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Herlings is every bit as good as Roczen outdoors and better in the sand. He was the fastest guy in the world at the MXON and only had a few days on the bike. Roczen is awesome but Herlings is right there too on the same level.

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If there was a Ryder cup style event in motocross and America finally get to race Europe - which they don't at the MXDN. It would be much harder to beat the "Europeans" when they actually race as a European team than when Europe are split into countries ... more »

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So cool.

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Holland and Belgium were out there too beside USA and did fine. The gate picks didn't hurt them and Martin and Webb had decent starts, they can still win tomorrow. Cairoli and Herlings holeshot from the outside so USA can still get the starts tomorrow. ... more »

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Same thing happened last year at Glen Helen apparently.

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Barcia, Tomac, Nicoletti, and in MX2 Webb, AC, Forkner, Savatgy and Hampshire. Track looks cool, wish I was going!

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Hopefully no rain! Can't wait for this race to see Barcia and Tomac race the best in MXGP on their home turf and Webb v Herlings ( and maybe Forkner). This is more exciting than the MXDN in some ways because it is individual and every man for himself. ... more »

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We did an interesting interview with Eric Peronnard about the upcoming US GP at Charlotte and discovered it hasn't been an easy process but also why it has the potential to be one of the best events of the year! Eric Peronnard interview

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They are coming via Emx125 and Emx2.... Lawrence, Prado, Natzke, Mewse, Olsen, Jonass, Hsu, Renaux, Pootjes, Geerts etc just like where Seewer, Ferrandis, Gajser etc graduated from. Plus Van Doninck, Bogers, Paturel, Ostland, Petrov, Zaragoza, Herbreteau, ... more »

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Ideal scenario, do what MXGP does then anyone can watch it love hopefully with less ads like MXGP at their own convenience.

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I agree with that and think that is what happened Tonus. Even Roczen took a couple of rounds to bring his practice speed to the races and get the results. But Gajser is very mentally strong and going at a younger age than Tonus, although having to go ... more »

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In fairness to Davey, when I tried to watch the second moto it did recognise I was an international user, maybe a technical issue? Not ideal for sure though.

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Loved that original one! Especially where DeCoster said it doesn't take the fastest bike to get the holeshot it takes you to see yourself in the front. The whole video really captures the essence of the sport and it's intensity.

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Absolutely, according to team manager Roger Harvey, who says he will have no problem with the change of discipline when he finally makes the move America! You can see just how highly Roger rates Tim here: Roger Harvey on Tim Gajser

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2016 and can't watch both motos live.

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Excited. Hoping to finally see Cianciarulo v Webb for a season. AC seems to have grown a lot too which might help him. The whole PC team is fascinating too. .so much potential but will they deliver. Will it get hostile at Star Yamaha with Webb and Martin? ... more »

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Or he actually wants to race he mentioned on here in his Q&A. Why the negativity and silencing of a US rider wanting to race the world championship? Surely that's a positive for US motocross fans & media and creates more storylines/interest ... more »

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That's what thought. RV had the perfect balance of aggressive passing and not putting people down. Great read, RV not one to sugar coat things when giving his views.

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Some of it might happen, all of it might not. But this is what we are hearing right now.... MXGP silly season 2017

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true for MXGP coverage in general in the USA. Keep the world championship coverage low and it will go away. MXGP - Low publicity keeps low interest. USA MX - Big publicity creates even more interest. It also creates the false perception ... more »