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I mean he is passing the best riders in the world like they are standing still. Quite embarrassing actually. So why? What is so different? Bike setup One thing I noticed is how tall and stiff his bike is. It looks like he is riding a 500. Dungey looks ... more »

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Started new thread Sx got kicked off fs2 4/22/2017 7:08 PM

What the hell? Was in guide for 10pm but still UFC.

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Only thing I can think of is a full body suit but it would have to be extremely light weight. If there are some people out there with the skills to build it I think it would be well received and used.

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If you care. Lol. Forgive me for any grammar

Track was surprisingly fast and racy and lots of passing spots. Sure it was rutted like crazy and soft dirt but given the conditions was a pretty cool track. That tuff block in the corner ... more »

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Semis are a complete waste of time. We all know the top guys are going to be in. Honestly the heats are really only necessary to give track time so we need those. 2 main events is way to go.

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Reed should of moved no doubt.

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My an dvr cut off that whole series with reed. Only caught the first minute of it because dvr stopped recording at 11pm. Then when I caught up I heard them talking about it and dungey was 5 seconds down. The lappers were a problem tonight. I knew they ... more »

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Awesome. Also separating the men from the boys due to being challenging. 1st 250 heat 5th place guy 25 seconds behind in a heat. That's pretty amazing. Going to see some big gaps tonight of time between places.

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He isn't scared and he's not riding out of comfort zone. Bottom line tomac is getting the starts and that's it. Very impressive how dungey rode through the pack.

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I enjoyed it and love the hard pack dirt. That's what I'm used to riding on. Don't think there was one rut anywhere.

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And by the way the mods moving shit to the dumbgeon is bullshit. Let the members decide if it's a stupid topic or conversation. If it is then people won't reply. Fucking mods.

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I know what you guys are saying it's just one of those things that you just feel so bad for Osborne. Smith totally ran it in there and made a lot of riders crash.

Started new thread Dick move by Jordan smith 3/25/2017 8:18 PM

Cost Osborne the championship. Man that pisses me off.

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Dungey is awful when he speaks. It's very uncomfortable and he searches for things to say. Don't read into it. I knew it would be a topic that's why I logged on here to see the drama queens in action . Nobody should doubt that mans drive.

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Game is awesome. I hate I have to play certain amount of versus to unlock next tracks. I have spent about 20 upgrading bikes to get along quicker. Talking about 2 not first one. 2 is much better. I like how one of the tracks was named friese vs Anderson. ... more »

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So glad i checked my dvr so I could see it wasn't recording since on a different channel.

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I always struggled with ruts bad. I always rode mostly hard packed tracks where i live when i was riding so didn't see ruts very often.

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I didn't know was on already. My dvr didn't pick it up. Need to check fs1 instead then.

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I don't know. I didn't see a bad track this year. Nothing to really complain about and I am usually critical of tracks. Wasn't too bad in my opinion. Daytona is very long but very narrow track. That's what they have to work with.