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I hope that is not the final version.. its perty ugly... May have to switch back to Bell...

Added a comment about press release Albertson Enterprises Announces Motorcycle Superstore/Suzuki Racing 11/18/2015 2:41 PM

VERY cool to see this, can't wait to get a look at the bikes.

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RC- Who was your favorite to race against ? Chad Reed, MC , KDUB or Stewart etc etc? What has made you stick with the FOX brand all these years? Have a favorite kit? How is it working with Carey Hart? What is the best thing about being Ricky Carmichael....? ... more »

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A friend and I went to Xgames in 3d at a downtown theater and it was AWESOME! Same thing with Nitro circus 3d but I couldn't make that showing and bought it on dvd... its just not the same, its cool but the big screen is hands down cooler haha -Braaap! ... more »

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Well if this person has to sign some contracts to get certian items/bike etc etc, they may have a big problem... I'm sure this thing goes on more than we think. I get good deals locally and stick with that because sometimes its who you know and not always ... more »

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Mr. perry... It looked that way! I thought that was Turbo diesel....

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James makes it look easy... because to him its natural. I've always liked James and Malcom because they act just like my brother and I ! Anyways that bike makes me

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Hands down the honda... IMO of course.

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BT101 = inspiring !

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Any good ones for under $100 ?

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Not the best pic, don't have an awesome camera but here is the 08 with the last TLD kit before going to KTMs

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Just found this not sure if it was posted its worth a watch eiter way.

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B- Do you an Trey get to ride much? Whats it like getting to ride with that crew and RM69 of course... thanks -Casey

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May have something to do with GPS so the team can get data from each practice/moto

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Nice, I don't get the time to watch all that cool stuff cause I'd rather ride, work, kids etc so thanks! MC came up with "the Diesel", well diesels are slow unless you... put a turbo(s) on them... Just throwing "Turbo Diesel" out there because somebody

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I know, but Pineapple rum and OJ is good. Plus I have vacation !

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So did Ryan"Turbo Diesel" Dungey come up ? Whats up with golden rod ? SORRY but the wife has the tv up stairs all tie up with "the best of me" and I need to hang with my moto brothers !

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Kicked one off the moto bucket list in 2014 by going to the STL round supercross which is super special now that RV. is gone This year I'm kicking another off by getting back into racing! In March I was around 240 lbs and now I'm down to 195 lbs Races ... more »

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Deegan is a good guy, plus he is from


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Green and red gummy bears of course!