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Get well soon!

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I have the odi rouge lock on grips and they are great! Hands down my favorite grips.

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Yay at least one person gets it.

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It's a new chain, but

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Pennywise is good stuff! I remember cotton mouth Kings had a song in MX vs ATV. My last race I had a mix of seether and sevendust in the mp3. Keep em

Started new thread Track day tunes?! 3/27/2016 6:29 PM

Love me some good music before hitting the track. Curious to see what you all listen to for a good day of Moto.

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Sweet video! We also got my wife a bike, so I'm pretty pumped on getting the whole family out riding. Even if it's just cycling it will be a lot of fun, my oldest daughter wants dirt bike so we will see how she does on the bicycle. Coming from MX and ... more »

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Thanks for the feedback

I grew up racing Bmx and just sold my Haro team issue for a new race lite but thought I'd try a new venture this being my first MTB.
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Got a red bike to match my red bike. Never had a mountain bike, do a lot of you guys train with them? Seems to be the thing with training is to cycle.

... more »

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I'm in Lincoln and I sill put this on my facebook. I hate this crap I've had a bike stollen from me and it's such a defeated feeling. Good luck and stay positive!

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08 crf250 just put on new big bars and clamps itching to ride! ... more »
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ODI Rouge, love these grips, I wear a Large to XL glove and have had the best of luck with these. Plus ODI is made in USA!

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This was October 2015 had such a blast, hadn't raced since 2010.
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black and yellow astars mmmmm! would be killer to find a pair of these

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Growing up who was riding hero? What would you say is your favorite racing memory? Best overall bike you have raced? Lastly thank you for doing this

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voice of Morgan Freeman?? Sweet vid for sure !

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Use this to help with bar comparisons . The Windham bars aren't much different than my stock crf250 bars.I'm 6'1 and used my stock bars and bar clamps with some 15mm bar risers from I tend to stand ... more »

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TLD ROCKS! The only gear that I race in! Stays perfect wash after wash

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Hey sick bike! Did you use a new year triple clamp to get 14-16 front # plate and fender to work ? Again bike looks fantastic !

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