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As much as I like reading Ask Ping every week.... I can accept the fact that saving people and houses is much more important.

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I think there's something faster about cutting half of your subframe and shock shaft off. Then riding with the bars rotated down into your lap. That's the guy who would win even if it doesn't make sense to the rest of us.

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If you don't like boobs you should stay away from the internet. Go have fun at the gay bar. Of all the things to bitch about, why choose titties and asses? Why did the pictures stop coming in?

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Sometimes I have more fun using a slower bike and searching for new opponents. It'll match you up with the same slower bike, even if all the faster ones are unlocked. The RM250 looking bike is my go to until they go to a faster bike that it won't compete ... more »

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Pull your electrical connections apart when its clean and dry and apply some electrical grease. I sure as hell miss my old van with a couch in the back and matching rocking chair for the front passenger.

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I really don't understand the overuse of "bro" and "epic" these days. It's looking up as no one goes on my lawn unless they have knobby tires or a lawn mower, and the farm kids around here seemed to have stopped blasting gangster rap within the past ... more »

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Yeah, how good is it? Pro's and con's?

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For $1200 it should be better than the Nitro Circus VIP pass, but more of a ripoff.

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Any engine mods besides common bolt on parts?

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Its not too hard to put a kx500 into the old steel RM250 frame. No frame cutting required.

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most people dont go thru 10 pages of the bazaar. I don't see anything wrong with a guy bumping after a few days..... So bump!

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You need more trucks. I got a 2012 Freightliner glider kit to trade for a farm tractor with a cab and loader. It's the truck that replaced the Classic with an exempt 1995 block in it. I already have 2 KX500 engines which are tractor like but just not ... more »

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The sense of humor you guys have might offend someone so bad that thier participation trophies start shedding tears with them....

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I bought a used CR500 when I was 15. I was 6ft 1 and 175 lbs. I rode the hell out of it for 2 years and lived to remember it. Some kids can handle it. Some die instead.

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He's getting attention, and that could mean real sponsors down the road. All that bitching=attention. What would Uncle Ronnie do to___________. #wwurdtoyoursenseofhumor #pbrpissonnosenseofhumorsonsabitches #wwurdtoyourmom #letsbitchaboutaguygettingpaidtohavefunbecauseitstheoffseasonandweregonnabitchlikeh ... more »

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Moto needs some humor to break up all the politically correct bs. Get over it cupcakes.

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Theres is a small jump from when I was a kid that shoots me above the trees. I wake up just as I start coming down to a probable death. I've had that dream a few times a year for like 20 years.

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Wtf was Thanksgiving? I just seen Santa set up a table at Wal-Mart November 4th in practice.