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I seriously don't know how you guys are affording the insurance plans that you have. Are you making $200,000+ a year? My wife and I do okay and we have no kids. I can't imagine paying $1,700 a month for health insurance, I'd have to fake my own death ... more »

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I can second this. I called up Ken after finding galling in the small end of my crank 2 rebuilds in a row. I was tired of buying new oem cranks, and figured I would get his opinion. He diagnosed the failure over the phone with me, and suggested I go ... more »

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Coty Shock goes through clutches like this as well. I agree that normal guys like us would mostly be ok, lastander didnt mention he has national caliber speed!

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Stayed in the omni for the first time last year, that hotel is badass. Just about every other time we stayed here. Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Downtown 275 Baker St, Atlanta, GA 30313 (404) 577-2001 Short walk to the bbq ... more »

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There was a photographer who ran across the track .

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I've been going to Atlanta from Maryland for the last 15 years or so. We started out driving (12 hours), and now we just buy plane tickets and stay downtown. For a couple years we tried to save money and take the Marta from the airport to downtown then ... more »

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Can't come soon enough.

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Kind of surprising how all over the board these rankings are..

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That's exactly what I said to my friends after riding an 18.

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Perhaps your friend should do some suspension work and then possibly learn how to ride.

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My parents are in Bradenton, 1500 feet from the water and they are directly in the path of this storm. it has been a stressful 3 days. Its amazing to me how defiant and out of touch people get when they get older.

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Dave, try doing a search on here for more feedback. Lots of people have weighed in at this point. I finally rode one a couple weeks ago. I own a 07 which I've owned and raced since 08. The 2017/18 is the real deal. Does a couple things better than the ... more »

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When you ride an 18, report back. It's so much better than the 9-12 gen models.

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My 07 is going to make a great backup bike once I get my 17/18 crf450 in the spring. For me, I don't really want to get a new bike, I feel it's a safety issue at this point. Transmission and frame have around 360 hours on them, and she started missing ... more »

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I think they pretty much let anyone that has held a pro license race if they pay the crazy entry fee. The Christopher lykens guy is from around here. He is 48 years old and hasn't raced a real A class moto since about 2009, where he finished 3rd in open ... more »

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Maybe JH changes course and races in the US next year. There's a KTM spot open and Tony Cairoli is riding great.

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Holy moly. I almost bought a leftover 17 from a local dealer for 7800. That is a SMOKING deal

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I rode an 18 2 weeks ago, I've never rode a 17 so I can't compare. The local pro who let me ride it said he can't really tell a difference in the 17 and 18 except for the obvious electric start. He said you can't really feel the weight on the track. ... more »

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Is dade city still open? That's not much further south from ocala than croom.