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What about Reed going to KTM for supercross only? Still capable and will bring big exposure to the team and has already worked with Roger? Barcia seems to be stronger outdoors, I would be interested to see if Everts could help him find that missing piece ... more »

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Can't wait for this class so many potential race winners! Hard to look past Jeremy Martin however for the championship, but I think Osborne could push him all the way. Should be some fantastic racing in the 250s this year!

Started new thread Davey Coombs interview 5/17/2017 8:15 AM

Thanks to Davey for giving his time during a busy day to sit down and discuss a wide range of motocross related topics! We talk about the PPV for the US motocross series, the USGP, Ryan Dungey and that phenomenal supercross in Las Vegas! Davey Coombs interview

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Started new thread Josiah Natzke interview 5/11/2017 12:28 PM

Great to see this guy doing well again after a tough year in 2016! I caught up with him this week and spoke about his EMX2 win in Latvia, leaving Belgium to live in England and if he wants to go to America at some point. Josiah Natzke interview

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Jeffrey Herlings talks about why he was riding his 250 again, his first podium and more here: Jeffrey Herlings interview

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He's pretty much the same as in GPs though, always very aggressive. Remember what he did to Herlings at the French GP last year off the gate

Dylan is fast though, he passed Jeremy Martin in Latvia at the MXDN before Jeremy crashed and hurt ... more »
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This is a great debate, and great to hear the US-based media reasons too. Much appreciated. Yes, I acknowledge that and I guess my idealistic view is from outside the USA is a totally different perspective than from inside the USA. Marrying those two ... more »

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So basically we both agree then Davey? AMA of all varieties takes a heavy precedence over world championship motocross in Racer X? Which is all I'm really saying too. I'm just surprised that MXGP doesn't get a slightly bigger profile on such a global

... more »
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I agree, huge turnaround this season. Always had speed but seemed to crash more often than not. Nice to see these guys get another chance on a top team, well done to TLD for getting him and well done to Jordon for turning his career around and getting ... more »

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Excited to see Cooper Webb going against Dungey and Tomac and renewing his rivalry with Musquin in the 450s plus seeing how Ferrandis adapts to US tracks and if AC can challenge for the title.

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Very good points and I agree. But regardless of whether Ken or Marvin are racing, the interest is still big in US racing outside the US because there is less of an US v them mentality and the rest of the world enjoy top level mx regardless of where it ... more »

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I think Febvre is in the U.S. with Hughes so maybe Bobby is in the US too with Mexico being in a week's time.

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The riders are the heroes. We are the fans. So that's pretty cool!

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I remember he had quite a lot of hype coming into the pro ranks and showed a lot of speed and potential when he got there with YOT, but never quite fulfilled what I guess many expected. Great talent with a great style too. Always interesting to hear ... more »

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Check out too

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The announcement MX Sports and YS are working together is superb for the sport and one of the most significant steps forward for motocross in many, many years imo. I was genuinely excited when I heard the news. It is a bit ironic that JT is saying that ... more »

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I have been to both. Really enjoyed Hangtown, looks great and good viewing plus it's a nice area and town too. Glen Helen hills are also impressive but the first round is usually the most exciting. I would go to both if you can!

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One of Britain's (and Europe's) biggest young talents Ben Watson missed most of 2016 with a serious foot injury but has returned impressively this season by scoring points immediately in MX2 GPs and dominated the first round of the British MX2 championship ... more »

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It's great to see his positive attitude, I really hope he can get back to where he was and prove the doctors concerns wrong. But that was a horrendous injury, it would be a sad way to see one of the greats of the sport go out. Fingers crossed he can ... more »

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Half a second between top nine and 1.5 between top 16