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Spoiler alert headline. Fuck. Thanks a lot. Was about to watch when comes on in an hour. Don't post results in topic headline. Very rude.

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Musquin was so close. Didn't he dnf a moto as well as finish outside top ten a few times when had that injury? With all that only 10 points away.

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So much of this sport is fitness. How many of us have ridden local tracks and can go fast for like 2 or 3 laps and can barely hold on after that. That was my biggest issue. I had talent and could ride but couldn't go fast more than a lap or two. It was ... more »

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Supercross Lol. What's that powerband like? I'm amazed at the big name not lead actors. Channing freaking Tatum . Sophia Bush.

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10 through 40 didn't even recognize like 28 of the riders names. Very odd indeed to see.

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Over the years we have seen some unbelievable rides on a 250 bike such as Stewart Webb and now Osborne. We don't seem to see that same level of skillset and raw speed on a 450 from even the same rider when they move up. Of course we know it's because ... more »

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I'm the first one to point out a crap track but this one is not. Holy moly what awesome dirt and track prep. Lush greens and dark sticky dirt. Just enough amount of ruts. No dust. Just a great track.

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Roczen is really only one I can think of that's on a different higher level that is still in the sport just injured. It's amazing to watch him ride. I just don't really see anyone right now that has the potential to come from any position and still win. ... more »

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Such a strange time in our sport right now. Pretty much throughout history there was one maybe 2 riders you expected to win and pretty much did. Now we have different winners all the time. It's good though but strange. You had bubba and rc and villopoto ... more »

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Dammit my dvr didn't pick up second 450 moto on nbc.

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The series finally was really good. Kind of left up to the viewer on whether to believe Nora. I don't know what to believe. It's kind of like faith. I want to believe her but then again it doesn't make sense she made it all the way there and didn't at ... more »

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I understand they have to water the crap out of it before the motos but after the qualifiers get out and rake it. Track in Georgia did that and it was never dusty and had some ruts but was smooth and fun and ruts where they needed to be which was in ... more »

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Freaking awful. Get out there and pack that hard tall ruts on straightaways. Just roll it over and pack it down little. Just slop which then dried into slick and tall hard ruts. Just take dozer and smooth it out.

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Can't watch either. Oh well maybe replay later will work.

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I would leave the show also if started getting political. What a shame.

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That's crazy at 12 years old. Nice job.

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I want to watch so bad but that conx app is crap. Like a 12 year old designed a crappy social media app. So confusing and barely works. I'll try again.

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Great tire but gets flats so easy. I replaced two and just gave up and went back to another tire. The grip and speed I picked up was incredible though.

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Yeah that was pure being tired right there. Just lost speed toward the end.