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Very fair price. I have the exact wheels w/ tires off of my RMZ 450 that I'm selling for the same price. I'm not sure why, but Suzuki parts/ Suzukis don't seem to have very good resale value. It's odd, being the bikes are so good.... Good luck on your ... more »

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Like new, used for one trail ride. $120 shipped to the lower 48 Paypal as Friends/ Family or pay the fees

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As a friend of Brian's, I feel the need to defend him. Why is he a JACKASS ? I'm pretty sure he's allowed to give his opinion and I'm not sure how well you ride, but he goes pretty good and his opinion is valid. Not everyone is going to rank the bikes ... more »

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That's a really good deal

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He's actually a really polite guy and very respectable. I parked with him and a few others at one of the local tracks (I-5/ Gorman) about a month ago. Had some good conversation with him about his path he's travelled. I'm pretty sure he'd love to have ... more »

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What A-Stars contract ?

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^^ THIS ^^

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Great price