Added reply in a thread RedBull KTM: Classiest Team in Pro MX 8/24/2016 8:51 PM

Great tram. Wow. Hope this finally puts it all together for Trey.

Added reply in a thread Millsaps Wins Canadian MX1 Championship 8/14/2016 6:19 PM

Would of been nice to be able to watch it.

Added reply in a thread Musquin's save 2nd Moto 8/14/2016 6:18 PM

Those kickers are the worst kind of jumps. Had a hole on takeoff and just bucked him forward. At a local track years ago there was a tiny and I mean tiny kicker and guys were going down one after another. I had to go run and tell track owner.

Started new thread Watching Canadian nationals app 8/6/2016 4:24 PM

Man. This app looks like it was designed out of someones basement in 1996. It is such a mess I still haven't figured out or got a video to play. It's a social media app called Anyone have any luck watching the nationals on this app because ... more »

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Webb is new to the 450 class. Very rare you see 250 rider come out swinging in 450 class. It's a different ballgame. Think Baggett etc. I can't wait to see how Webb does on the 450 though but my guess is Reed is better.

Added reply in a thread Washougal Bench Racing - The Motos 7/23/2016 1:48 PM

My goodness Savagty. He is taking the same lines. Just following him. Seen like 100 places he could of passed.

Started new thread Injuries 250 vs 450 7/23/2016 7:55 AM

Was thinking and curious if anyone ever did a study of the amount of injuries between 2 classes? You would assume 450 class has had more injuries but not sure.

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Added reply in a thread Told you it was Kenny's bike 7/20/2016 3:22 PM

It's amazing how important bike setup is at this level. It was weird seeing Kenny get beat by Tomac that bad considering how he has been dominating this year so it had to be the bike in my opinion just like he said.

Started new thread Told you it was Kenny's bike 7/16/2016 8:12 PM

Everyone was like yeah Tomac schooled Roczen at Southwick and Roczen said his suspension was just jacked up and I believed him because it was not like Kenny to get beat like that with how he has been riding all year. Now this weekend he lays it down ... more »

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Started new thread Outdoor 30 second girls 7/16/2016 8:09 PM

I mean wow. Seriosuly wow. Both are just so damn pretty and hot bods. Just natural beauties.

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Why is he leaving rch?

Added a comment about news blog Injury Report: Shane McElrath 7/10/2016 4:57 PM

Crazy how that bike got so out of control. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery

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Added reply in a thread Mcelrath End of Moto 2 crash 7/10/2016 8:39 AM

Such a bummer. Hate when shit like this happens. He was improving each race and getting fitter and faster and now this. Just sucks.

Added reply in a thread Oh yes he did - KR air forks 7/9/2016 1:48 PM

We all know how dominant Kenny is so when he politically correct says the air forks were shit and that's why he lost I belive him. You could see it in 2nd moto too. That suspension was not working good for him. If his bike was dialed in he would of schooled ... more »

Started new thread Emig and mxgp 7/5/2016 1:38 PM

Don't know if this topic came up yet but of course noticed he was commentating some of the gp races. Anyone know why or how that came about?

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Added reply in a thread Roczen's Perfect Season... 7/5/2016 1:35 PM

He's on a different level. It's amazing to watch. If he wins the rest of the season I will count it as perfect season.

Added reply in a thread Cooper Webb rips MX Sports on Twitter 7/3/2016 10:27 AM

DC you don't owe anyone an explanation for shit. Considering everything I think you do a great job. It is better and larger than 10 years ago and I think with time it will get better and better.

Added reply in a thread Cooper Webb rips MX Sports on Twitter 7/2/2016 4:50 PM

Tracks get ripped so deep and they keep making the dirt softer and softer. They add so much sawdust and sand it's lIke every track is a sand track. I understand why they do it because it holds moisture and keeps down dust. Many of the gp tracks are pretty ... more »

Added reply in a thread How does everyone watch the motos? And tv just in general? 6/26/2016 3:26 PM

I don't understand how people thibk.streaming is cheaper. a buttload of channels for like 60 a month but i.upgraded even more for around 75. I watch the first moto online then catch it on my uverse on my TV after that. Uverse was available at my ... more »

Added reply in a thread Hey where is Josh Grant? 6/25/2016 11:53 AM

Ok. So looks like Tyler Bowers is going to fill in starting next week. Grant getting surgery on ankles.