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Webb is awesome, rides with so much determination but has the technical skills and style as well. Factory yamaha should just put him and Reed in a 450 team for next season. Webb is ready. Hopefully Stewart is ok but that's two races in his return and ... more »

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Are you mad?! Look at the talent in the MXGP class because of the U23 rule. Tixier and Guillod moving up this year, Febvre and Coldenhoff moved up last year, Coldenhoff won a GP and has a factory KTM ride and Febvre became world champ. The U23 rule is ... more »

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Prado is the real deal, won the emx125 title this year in his first year on a 125 and is good on any conditions, he's brilliant in sand! And there are more coming up behind him like Geerts, Dankers, Elzinga etc. Smart for Prado to learn supercross now ... more »

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Herlings says he has decided, but wouldn't say which class. I'm hoping MXGP, would be strange if he stays MX2 when Gajser is moving up. But then again, he has had two seasons destroyed by serious injury so I can see the logic if he stays, but to me that ... more »

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If Herlings and Gajser move up too alongside Tixier, Guillod and BT the pace will be mental at the front!

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Husky have signed well for 2016. Great for Max to get the security of an MXGP after 2016 too. I think Charlier is a great signing, he was factory yamaha in MX2 and won races. He has the talent for sure, just didn't show it last season but was on a privateer ... more »

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Gatedrop caught up with Ben to talk about his comeback to racing, signing for Suzuki, his goals for 2016 and we also get his thoughts on RV's MXGP this season. Got to say it's great to have BT back racing. Can't wait to see how it unfolds next year, ... more »

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Pretty excited about this race, the location looks awesome and brings the MXGP series to a new audience and they will get to cheer their local boy, Webb too.

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I think Ben's point was America only started to realise how good he was at Ernee because he beat Windham and ran with RC. But he had been riding that good for two/three years winning a world title and beating Everts and Pichon at times and the rest of ... more »

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Yeah I had been pretty impressed with Josiah this year but I guess Ben is holding him to world champion standards and not regular standards. I wasn't expecting that answer at all but it shows what is required and expected to be at the top. Thanks Wildbill! ... more »

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Always good to interview a legend like BT, and he had some interesting things to say! Ben Townley interview

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Spoke to Cooper after the race about his impressive performances on the 450 and the differences in styles between AMA and MXGP, pretty interesting answers and shows how sharp the guys is picking up on the little details. Nice kid and very respectful ... more »

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I wish Grant could ride like that every week! Great to watch when on form.

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I think if Davi gets top ten that will be really good for him. He is super talented so he could possibly pull it off but it will be tough. Great to see him back though... getting excited for supercross already!

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Looking forward to see BT ride again in person at the Des Nations. Pretty cool he is getting help from Dave Thorpe's Buildbase Honda team in France too.

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Good interview, nice to hear a bit of reality about the GP series from someone in the US who has experienced it! Yeah as far as I know he will be on Husky for Jacky Martens next season. I think he will be up another level next year, Jacky is good with ... more »

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Can't wait! Could be the best race of the year. More talent there than will be at the mxdn.

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There are no hills at lommel or lierop. Track was still a tough sand track in a more accessible setting for fans, especially to generate new fans. It worked brilliantly and was a great addition to an already varied calendar.

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That puts them back in contention for the podium and even the win, if Ken can find his old speed. If anyone cn turn it one for one day it's big Ken. Brent Van Doninck wouldn't have been a bad choice either. But Ken, a regular 450 rider and his experience ... more »

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Presuming Roczen is out of reach, I would push hard for Tonus. With his talent and style on a 450 plus Everts behind him he could be a potential race winner for Suzuki and certainly a podium guy.