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414 Montessa

125CR Husqvarna ... more »

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FMF SST pipe and silencer + VForce intake ..... more power from Bottom to Top and a ton of over rev. I have to run 50/50 100+ race gas and high test pump gas or it pings.

YZ125H1 left a comment 8/20/2014 5:49 AM
Do you know if Decal MX still has any of those YZ gas tank covers? I've tried searching the internet nothing but threads with your bike build.
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as it sits today

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... more »

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Saddens me to hear of a fallen Moto Brother.

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Big difference between a top 100 Pro and non point scoring Pro and a B/C class vet racer. I qualified for 1 Pro National..... 40th (last) for the 1984 Red Bud 500 class before destroying my knee and shoulder in 1985 . Retired for many years with many ... more »

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rumor is there will be a 450 team too.

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Many olympians and other professional athletes are Vegan. There are a few Vegans who do not publicize it in Pro SX & MX. http://www.greatveganathletes.com Try a 30 dat Vegan challenge and see for your self. I did 3 years ago and am mostly vegan to ... more »

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I thought all Motos are archived at Motorcross nationals.com or MX nationals.com or something like that?

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I was standing right there and there is probably no good angle to show it but Cole was HUCKING it from a braking bump to the bottom of the hill!

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My guess is if the Pro's are doing it .... so are the Am's. As TFS would say ..... follow the $$$$ should there be PED testing at Lorettas?

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Frank the owner on MX Bonz and I came through the ranks in MD in the late 70's. God guy and a great airbox fix! Check out his bar clamps! NOTHING better on the market.

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A RT Gold valve comes with a ton of shims and your base set up using your specifications. The directions tell you how to set it up differently if you want. My advise .... try what the recommend 1st. Last one I did for myself was ultra plush yet never ... more »

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Great 1st Pro National ride! Have to mention though that I am not loving the name ..... to close to Ted Parks team - The Privateer Journey.

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Frank and I raced together coming through the ranks and he makes the best air box fix on the market.

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100% worth it. I found that C riders typically over jump and come up short a lot and that works the suspension that much harder.

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I am headed to the track in a littlw while..... will say HI if I see you.

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Bergdahl is a rider .....

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Since Nick is from MD I am sure he will have a vendors spot at High Point & Budds Creek and will share the business name so we can all find him.