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Reply to Monster Energy Cup Bench Racing - Night Show 10/18/2014 6:39 PM

anyone elses stream super laggy?

Reply to yamaha yz 85 10/12/2014 6:03 AM

Probably around a $1000 if your lucky

Reply to MB1 Rear Link Holeshot Device 10/12/2014 6:00 AM

GuyB, clean up on isle 2 please!

Reply to Saw this on MB1 Instagram 10/11/2014 7:13 PM

Then stop commenting back......

Reply to Saw this on MB1 Instagram 10/11/2014 7:07 PM

Hahahahahaha, is this guy

This guy has to be around 14 years old judging from the way he comments back

Reply to MX Bikes 10/10/2014 12:03 PM

Im sorry but that video made me laugh so

But don't worry, If I were to make a video of me playing the game it would be ten times worse... more »

Reply to 03 vs 06 YZ250 10/10/2014 11:57 AM

I would lean more towards the 06, and offer him around $2000. I have an 06 and love that bike so much, matter of fact I just sent the suspension off this morning to be revalved, so it will be even better when I next ride

Reply to 03 vs 06 YZ250 10/10/2014 11:24 AM

Post the craigslist adds so we can give a good opinion on the two bikes

Reply to Looks like a fun bike (CL) 10/7/2014 3:18 AM

That's not far from me at all, but I would much rather a new

Reply to Countdown to MX vs ATV SUPERCROSS 10/3/2014 9:57 AM

Even though the game doesn't look to promising, I pre-ordered the game yesterday! I want to give the game a chance before I really make an opinion, and hopefully help them get some money to make a better game next time

Reply to Wil Hahn, and Davi. The new Factory Kawi squad! 10/1/2014 9:18 AM

I would bet money that its probably Josh Hansens truck, just looks like something he would drive

Reply to What Seperates Trey Canard 10/1/2014 5:10 AM

He is truly a man of God and he shows that in the way he acts and goes about his business, and that is why I love Trey Canard!

Reply to Got my new helmet today 9/23/2014 4:45 PM

Too late bro!

Reply to Got my new helmet today 9/23/2014 4:35 PM

Can I have your Shoei

Reply to Just picked up a 2015 Rmz 450 9/22/2014 8:26 AM

I rode one as well and the front end always seemed to one to dive in on me when entering a corner. So in other words there was a really bad sense of no traction on the front end. Keep in mind this bike was set up for someone with a totally different ... more »

Reply to Latest Build – 2 Stroke Fans Shall Rejoice! 9/22/2014 8:16 AM

Couldn't have said it better myself, she is absolute perfection. More pics please!

Reply to Madskills this week! Tracks sux!!!! 9/13/2014 11:48 AM

Very impressive lap, and honestly that section you pulled off can be faster if done properly like you. Avoiding that double jump that really slows you down can be a very good place to make up time, that's how I finished my lap and it really helped. I

... more »

Reply to Madskills this week! Tracks sux!!!! 9/12/2014 9:22 AM

But I do agree the last few tracks have been less then stellar for sure

Reply to Madskills this week! Tracks sux!!!! 9/12/2014 9:21 AM

I hate the stupid Highside track(may be getting them mixed up), I just now its the 1 lap track. But as for the 2 lap track I kind of like it so far, really trick to get 2 perfect laps, and so far I have a killer time!

Reply to It's official (TP199) 9/11/2014 3:21 PM

Thanks for the positive input jerk!