, First of all a small introduction: I am 18 years old, 150lbs, and a solid local B rider. I am currently riding a 2015 kx250f, and i really like the bike in terms of riding and racing, but what i dont like is the maintenance and reliability

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Jaulin pulled the clutch and pushed his bike backwards to get patridge's leg out. What more do you expect? He even remained pretty calm after patridge shouted at him and punched him.

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Check if the spring loaded arm that is part of the shifting mechanism behind the clutch cover is installed correctly. Installing the spring wrong might cause the same symptoms as you are describing.

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People like this support the industry

I dont care about how much other people at the track have spent at their bikes, but when i ocassionally take the ol' 200EXC to the track and rip by someone on a 10K four stroke i do grin a bit ... more »