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That is crap. You should be able to race if you qualify. Makes no sense. Track time or not.

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First of all the perspective is totally different from TV vs livestream qualifying view. Just so different. You get a better perspective from camera on the qualifying. I noticed then how small and tight and slow track was and pretty easy. That's why ... more »

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Fuck off.

Seriously I don't know why it's so difficult to have a live race. I mean shit there is like so many sports channels now. I think what it tells me is that sx isn't as popular as we may think.
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It's not.the worst idea. It would give riders a chance to race one series or the next. It woudlnt be the ama nationals but something would pop up. It would allow more people to have a profession as a racer and the big dogs would probably stick with sx ... more »

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Sure looked like it but was strange cause was a tip over but maybe hit head just right. Was some scary crashes last night.

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I feel so bad for Shane. Championships are so hard to come by and to have a bike failure when leading points after that win is just devastating.

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I'm going to watch on TV so I'll stay away from here.

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These guys whole mo is to start up front let the faster guys pass them that way they have better chance at top 10. If they get a bad start they are more.going to be 15 to 20th place so they place alot of importance on the start.

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I was unsure. I mean you never know when they move to the big bikes. Many have just never had the same speed and wins on big bikes as in 250 class but I like what I'm seeing from Webb. He's gaining confidence and it's all about that in this sport.

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I hope. Love me some cooper. He is so talented. So nice to see him gaining confidence on that 450 and believing he can win and belong there.

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I love this. I mean it's more racing for the fans so how can you hate it. The arena cross tracks now are just pathetic. 1 double. 1 whoop section and 1 rhythm. Plus now they can utilize the track already built. I just am so excited about it. Different ... more »

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Here is the promotion for it. That is awesome that next year arena cross will be on some of the same venues. The tracks are way too small now so that's a big move. Can't wait to watch on TV. I find the current tracks extremely boring.

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I think to me is how big the arena cross track will be and then just a shit ton of racing.

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It's a big moto weekend they are promoting for the closing of the dome.

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Going to be held in the ga dome for first time ever the day before sx. Wonder if going to be same track design or not. I need to look it up. Should be cool. Pretty big deal. By the way ga dome is done. Last time and it's coming down.

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Great racing. Mostly camera work was better showing us the action and yes track was sweet too. Lots of great battles and you could feel the energy.

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450 is too much bike. You see so many 250f riders fall on there face on that big machine almost to never be heard from again in 3 years. The 250f though they up the horsepower tremendously but the bike is more manageable. I really don't know what the ... more »

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He might need to get off that place he's living with his dad and become his own man. Him and his dad do everything together which is great but not just coming out as a teenager. He needs to be practicing with fast guys during the week like you said and ... more »

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I was worried about that head. He hit hard.

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Love me some mookie.