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I work at a Honda dealership about an hour north of Atlanta. A smaller dealership with just one location. We sell all our units just above invoice with all the rebates that Honda offers. Our policy is to give you the best possible price with the hope ... more »

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Jeremy Martin has the "Little Ricky" bar position that's for sure!

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Wonder if its any less if you get the kit without the graphics on it?

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Driving drunk will always be illegal. You can't get a TUE for driving drunk. The fact that JS7 had a TUE cleared means the once ILLEGAL amphetamines are now LEGAL. JS7 broke the rules, but according to the rules, he did not cheat.

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I made the trip up to Canada in 2007. Had a blast. Came away with a moto win at San Del Lee in MX2. Big shout out to the Homans family for taking Eric Sorby and myself in and taking care of us. Had a blast in Canada!

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Our dealer here in North GA has one coming next week! Looking forward to seeing it.

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It is a countries race, but there is also a MX1, MX2 and Open classification race where the USA/Europe comparison can be decided.

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On the podium, Dungey said he gave it everything he had. He pushed Roczen all the way and kept it close for 30 + 2. That is why they had almost a 1 minute lead on Tomac. Both KTM riders are on top of their game right now and looked smooth handling the ... more »

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... more »

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When I raced the GPs in 08, I admired Ramon's riding style. I remember going with my team to train in Spain, in route to the Portugal GP. We stopped at one of the roughest hard pack tracks I have ever ridden, with mountains of elevation. The track had ... more »

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Before the KTMs and the Cobras....

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My 2002 I bought off CL that is really clean! Turned out great with the retro theme graphics from Decal Works.

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That guy on the Yamaha looks familiar....... (great shot Rup!)

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I have been with Decal Works for almost 10 years now. They did an amazing job on my retro inspired two stroke. Ron Joynt is a great guy! ... more »

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I love the transfers more than anyone. Seeing Kevin's creativity at work is amazing. However, they saved him for last in the opening ceremonies and even Erv called him "King Of The Transfers". or the KOTT. My question is, are the transfers becoming the ... more »

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Great pics. That last lap between Reed, Roczen, and Dungey had everyone on their feet including me watching at home.

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We need less Dirt Shark and more Troy Adamitis.