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Geerts has a lot of talent too as has Elizinga and Haarup along with Dankers. Really looking forward to emx2 with Prado, Natzke, Mewse, Lawrence, Renaux. And Jack Bintcliffe is a very talented brit coming through. Should be some great racing!

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We talk about his season, racing the 450, Adam Cianciarulo and that epic pass on Osborne at San Diego: Cooper Webb interview

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Very impressed by Dungey, he is putting the pressure on his rivals straight away. He looks like he really believes he is the man now, so confident on the bike. His consistency is amazing. Roczen needs to win one soon to get some points back, he's nearly ... more »

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Everything that could go wrong did at A2. I hope Trey can avoid these crashes and collisions from now on, he has the talent to be a title contender. But it shows just how hard it is to be like Dungey and be there every week, what Dungey does is pretty ... more »

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EMX2, that field is stacked. Hopefully Sanayei can get plenty of time on the bike before Valkenswaard because his competition have been riding mx all winter while he was in sx mode. I'd be surprised if Desprey makes the first EMX2 round at Valkenswaard ... more »

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Great to see him ride like that, he has so much talent just like his dad. To be up here leading races after his injuries and quitting racing for while is cool. Would be nice to see him win one.

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They race Glen Helen the week after...

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Don't bring the truth to some classic GL bashing.

So many traditional tracks still part of the series like Talavera, Maggiora, Arco, St, Jean, Loket, Teutcschenthal, Lommel, Valkenswaard and Glen Helen. Assen was a complete success I don't ... more »
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I like it and if it turns out anywhere near as good as Assen it will be ok. I like the mix of old school, modern and then a couple of stadium style tracks like Assen and Charlotte. It might not work but it is a good way of bringing the sport to the people. ... more »

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It's going to be epic. Lawrence, Prado, Natzke, Renaux, Mewse. Those guys could probably be top ten speed in mx2. Their speed in emx2 should be impressive and they will all push each other to go even faster. Can't wait. Emx125 pretty stacked too.

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I think it was more suited to a one on one interview and give marvin the chance to refuse in a heads up if he wasn't comfortable. It would be a much less public environment.

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That's the great thing about Reed, he's honest. Agree or disagree with him but he will give an honest view. Can't wait to see how he does on the Yamaha, he seems quietly confident he can surprise people again.

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Everts, JMB, RC and McGrath... those four at the top for sure each have records no-one else have broken. RV, Stewart, Cairoli not far behind with Roczen and Herlings probably adding their names to the list by the time they retire.

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Tixier is awesome and a bit underrated in my opinion. I think the 450 will suit his style better, he's very smooth and calculated and that hurt him a bit on the 250 when other guys went balls out. Tixier is also good on every surface. Reminds me of JVH, ... more »

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Webb is awesome, rides with so much determination but has the technical skills and style as well. Factory yamaha should just put him and Reed in a 450 team for next season. Webb is ready. Hopefully Stewart is ok but that's two races in his return and ... more »

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Are you mad?! Look at the talent in the MXGP class because of the U23 rule. Tixier and Guillod moving up this year, Febvre and Coldenhoff moved up last year, Coldenhoff won a GP and has a factory KTM ride and Febvre became world champ. The U23 rule is ... more »

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Prado is the real deal, won the emx125 title this year in his first year on a 125 and is good on any conditions, he's brilliant in sand! And there are more coming up behind him like Geerts, Dankers, Elzinga etc. Smart for Prado to learn supercross now ... more »

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Herlings says he has decided, but wouldn't say which class. I'm hoping MXGP, would be strange if he stays MX2 when Gajser is moving up. But then again, he has had two seasons destroyed by serious injury so I can see the logic if he stays, but to me that ... more »

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If Herlings and Gajser move up too alongside Tixier, Guillod and BT the pace will be mental at the front!

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Husky have signed well for 2016. Great for Max to get the security of an MXGP after 2016 too. I think Charlier is a great signing, he was factory yamaha in MX2 and won races. He has the talent for sure, just didn't show it last season but was on a privateer ... more »