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The best thing about teenagers is that they grow up eventually.

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NBC live feed still not broadcasting?

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I'd put KR and ET on that list. But the OP is right, it has been a while since they were rookies. Take a look at the top of the 250 class, that's an old man class now. Everyone has been giving shit to Davalos for years but the Martin Brothers and Zach ... more »

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Hes a fucking moron, that's what he is.

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I'm disliking Zach more and more this year. Wich feels weird because I've always liked the guy.

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Good report, every time I ride In my property I am a bit scared of complaints...More so when I bring friends. This is definetly the way to go imho.

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The real problem with 4 strokes is that allows total squids like me to kit jumps only a pro would atempt on a 2 stroke. They allow you to go bigger and faster even without proper tecnique. This has allowed the track designers to go complete crazy to ... more »

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Working perfect for me too here in Barcelona.

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Nothing to do with KTM, Butron is just that stupid.

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Thank you to whoever made it possible. Glad its available in Spain too!

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I wouldn't wear a jersey when not riding. Maybe for memorabillia? But I'm not a teenager anymore, when Chad retires I'll loose all fanboyism left in me. We already have lots of really cool team clothing. Team Honda, ktm and tld stuf are really nice and ... more »

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Any good under jersey protectors NOT designed for neck brace users? I recently bought the tld but leaves all the upper half of the back and the torax unprotected!

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I'm such a fan of Chad, I enjoyed so much when he sent Canard where he belongs! But I cant defend him on this one. Damn I dont even like Dungey, but lappers should get out of the fucking line. I hate lappers more than I like Chad I guess.

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I tested 13-50 and liked it at first but when I start to gel with the track and go faster i like stock better.

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I have 12 and 13 Fox 360 pants. I loved them so I bought a 16 one. Its pretty evident the evolution in quality its not in the way up.... Evolution doesn't equal improvement.

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I don't understant why evolution or progress have a positive connotation to some people, the modern world sucks.

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I don't understand why people still call him bambam, he is bam&run since Aranda.

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So the stream will start just after the A guys finish their session. Perfectly timed!