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Throttle cable routing on these bikes are dumb. Looks new to me though, Im pumped for the new release!

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So true! ... more »
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I have used my cordless impact for years and no problems with stripping or crossthreading. I use a Porter Cable 20V, I do not attempt to torque the bolt but run them in and check them with a T handle but 9 times out of 10 they are tight. Never had one ... more »

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I have one on my 250 and it bolted up directly. As for a 125, it should bolt up because the 125/250 swingarms are identical

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Anyone know if a top clamp from a 14-17 YZF will fit a current YZ? The top clamp I’m looking at is 25mm offset and I think that’s stock on a YZ correct?

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I recently put a Brembo master from a 15 KTM on my YZ along with the stock caliper and a 270mm rotor. Best front brake combo ive ever ridden with. I had trouble finding a Honda front master as the 07 look the same but are in fact different. Brembo was ... more »

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Yeah I think I’ve made up my mind in these pegs so I’ll update once I get them. I would also order the handlebar mount but I’m going to spread the purchases out to keep the ol lady happy

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I second that! I would almost settle for anything thats not Boyesen...

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Still have this. Make offer need gone

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Still have this

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Thanks guys, I had a set of the wide YZF pegs on it. The felt fantastic but were starting to wear down after two seasons of riding, and then of course I just bent the one. I think im going to spend the money and get a set of the XC Gear Spurz as I ride ... more »

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I have a YZ with the 250F swingarm and some spare wheels at the house. When I get off work Ill check and see if the YZ wheels fit in the swingarm. I just bought a set of Tusk wheels for a 250f and put on mine. Wheels and hubs have held up to a full season ... more »

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I bent a footpeg this weekend on my YZ so I am looking for good options that meet the following criteria 1. Wide 2. Reasonably Priced 3. Durable I like the idea of the Ankle Savers but every set I see at the races are all worn out and look like trash. ... more »

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Do it right and buy this...takes 30 seconds to pull bearings

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Have a buddy who is building a 98 KX125. Curious as to what year exhaust will fit this bike? My understanding is Kawi Had the same head on the 98-02? does this mean the 98-02 exhaust are the same?

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