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Barcia has said for a number of months he wants to do GPs, even said on here a few weeks ago! Right now Justin is better outdoors than indoor and USA teams don't care as much about outdoors. MXGP is where it's at outdoors, so why not get paid to see ... more »

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A lot of the game is better, the MXON mode is great as is the customisation along with the graphics but the tracks have less bumps. ruts and off-cambers and the first person view isn't as good. You can just pin it more than the first game which is disappointing. ... more »

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No US Nationals for Paulin according to a source within Honda's MXGP set-up - Paulin staying in MXGP

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Ben had to ride his standard practice bike in the final moto. Would love to see what he could do with a factory machine.

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It's not looking good for Stewart right now but Reed if he gets a start could still pull it off although it isn't as likely as it once was.

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Adam's biggest strength is his self-confidence not his talent imo. He sees himself as the talent level of RV, Roczen or Herlings. I don't personally think he is on that level talent wise, but his confidence is. And that might just help him get out of ... more »

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Dean Wilson to Suzuki MXGP with Stefan Everts as a mentor would be a good fit to me, Dean has good technique and with Everts guidance in the preparation physically and mentally we might see Dean at his full potential again.

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Strong teams for Yamaha, Honda, KTM and Kawi! Roczen certainly missing something this year so far, maybe he will find that spark again on the Honda.

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The bosses at Husqvarna have to be fuming. A 250 East Coast title would have been huge for them to win so early in their investment into the USA. Pretty ridiculous that it can happen.

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Sounds like DeCoster stirred the pot. Surely the official would need to see the swingarm/ video replay then speak to both riders before making a judgement? Not just speak to Roger and then act.

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Austin should be racing MX2 GPs until Hangtown. That would prepare him much better than riding Cali practice tracks.

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Geerts has a lot of talent too as has Elizinga and Haarup along with Dankers. Really looking forward to emx2 with Prado, Natzke, Mewse, Lawrence, Renaux. And Jack Bintcliffe is a very talented brit coming through. Should be some great racing!

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We talk about his season, racing the 450, Adam Cianciarulo and that epic pass on Osborne at San Diego: Cooper Webb interview

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Very impressed by Dungey, he is putting the pressure on his rivals straight away. He looks like he really believes he is the man now, so confident on the bike. His consistency is amazing. Roczen needs to win one soon to get some points back, he's nearly ... more »

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Everything that could go wrong did at A2. I hope Trey can avoid these crashes and collisions from now on, he has the talent to be a title contender. But it shows just how hard it is to be like Dungey and be there every week, what Dungey does is pretty ... more »

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EMX2, that field is stacked. Hopefully Sanayei can get plenty of time on the bike before Valkenswaard because his competition have been riding mx all winter while he was in sx mode. I'd be surprised if Desprey makes the first EMX2 round at Valkenswaard ... more »

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Great to see him ride like that, he has so much talent just like his dad. To be up here leading races after his injuries and quitting racing for while is cool. Would be nice to see him win one.

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They race Glen Helen the week after...

Added reply in a thread I'd like to apologize to the Euros 1/21/2016 4:07 AM

Don't bring the truth to some classic GL bashing.

So many traditional tracks still part of the series like Talavera, Maggiora, Arco, St, Jean, Loket, Teutcschenthal, Lommel, Valkenswaard and Glen Helen. Assen was a complete success I don't ... more »
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I like it and if it turns out anywhere near as good as Assen it will be ok. I like the mix of old school, modern and then a couple of stadium style tracks like Assen and Charlotte. It might not work but it is a good way of bringing the sport to the people. ... more »