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ODI Rouge, love these grips, I wear a Large to XL glove and have had the best of luck with these. Plus ODI is made in USA!

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This was October 2015 had such a blast, hadn't raced since 2010.
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black and yellow astars mmmmm! would be killer to find a pair of these

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Growing up who was riding hero? What would you say is your favorite racing memory? Best overall bike you have raced? Lastly thank you for doing this

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voice of Morgan Freeman?? Sweet vid for sure !

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Use this to help with bar comparisons . The Windham bars aren't much different than my stock crf250 bars.I'm 6'1 and used my stock bars and bar clamps with some 15mm bar risers from I tend to stand ... more »

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TLD ROCKS! The only gear that I race in! Stays perfect wash after wash

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Hey sick bike! Did you use a new year triple clamp to get 14-16 front # plate and fender to work ? Again bike looks fantastic !

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Well looks like Alpinestars got some more business..... pretty sure its all 2016 gear... TBR To Be Released....

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Was cool to check out. Also picked up fly a racing shirt for my brother haha

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Went to the bike shop for a spoke wrench and there it was !

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I like oil....

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I hope that is not the final version.. its perty ugly... May have to switch back to Bell...

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VERY cool to see this, can't wait to get a look at the bikes.

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RC- Who was your favorite to race against ? Chad Reed, MC , KDUB or Stewart etc etc? What has made you stick with the FOX brand all these years? Have a favorite kit? How is it working with Carey Hart? What is the best thing about being Ricky Carmichael....? ... more »

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A friend and I went to Xgames in 3d at a downtown theater and it was AWESOME! Same thing with Nitro circus 3d but I couldn't make that showing and bought it on dvd... its just not the same, its cool but the big screen is hands down cooler haha -Braaap! ... more »

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Well if this person has to sign some contracts to get certian items/bike etc etc, they may have a big problem... I'm sure this thing goes on more than we think. I get good deals locally and stick with that because sometimes its who you know and not always ... more »

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Mr. perry... It looked that way! I thought that was Turbo diesel....

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James makes it look easy... because to him its natural. I've always liked James and Malcom because they act just like my brother and I ! Anyways that bike makes me