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2015.5 450SXF-FE

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I bought a big box of parts that came off the Plano rig. Double check your bore size before ordering a top end as well there were some top ends in that box that lets just say were a bit over size.

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100% LOVE the color combo ..... ok except the stand

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Moto Hose is a 1 man home based business and after adding street bikes and radiators we have exploded and have out grown my 19.5x38 741 sq ft 3 car garage. We are in the process of having a 28x56 1568 sq ft built that gives us 827sq ft of additional

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Jack was set up next to us at the York PA dirt bike swap meet. Nice guy and the businessis for sale if any of you want to get into the MC industry.

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"Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is biodegradable, phosphate free & non-toxic; typically reducing operating race temperatures and effectively keeping boil over temperatures to 256°F or less and freeze-up protection to -26° F." Water boils at 212 ... more »

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We have Red and Blue in stock and our kit has more than just the radiator hoses. Also Includes carb vent, fuel line, gas cap, radiator overflow, trans vent colored hoses.

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We offer a kit with the 8 good clamps for $16 Its in the dirt 2stroke clamp section.

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Langhammx the RM250 smoker radiators you special ordered are still here

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How would they assign? 250 or 450 class? Either way I think it would be cool as shit!

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Why would you ever use 1st gear on any MX track??? +2 on the rear and start clutching in 2nd .... or 3rd.

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We make hoses for the old 3 wheelers and I have seen some amazing trike builds! I have thought about buying one just to put in our trade show booth as an eye catcher

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I expected him to win this year. He has the speed. He learned his friend died after his win so his day went from Best Day to worst day.

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So sad we have lost two of our moto brothers.

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I remember one of the Vitards rolling around the track on a RM250

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FYI Moto Hose will be transporting racers bike, gear and small tool box from York South Carolina out to vegas AX and then to JR Moto-X on the way back. Email for details.

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Do not like it because ... 5 minutes sounds wimpy. And bring back the 250 Semi races.

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Was going to fly out to vegas but ...... Will Plan on attending and might even drag my fat slow ass out there to spin some laps. DR appointment for Monday. This is by far the most amazing venue I have ever been to.

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Looked like a had hit he took. Hope he is OK

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